Partner with the Glitz Discover Series in 2024

Forge a connection with consumers at every stage of their journey, from the initial spark of interest to lasting brand loyalty. Our targeted digital campaigns ensure your leading choices for leisure, F&B, stays, and experiences are front and centre when consumers decide to engage.

The Glitz Advantage

Trusted Media Authority

Over a decade of experience as a lifestyle media owner. Commitment to highlighting diversity and innovation in leisure, F&B, stays, and attractions.

Tailored Strategy

Educate and engage our substantial audience. Integrate your brand's narrative into their lifestyle seamlessly.

Our Campaigns Are Designed to Create:


Awareness & Product Discovery

Showcase innovative features and benefits to spark curiosity and initial awareness among potential buyers.


Engagement & Consideration

Create informative articles and videos to explain unique selling points, supporting consumer consideration and leveraging SEO for broader reach.


Conversion & Purchase

Directly link your Glitz Discover Series content to your booking or reservation pages, providing a smooth path for consumers to make a decision.

Campaign Deliverables & Case Studies


Tried, Tested & Loved Campaign

  • Engaging Experiences
    • Facilitate hands-on experiences with your offerings through influencers and user-generated content.
    • Build a community ethos around your brand.
  • Real Reviews
    • Harness authentic reviews from the Glitz trial team.
    • Showcase real-world applications and benefits.
  • Amplified Social Media Campaigns
    • Engage audiences on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Xiaohongshu, and Instagram Reels to maximise reach and impact.
Glitz Discover: PLUME's Jun Han Transforms Plumage Inspirations Into Delicious Cocktails
Glitz Discover: TEMPT's Candice Leong Tempts Us At Her Gastrobar at City Hall, Singapore
Discover Zoolympix at The Singapore Zoo

Narrative-Driven Content (Exclusive Articles)

  • Exclusive Articles
    • SEO-optimised articles that seamlessly integrate captivating short-form videos.
    • Ensure an immersive experience and drive deeper connections with your audience.

Curated Listicles

  • Engaging Narratives
    • Listicles blend engaging narratives that spotlight your brand's essence.
    • Top Google placements ensure your brand reaches its target audience precisely based on search intent.

Your Dedicated Brand Content Hub

  • Comprehensive Hub
    • Reviews, testimonials, and compelling CTAs converge to drive impactful conversions.
  • User Experience & SEO Optimization
    • Ensure a seamless journey with captivating videos and visually appealing showcases.
    • Strategically designed to captivate and convert your target audience.
Make your
brand shine!

Digital Marketing Solutions with Mapletree Media

Engaging Social Media & Video Strategy

  • Dynamic Social Media Campaigns
    • Highlight your brand by incorporating KOL insights and real customer feedback.

Websites & Landing Pages

  • Optimised and Customised Design
    • Websites and landing pages that drive conversions through engaging design and strategic content placement.

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