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At Mapletree Media, we have an extraordinary team who’s always ready to help you.


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to equip your website with custom integrations that give you a technological advantage.


to build your incredible website that make your visitors do the actions you want them to take.

People like Videos More than You Know

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world after Google. About 87% of Singapore’s internet population stream videos online. In addition, more than 46% of internet users take action after watching a promotional video

With that being said, videos are vital marketing materials to your digital campaign.

If you are in need of a corporate video which you can upload on your website and share on social media, our video production service is for you. Our marketing experts and creative directors will meet you to discuss the concept and the objectives. Together, you’ll create a strategy that shows the best side of your business. We can also work with online influencers and talents who can do reviews or testimonials for you.


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