Facebook is fueled by god-knows-how-many algorithms. Algorithms for finding friends, playing games, and attending nearby events. New Facebook Algorithm this 2018 change that often goes unmentioned and Facebook has been heading in this direction for years. Below is the list of new updates just in case you do not know them yet:

News Feed Algorithm

It is the News Feed algorithm, more than all the others, that dictates how much noise you can make on Facebook. Facebook algorithm changes won’t go away any time soon. Facebook is going to keep tweaking what users see, and if history is any indication, those tweaks will continue to make it harder for brands, businesses, and companies to reach people organically inside their News Feeds. So for our purposes, a Facebook algorithm change is a change that Facebook makes to the visibility of your content in the News Feed.

Facebook Ad

It is shameful that your carefully crafted content will have a harder time cracking into people’s feeds. But even if this Facebook algorithm change puts a dent in your organic reach, you can still use Facebook ads. Ads are the lifeblood of Facebook, and neither Zuckerberg nor Mosseri use the words ads or advertisements once. There is speculation that a decrease in business’ organic reach will cause ad prices to spike. And that makes sense: If everyone starts relying on ads, the demand will go way up. Instead of spending a few hours creating engaging copy and images, you might have to spend a few hours creating ads.

Content from Family and Friends

In other words, featuring content from friends and family has been a Facebook talking point for years. Evidenced by these ongoing algorithm changes, Facebook is apparently still trying to find the right balance. But the point is, Facebook has long wanted the content in users’ News Feeds to come primarily from friends and family. 

Fake News

The first month’s earlier update aimed to create more meaningful experiences on the News Feed, this new update seeks to provide news stories in your timeline that only come from trusted sources. Facebook surveyed users to determine which news outlets are most respected and trusted. Pages who have been deemed trustworthy from these surveys may see an increase in distribution, while Pages that were not voted as trustworthy will likely see a drop in distribution and audience reach.

Diversify Marketing Mix

If you are looking for an excuse to mix it up and quit relying so much on Facebook, here you go. Sure, if you are running an online business, you cannot avoid Facebook. But with every Facebook algorithm change, we are reminded that success on Facebook is a moving target.

Live Video

When announcing their recent algorithm changes, Facebook dropped multiple hints about the importance of live video. In fact, they were not hints, Facebook said it loud and clear.