A website copywriter understands that people read online content in a different way.  They scan content. They quickly scroll through a website to find what they need. If you can’t give them the information they want right away, they leave.

Is your website content designed for this kind of reading experience? Use this checklist to measure the user-friendliness of your web copy. 

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 Does it have a simple and conversational tone?

 The best website copywriters can find a way to explain very technical information in a simple way. They avoid jargon and very long words. They write in a conversational style so that readers can quickly understand what they mean.

Does it put the most important content first?

Mobile readers don’t have a lot of time. That’s why the best webcopy prioritizes information. The most important messages are put in the first paragraph or given more space on the website. Pictures and other design elements also draw the reader’s eye to the key points.

Does it relate to the audience’s needs and personalities?

It’s important to hire professional website copywriters with a marketing background. They understand the concept of buyer personas and are able to customize your content to specific audiences. They can create article slants and use the language and key phrases that immediately make a reader feel,“Yes, this brand gets me!” 

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 Is it divided into chunks?

The best website copy uses subheadings and short paragraphs. It tackles just one idea per paragraph, and helps reader quickly geti nformation with lists and subheadings. This helps readers scan a website for hat they want (and it’s also SEO friendly!)  

Is it concise and useful?

Inexperienced writers try to meet a wordcount by using long, meaningless and boring sentences. They say a lot but don’t say anything significant.

However, professional website content writers don’t just meet a word count, they make every word count. They get good information that readers need. They anticipate the questions that readers will ask. They create website copy that is useful, relevant, and easy to read.

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