Partner with Beauty Insider in 2024

Forge a strategic alliance with Beauty Insider in 2024 to unlock unparalleled opportunities to connect with hair salon owners seeking premium hair care solutions for their clientele. From sparking their interest to nurturing steadfast brand loyalty, our targeted digital campaigns will ensure your hair innovations shine brightly when salon professionals are ready to elevate their services.

The Advantage

Trusted Hair Care Authority:

With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Beauty Insider stands as a trusted authority, poised to enhance your brand's reputation and resonance among salon professionals.

Commitment to Quality and Efficacy:

Showcase the essence of your haircare line with us. We are dedicated to spotlighting the unique and effective features that set your products apart and meet the high standards of salon professionals.

Tailored Haircare Strategy:

Our approach is meticulously crafted to resonate with discerning salon owners. By seamlessly infusing your brand's narrative into our platform, we ensure authentic engagement at every touchpoint.

Unified Approach:

Understanding the pivotal role of each interaction in the professional haircare journey, we offer a cohesive strategy to cultivate brand growth and foster deeper connections with salon professionals.

Our Campaigns Are Designed to Create:


Awareness & Product Discovery

Illuminate the standout features and benefits of your haircare treasures to spark curiosity and initial interest among salon professionals.


Engagement & Consideration

Craft compelling articles and videos that articulate the unique virtues of your products, guiding professionals through their exploration with informative content tailored to their expertise.


Conversion & Purchase

Seamlessly link Beauty Insider content directly to your professional salon partners, providing a smooth pathway for professionals to integrate your products into their service offerings.

Campaign Deliverables & Case Studies


Tried, Tested & Loved Campaign

  • Engaging Product Sampling:
    • Offer experiential opportunities with your haircare products through tailored sampling programs to showcase to both consumers and salon owners.
    • Harness testimonials and case studies from real users and professionals to showcase real-world applications and benefits of your hair care brand.
  • Amplified Social Media Campaigns:
    • Extend your brand's radiance and resonance across platforms like LinkedIn, professional forums, and industry events to maximise reach and impact among salon professionals.

Narrative-Driven Content (Exclusive Articles)

  • Insightful Content:
    • Craft exclusive articles enriched with industry insights and before-and-after visuals, ensuring an immersive experience that forges deeper connections with salon professionals.

Curated Listicles


Your Dedicated Brand Content Hub

  • Comprehensive Resource Centre:
    • Curate a hub of industry trends, styling tips, and expert testimonials to provide professionals with the resources they need to confidently integrate your products into their salon services.
  • Enhanced User Experience & SEO Optimization:
    • Ensure a seamless journey for salon professionals with a user-friendly interface and strategically optimised content that positions your brand as a trusted partner in professional haircare.
Make your
brand shine!

Digital Marketing Solutions with Mapletree Media

Engaging Social Media & Video Strategy

  • Tailored Campaigns:
    • Develop targeted social media campaigns and video content tailored to the interests and expertise of salon owners and hairstylists, showcasing the efficacy and versatility of your haircare products.

Websites & Landing Pages

  • Professional Showcase:
    • Craft dedicated landing pages and sections on your website specifically for salon professionals, highlighting product lines, styling tutorials, and partnership opportunities.

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