Corporate Video Production Services in Singapore

If you already have the idea, just let us know and we will further help you brainstorm the concept into real video production. If you are looking for credible video production in Singapore to create a portfolio of corporate videos and animations for your company, our team is ready to assist you from every angle you need, this includes the content, plot, script, editing as well as the post-production support.

Be it a product introduction, seminar conference recording, music stream, staff recruitment, animation, TV commercial, advertising portfolio, modeling portfolio or anything you can think of, we can do it for you. Our Video Production in Singapore have own methods in designing high quality visual and animation so that the messages can be portrayed as expected and planned.

Did you know that a well-produced video or animation creates a powerful influence on the viewers? It will catch their attention faster and allow them to remember every detail of what the visual is presenting. Mapletree Media keeps updated with the current trend and successful motion graphic portfolios in Singapore as well as globally and uses it as a plan to win your business branding to touch the heart of potential customers.

Video Production

As an established production company in Singapore, Mapletree Media’s team will handle everything from video content and animation to technical parts to enhance your brands’ portfolio. We will help you prepare the brands’ scripts, storyboards, and film all the motion shots to compile them in a visual portfolio. You don’t have to worry about a thing, we’ve got everything covered for you!

Video Strategy

We use the right targeting, best creatives, tactics, contacts and messaging so you get the most reach (and results) for your budget. We strongly believe that motion graphic visual production requires to come out with a proper plan and strategy to set things in motion and get in touch with the right customers. It needs to deliver influential aspects for the viewers to see, and we specifically offer this service to match your expectations to engage your clients.

Video Marketing

From designing great storyboarding, scriptwriting, conceptualization, live shoots to post-production projects, we have the experience to do everything for you to hook your clients. A good video with a unique creative message incorporated within tends to go get more views in reality and this is how video marketing works today. If you want this to happen, let us know and we will guide you on how to achieve this effective marketing strategy for your visual.

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Did you know that seeing a video increases sales, conversion, the website traffic and in turn clients’ interest?

Video isn’t the future, it is timeless and you can always watch one whenever and wherever you want, whether it be in Singapore or somewhere else, especially when it is posted online on websites. It is a critical part of any effective brand marketing strategy to visualize their brand uniquely. Don’t let your competitors defeat and leave you behind, it’s time to step up on the game and tell your stories.


of consumers say that a video works in influencing their purchase

Social video online gets shared


Works more than text and images combined

Including video stories in a landing page increases conversion by


Including a video in emails increases clickthrough by


Websites with videos typically get


more online traffic

Types of Video

Video Animations

Animation is a digital movement displaying a series of pictures or frames. It transports into a video that has continuous motion where independent pictures are put all together. It has become an engaging tool in Singapore to tell your story to the viewers, namely professional and casual messages whether it be commercial films or corporate videos. Instead of the normal videos with human acting the whole scene or a video that is full of text, the animation portfolio is a good alternative to make the video looks more interesting and also sustain it for years. Motion graphic is effective storytelling to attract an audience.

Corporate Videos

If you’re doing worldwide business across Singapore including other countries,  you need to have corporate explainer videos to represent the company that connects with the different countries. Corporate explainer videos are a non-advertisement based video whereby its content is solely created for the business, company or organization. It is an effective means to contact more customers and create the best impression of your brand and products. Our agency take the role as the video creator and director while working together with your corporate communications manager to brainstorm storytelling ideas and make sure that the video follows the company’s profile.

Customer/Influencer Testimonials

With the rise of digital influencers in Singapore today, it has become a useful method for businesses to use them as a marketing strategy. This does not only apply to the Singaporean community but to other people around the world. Influencers are said to be a powerful way to contact the public by recording themselves doing reviews of different products adding additional engagement components like soft music in the background. Our Singaporean company is one of the best agencies that can assist you in designing, recording and editing the video accordingly.

Event & Corporate Shoots

If you’re conducting an event for your company, be it a business trip to Singapore, launching a new product, corporate videos, commercial films, roadshow, fair or contacting B2B and B2C customers, we will help do the coverage for you! Our corporate video production team will be there during the entire event and make sure every moment is filmed and captured across all mediums.


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