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How do you drive high paying customers to a beauty roadshow in less than 2 weeks?

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Read how a Social media agency in Singapore transformed this Beauty Salon’s business and increased their conversions by 332%.

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Why Trust Mapletree With Your Social Media Ads?

We are professionals

Our team can take care of your Facebook advertising for you. You don’t have to deal with the complex settings of Facebook Ads anymore. You can use all your extra energy and time for the things that matter most: running your business.

We give timely results

It won’t take years before you see the results of your Facebook campaigns. We are time-efficient and goal-oriented people. Like you, we want to see significant results. We involve everyone in our team who can help increase your ROI.

We will work closely with you

We put value in how we deal with our customers. As much as possible, we create a close working relationship with you. That way, we can better understand your company’s mission and vision. We’ll put you on the top of the team. We’ll take care of every aspect of your ad campaign, and ensure that every detail is addressed in the best way possible for your business.

We run campaigns that boost your brand’s identity

Your brand integrity is our priority in every advertisement that we write, design, and run on social media. We want you to get a good impression from your future clients. With Mapletree Media, you are safe. We will never run a misleading or a false advertisement which can harm your company’s integrity.

One-stop Web Marketing Team

At Mapletree Media, we have an extraordinary team who’s always ready to help you.


to establish your marketing strategy.


to increase awareness and engagement.


to drive the right traffic to your website and increase sales.


to create, proofread, and edit your content.


to equip your website with custom integrations that give you a technological advantage.


to build your incredible website that make your visitors do the actions you want them to take.

Let’s Use Facebook to Increase Your Sales

In Mapletree Media, we are dedicated to help our clients increase their sales while we lower the cost per sale from pay-per-click. We will manage and optimise your Facebook account and we’ll help you unlock all the possibilities when it comes to paid advertising.

We can work with beginners in social media paid advertising. If you need help on setting proper facebook campaigns with low cost per sales and a positive ROI, we can help you.

In the event that you have campaigns up and running, we can manage it for you. We can even help you cut the cost of advertising! We’ll use the latest advertising techniques to scale up and maximize your advertising potential.

Trust an Experienced Facebook Marketer

We tailor our Facebook ads depending on the needs of the client and what appeals to the market. We try our best to appeal to the emotions of the consumers so it can get more likes, shares, and conversions.

Aside from running Facebook advertisements, we also manage Facebook company pages for medium to large businesses. Here, we create a personalised social media content, get the materials approved by the client, and then posting it online when engagement levels are the highest.


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