A lot of people have personal blogs, and some of these may even bring in quite a lot of money through ad space or brand partnerships. However, business blogs are very different.

Business blogs are marketing channels, and should be treated as strategically as your email marketing, sales promos, landing pages and other activities that drive business growth. Here are some ways that professional content writing agency handles business blogs.

Business blogs have specific goals

A personal blog’s only purpose is to share your ideas, expertise or experiences.

Business blogs have specific purposes: to drive conversions.A professional content writing agency will often break down this into specific and measurable goals, like driving traffic to a website or generating leads from a specific target market.  It also has long term goals, like differentiating the brand from competitors, or creating loyalty and emotional connection to readers.

Business blogs are search engine optimized

A professional content writing agency understands how Google and other search engines work. It will do keyword research and create a content strategy around that.

Business blogs are reader-centered

When you have a personal blog, you write for yourself. When you have a business blog, you write for your audience. You think about their needs,questions, concerns, opinions about your brand and your competitors, and customer journey.

Business blogs are run professionally

If you hire a good content writing agency, your business blogs will look as polished and as professional as your other marketing efforts. You will get high quality images, well-planned content calendars, and data from analytics.

Run your business blog like a business!

Take your business blog seriously. Hire a professional content writing agency to run your blog, and help you get actual conversions from your content. Talk to us at MapleTree Media to find out more.