Creating an effective landing page is your priority if you want to generate leads and sell products and services. It needs to be well-thought of and designed strategically.

In this blog post, we’ll share five of the most important landing page features and elements which can help you hit your goals.

Here are the ingredients of an efficient landing page:

1. Kick-ass headlines + simple description

Your landing page copy should persuade the site visitors to do something. Perhaps they should try your product, subscribe to your blog, or provide you with their digital information. In order to do that, you need a compelling copy.

So, what’s a great copy? For us in MapleTree, a website copy is clear, creative, and direct. It should show a problem and the best solution to that problem. The copy should also speak to the readers. Its tone and phrasing should reflect the brand.

Expert tip: Change website copy from time to time and see how your words perform.

2. An obvious and well-placed CTA button

CTA buttons need to be clicked, if not, then your landing page doesn’t fulfill its purpose.

To make your site visitors click that CTA buttons, you must design the entire landing page for it. The flow of the content should always lead to the CTA buttons.

In addition:

– It must have a round edge because this shape gets more clicks.

– Its colours must stand out from its background.

– It must be responsive in order to show that something happened after they clicked the button. The button should fit perfectly on any screen, regardless of the device’s orientation.

– There should be no distraction which keeps the site visitors from clicking the CTA button.

Make sure that all of the tips above are done and you have a working CTA button that’s ready for some action.

3. The things that happen after clicking the CTA Button

People expect things when they click that button, so give them something. Perhaps redirect them to a secure page or show them a text which thanks them for doing the required actions. This reassures the person that the information they gave you is safe in your database. It makes your website legitimate.

4. Visual aids

I’m talking about images, videos, and icons which support your brand. All these things should help make your brand stronger and more trustworthy. Of course, all of these elements must be in order and their flow should always lead to the CTA button of the landing page. Don’t let these visual aids overpower your CTA button. Yes, these things can attract attention, but the CTAs must remain the stars of the landing page.

5. Social buttons

Help your visitors share your product or service with their friends and colleagues. Put buttons which enables people to share your page on social media. Again, these buttons must not compete against the main CTA button. Keep it simple, but make sure that the visitors do understand its purpose. Feel free to use icons to make your social buttons attractive and clickable.

If you need help in improving your landing page, don’t hesitate to contact us.