facebook advertising strategy, Facebook Advertising

With its huge reach at 1.4 billion monthly users globally, Facebook is one of the go-to places for business owners for marketing and promotion. Whoever your targets may be, chances are, they are on Facebook. Mastering your Facebook advertising strategy gets you in front of every specific segment of your audience. These things allow Facebook to reign as a social media advertising powerhouse.

App Installs

Understanding the customer is crucial to designing an ad that resonates with the app’s target audience. Imagine if you can promote your app directly to the people who are sure to benefit from and be interested in your app. Undeniably, Facebook knows how big of an asset they are to businesses and they constantly take measures to give app publishers and business owners opportunities to succeed. All you need to start advertising your app on Facebook is a good handle on which types of people would be interested in your app and some money. And it doesn’t even have to be a lot of money.

Website conversions

If you are able to set up a Website Conversion ad, then you will first have to choose the Conversion you are optimizing around from the drop-down menu.  What this will do is to tell Facebook what the “conversion” is for this particular ad.  The ad will also track other conversions that may occur if you have a multi-step process and you have other pixel events that happen as a direct result of this ad traffic.

Offer Claims

Originally introduced in 2012, this Facebook advertising objective maintains the exclusivity that brand pages provide while making it convenient for followers to interact with the ads. First off, they create a sense of urgency among consumers. The ads include a set expiration date corresponding to the end of the offer. And the sense of urgency is heightened further if a certain number of offers remain. That information is also displayed at the bottom of the ad and can motivate potential customers to purchase if they know numbers are limited.

Page post engagement

Page Post Engagement ads help you understand the kinds of stories and content your audience likes so that you can create more of what they love. Facebook Page Post Engagement ads help you share information about your business with people. You can use them to extend your Page posts beyond your Page and inspire people to take action.

Page Likes

Facebook Page Likes a social proof as they show pages your friends have Liked which makes you want to Like them too. They are the cheapest, easiest to set up that gets your page instant exposure to a chosen audience.