Google and Yahoo aren’t the only search engines that businesses should focus on. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp and more also search engines and people use them to look up services online. I’m sure that you or anyone you know looked up stuff on social media. I bet you searched current events on Twitter/Facebook, looked up personal projects on Pinterest or Instagram, or searched for the best restaurants and repair shops on Yelp…  (and so on…)


That’s enough proof to say that your business’ profile on any social media platform can convert internet citizens or netizens into leads. To do that, you have to keep your social media updated, active, and prompt. That’s easier said than done, especially when your in-house marketing team is composed of a few people who already have a lot on their plate.


To help you out, we compiled five of the most efficient social media management tools that are available online. We included the best feature of each platform and a tutorial video for each one. Read and watch to find out the right tool for your business here in Singapore.



  • Provides a convenient overall management of different social media accounts of a single brand.
  • Manages your business’ Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, and Youtube all in one place.
  • Capable of scheduling different posts for an ongoing social media campaign.
  • For more information, visit



  • One of the social media management tools designed to help your social media marketer work on multiple platforms at the same time.
  • Keeps everyone in the team on the loop! It’s also a group where you can add the members of your marketing team.
  • Dubbed as Google Alerts on Steroids because it can monitor multiple trending topics and discussions. You can input keywords in your system and the Mention will alert you once it found a post, comment, tweet, etc. which talks about you. If it’s a positive comment, you can show appreciation immediately. If it’s a negative comment, you can control the noise before it becomes big.
  • For more information, go to



  • A tool which analyses the performance of your Facebook pages.
  • More than the number of Facebook likes, LikeAlyzer gives feedback on how well your social media team interacts with the fans and how good their posts are.
  • Points out areas of improvement and gives suggestions on how you can gain more exposure online
  • Try it here



  • One of the cheapest social media management tools online.
  • This platform manages your email, text messages, and social media accounts in a user-friendly interface.
  • For more information, visit They also recorded their Ultimate Guide to using Nimble for people to watch here.



  • It’s created for businesses who use Pinterest. It helps your team discover the trending images on social media. Once you know these stuff, you can ride the trend and eventually gain more social media fans.
  • Speeds up pinning, Instagramming, and posting images on Facebook and Twitter.
  • For more information, visit


Your social media pages deliver a whole new set of audience and potential clients to your business. These are real people who use the platform to connect with their peers. Update your social media and they’ll see you as a trustworthy brand. Publish content that’s based on the trends and you’ll expand your reach to more people. Create a content that can go viral and your influence will be hyped. But no matter what happens or what social media platform your company primarily uses, it’s important to share content which will benefit them. It’s the only way your social media can benefit you. 🙂