There is nothing wrong with directing your PPC, social media advertisements, or other means of paid traffic to your homepage.


However, there is a better and smarter way.


It’s time to drive all your paid traffic to your landing pages.



Your ads and why it should lead to the landing pages

Want Higher Conversions? Drive Paid Traffic to the Right Pages

Conversion happens in the landing pages of your website. It’s purposely built for profit. This is where you want your website visitors.


The homepage, on the other hand, is just a jump off point. It’s there to tell the site visitor about your brand — to be convincing so your site visitors will want to explore on the remaining pages within your website.


Remember, you launch advertisements to increase your income. You put a lot of effort to make your advertisements interesting and persuasive. Once customers click it, you have to show them the service or item you advertised. Driving the paid traffic to the landing pages will save the customer from all the sweet talk on the home page. Through this, you give them more time to think about the products and solutions you offer. They can read and know more about your company later.


What happens in your customer’s mind

Want Higher Conversions? Drive Paid Traffic to the Right Pages

Let’s picture it this way:


You’re selling a local makeup brand that also whitens and moisturizes the face. Your potential client searches something related to your service on Google and finds your advertisement right there on the first page of search results.


Everyone who clicks on your advertisement paid content has a problem and came to your website to find a solution to it or to possibly buy from you. It’s a process and you have to understand in order to have increase conversions.


Here’s a closer look at what’s happening inside the mind of your potential customer who’s just looking something about makeup:


  1. They’re unaware of the problem they have. People look up things like makeup on the internet. They don’t know if they need it or not. Your ad should tell them that makeup, particularly your line of products are necessary.


  1. They are triggered by a problem. Your ad made them aware of the issues they have and the improvements they want to make. They need makeup and they need something that doesn’t dry the skin and protects them from the sun. Most likely, they’re going to click your ad because they’re curious about the solution you offer.


  1. They’re aware of the solution. This is the part where you educate them about a makeup product that has moisturizing and sun blocking effects. However, it’s not yet clear to them that you have what they need.


  1. They’re aware of your product. You’ve finally shown the customer the options on your end. This is also the time to associate your product with a similar one from another brand they know or they’ve seen before.


  1. The prospect knows and believes you’re the top brand and they should trust your product more than the other brand. This means they won’t go anywhere but the checkout area.


At the end of the day, it’s not only your ads that need to raise awareness of your product or service. Every page on your website carries this burden. You need to write a compelling copy that targets each step of the stages mentioned above.