It is not the dollar amount but the quality that is important. Make sure to provide a realistic figure to these web design agencies in Singapore so you can get a realistic estimate of affordable web design services they offer. There is nothing more than a waste of time for both parties to estimate a false budget amount or no budget amount. However, there are some services which might be beyond your budget, so here are the things you need to include on your list:

Good Hosting

Choosing a good web hosting company is very important. The server should provide your website a 99% uptime guarantee. In case you encounter technical problems, reliable tech support with immediate response time and will be quite helpful, so be sure that the company you go with offers excellent customer service. Like any website, your web hosting site should have an easy to use interface that allows you to easily log in and make adjustments to your account anytime without struggling to find what you are looking for.

Homepage Design

Making a good first impression to those who visit your site is very crucial. Upon visiting for the first time, people are likely not only scanning around to see main headlines and navigation items but also picking up on non-verbal cues about your site, such as branding and professionalism. It is important to have the home page, above any other page on the site, designed very well and professionally. Make sure that your web designer is familiar with your brand standards and has a clear understanding of your expectations.

Free Plug-ins

Plugins are amazing tools with incredible power to change websites and to attract and engage visitors. Downloading and installing a file can give all kinds of new functionality, and tens of thousands of plugins are out there for all sorts of different applications. When working on a tight budget, this may be the route you choose to go, as opposed to hiring a web developer to custom code what you need.

Include Helpful CTA’s

The main point of having people visit your site is to encourage them to do something that you want them to do. This is a simple technique to bring success to your website without going over your budget.

Comprehensive Contact Information

You should have it available at least in the footer of every single page on your site, as well as a dedicated contact page. Being approachable and easy to connect with is an important attribute of a successful business, so be sure to emphasize all the various ways to get in touch with you, including phone numbers, website URLs, email addresses, fax numbers, addresses and social media accounts.