People do internet research on skincare and health concerns before they see a doctor. But what are the secrets to a successful doctor’s website? Mapletree Media —  a web design agency in Singapore that specializes in creating web page designs for Singapore aesthetic clinics and beauty brands – breaks it down.

Clean, sophisticated design

Website visitors are drawn to visuals more than heavy text. You need high quality photos and a layout that guides the eye so they can quickly find the information they need. Your font, template, and even the colors you use make that important “first impression”.

Think of your website as your clinic interiors. Would you allow your front lobby to be cluttered and dark? But even before they step into your clinic doors, they meet your clinic on the web. Don’t turn them off with unprofessional website design!

Look at our samples of work as a web design agency for Singapore hospitals, clinics and doctors.

Speak to be understood

Avoid flowery writing – long words, abstract adjectives, vague descriptions. When people research on doctors and treatments, they want concrete information explained in layman’s terms.

In our experience as a web design agency for Singapore aesthetic clinics, we had to explain medical procedures in a simple and engaging way. Look at what we’ve done for one client:

When you speak in a clear and simple way you sound authoritative and trustworthy. Aside from eyecatching social media posts, you can also have blog posts on some of the conditions you treat in your clinic. You start building a relationship with your customer, and you also insert keywords that help optimize your website.

Give information that helps build trust

Don’t just give your contact information! Tell people more about your clinic and the staff. You can give a history of your clinic, a background bio of the doctors and staff, high quality pictures of the clinic or the machines that you have. This establishes a rapport and familiarity, which is the first step towards them making that call and scheduling an appointment!

List all your services

If patients don’t find a treatment or procedure on your website, they may think that you don’t offer it. You can highlight your most popular services, but it won’t hurt to say what else you can do. Maybe the reason you don’t get many requests for that procedure is that they’re not aware that it’s available!

You can also do blog posts on each procedure to help explain what it does, compare it with other treatments, or give statistics or facts that will make them feel more comfortable about having it done. You aren’t “selling” the treatment to them, you’re explaining what it is.

Remember, many people are afraid of seeing a doctor because of pain, downtime, or possible side effects. This fear can stop them from even making an appointment! This is a chance to dispel myths or encourage them to at least take the first step to find out more.

Give helpful patient resources

Your website can also help build customer relationships. Provide articles on how to take care of their skin after a treatment, or respond to frequently asked questions about a skin condition.

Also look at the needs and concerns of your target audience. For example, many pediatrician websites in the United States will have articles on breastfeeding or comforting a sick child. A webpage design for a Singapore skincare clinic may have articles on how to avoid sun damage, or signs that you need to have a mole checked. These are all top concerns where you can lend your special expertise.

Make it easy for people to book an appointment

Every successful website design has a clear call to action. You can add forms to help them book an appointment online, or add a map so they know how to find you. Adding chatbots can also encourage them to reach out. Some people may not send an email, but they’ll type their question into a pop-up screen.