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Mapletree Media is a prominent media owner with a diverse portfolio of platforms, each catering to unique industries and interests. As we strive to create meaningful connections and deliver exceptional experiences, we invite you to explore our platforms below:

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Beauty Insider, our flagship platform, is a comprehensive beauty magazine, reviews, and rewards platform. Discover the latest beauty trends, product reviews, and exclusive deals. Insider Mall Singapore, our official marketplace, is featured within Beauty Insider, offering authentic beauty and personal care products from authorised brand distributors or owners. Explore Insider Mall Singapore for curated recommendations, exclusive promotions, and free nationwide shipping.

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Glitz is our dynamic lifestyle magazine that covers entertainment, fashion, dining, travel, and wellness. Bringing you the latest updates and recommendations from the local lifestyle scene, Glitz engages thousands of daily visitors. Whether you're in Singapore or Malaysia, Glitz keeps you informed and inspired.

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