For most businesses, the end goal of website development, social media or other digital efforts is to increase sales. So what you’re really looking for is a lead generation.  You want to attract potential customers, and then convert them into buying your product or service. Find out more about this process, and how it fits into your overall sales and marketing efforts, in our Lead Generation Singapore Guide.

What is Lead Generation?

A lead is someone who has shown interest in your product or service. But at this point, you don’t know who they are—your customers are out there, but how will they find you?

Lead generation is the process of finding and  attracting that market. This is how it works:

  • Step 1: Strangers discover you through blogs, social media, and other keyword-targeted content. They become visitors.
  • Step 2: Visitors who find the content relevant, useful or interesting click on a call-to-action button. They become leads.
  • Step 3: Leads are interested, but need to be persuaded further. You continue to engage them through a combination of sales and marketing strategies. This includes specific/targeted content that address obstacles or pain points, special offers, emails, etc. This is lead nurturing, and if successful, converts them into customers.
  • Step 4: Customers make a purchase. However, the journey doesn’t end there: the next step is to encourage continued purchase and turn them into promoters who endorse your product to their friends or family—generating new leads for you.
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What are the kinds of leads?

Leads are not created equal. Some people are interested in your product, but aren’t ready to buy yet. Others are actively looking for a product and comparing their options. These audiences require different sales and marketing approaches.

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

They have engaged with your content and responded to a call to action. For example, they have filled out a landing page form, joined a contest, or watched a video about your product or service.

However, not everyone who likes your post or lands on your website are actually interested in buying. Some of them may not even be your target demographic. So you need to gauge the quality of your visitors and determine their “lead score” or their potential to become an actual customer.

Lead scores can be based on the information they give you, how often they engage your brand (likes, number of visits to your site), and the kind of action they have taken. For example, someone who signs up for a coupon has a higher lead score than someone who just likes your post.

Most of all, you need to have an action plan for marketing-qualified leads that have a high score. Don’t wait for them to call you. While many companies invest in lead capturing, many falter at the stage of lead nurturing. What will you do with all the people who like your posts, watch a video, or join a contest? 

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

Their actions indicate that they’re already considering purchase. They may message you, sign up for a webinar, asked for a quote or a demo. Time is of the essence: a lead contacted within 5 minutes of their query has a 100X higher contact rate in comparison to waiting even 30 minutes. Don’t let days pass before you engage someone who has already reached out to your brand.

Product Qualified Lead (PQL) or Service Qualified Lead (SQL)

They have used your product, either through a sample or trial, or have used free services and are asking for an upgrade, subscription, or paid features.

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Lead Generation Singapore Marketing Strategy

Lead generation marketing focuses on nurturing target customers until they’re ready to buy. It is built around the stages of the buyer journey: awareness, consideration and decision. Here are some tools that you can use for increasing Singapore leads.

Content marketing

Create content for different target audiences and stages of the buyer journey. This includes: blog posts, landing pages, videos, social media posts, infographics, ebooks, brochures, etc.

It is important to create quality content that informs and delights customers. Remember, even if customers land on your page because of SEO or ads, if they don’t like what they read, they won’t trust your company—and they won’t click your call-to-action. Studies show that 93% of customers will judge a brand based on the quality of the content. “Does this brand look credible? Are they giving me the information I need? Are they anticipating my needs, or are they just spamming me with keywords or trying to hard-sell a product?”

Email marketing

One of the most effective lead generation strategies is email. You need to create content that can help capture their emails (example: offering a coupon, webinar, special membership, ebook, etc) so you can continue communicating with them through email.

Ad campaigns and retargeting

Well-targeted (and retargeted) ad campaigns are one of the fastest ways to grow leads. However, you need to have a strong offer and reason to buy—and a very clear call to action.


Ads can lead to blog posts that elaborate on product benefits, or provide the information that your customer may need at their stage of a buyer journey. For example, you can have a more general FAQ for people who are just in the Awareness stage, and a list of testimonials for those who are in the Consideration phase.  

Social Media

Social media platforms help you engage different customers, and also enable customers to ask questions through comments or by sending direct messages. Focus on the platform that is most relevant to your target market. For example, a B2B lead generation Singapore campaign should be active on LinkedIn and Facebook, while a consumer product for 20 to 30 year olds should have a strong Instagram presence.

Product Trials

Product trials can help break down barriers to a sale, and can make them more open to additional offers. They can also help capture emails for email marketing, or help generate reviews and testimonials that you can use in your ad campaigns.

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Start your lead generation Singapore campaign

Mapletree Media can provide a complete strategy to attract and nurture your Singapore leads. Our team can help you create a strong digital presence, and launch effective and relevant campaigns that increase your brand reputation and reach. Through a mix of website development, SEO, content, social media, video, and more, you can capture and convert more customers. Contact us for a customized proposal.