Every business website should have a blog. It increases your traffic, improves search engine ranking, and gives your visitors a reason to keep coming back to your site. But that’s not all business blogs can do. You can use your blog content in promotions, repurpose it for social media and other collaterals, and generally enhance every aspect of your marketing strategy. Here’s how to get more mileage from your business blogs.

Share it on social media

Share your blog posts on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. You improve your blog (and your website’s) reach and generate new sources of traffic.

Use excerpts for social media images

Does you have interesting statistics, tips or quotes? Pick one or two lines and have a professional layout artist turn them into a social media post or infographic. Look at some examples of Facebook posts that MapleTree Media has done for its clients:

Compile several blog posts into a listicle

Once our business blogs have a deep archive, create a post around a theme and add links to your previous posts. This can help create valuable internal links (which is part of search engine optimization) and help new visitors discover old content.

Rewrite blog posts into an ebook

If you have a lot of high quality posts about a particular topic, then combine them into an ebook. You can be part of lead generation campaigns (visitors can sign up to download it for free).

You can also rewrite the content into a longer blog post of about 1,500 to 2,000 words. Studies show that long form content has a higher chance of ranking well on Google! We wouldn’t do this for every blog post, since most visitors don’t have the patience to read such long articles, but a few well-researched posts will improve your brand credibility and your website’s searchability.

However, ebooks and other long-form content can be hard to write. You need professional article writers who can still make long articles very interesting and engaging.

professional content writers

Contribute articles to other websites

Guest blogging can be part of your link building strategy. Create guest posts for other websites who will link back to yours. However, make sure to give them unique blog posts (don’t just give them a copy of what you already have online). Duplicate content will hurt your search engine ranking.

Hire a Singapore content writing company for your business blogs!

MapleTree Media can help write compelling, well-researched business blogs for your company. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.