In this article, Mapletree Media will show you how important it is for your web developers to enhance visitor experience on your website.

If you’re running an e-commerce business, then your top priority is to keep your sales pipeline healthy. Your sales pipeline is your approach to selling—it will ensure that your business makes enough money all throughout the year. The challenge is: how can you ensure that you’re generating enough income despite having seasons or trends which affect your sales?

Let’s begin the healthy discussion. 😀

Ideally, your sales pipeline starts with your company’s marketing efforts to get website visitors. Some avail the pay-per-click advertising, blast email campaigns, or boost social media posts. When people click on your link, you need to find a way to hook them on your website. Show them a website that has good visitor experience. It’s the only way you can keep them scrolling on your site, reading your content, and potentially selling them stuff.

How to Enhance Visitor Experience

First, you have to know the important facets which affect visitor experience:

  • Overall Web design
  • Landing pages
  • Check out channels
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Contact channels

Anything frustrating or disappointing in any of the mentioned aspects of your website will keep them from conducting or completing business with you.

Making an Efficient Landing Page

There are two types of landing pages: the click through and the lead generation. Both have different functions but have one mission: convert lurkers into leads. It must convince them to do an action that’s favourable to your business.

The click-through landing page offers the fastest conversion process. Here, visitors view a single page where they can read a copy that will convince them to make a purchase. Then, the next click is a sale. A lot of e-commerce sites use this kind of landing page where the destination page will be the shopping cart or registration. Here’s an example:


Enhance Visitor Experience, Increase Your Sales

Enhance Visitor Experience, Increase Your Sales

Enhance Visitor Experience, Increase Your Sales


What you saw was the landing page of one of Beauty Sensation Singapore’s best selling detox mask. In one click of a button, the site visitor includes the product in their shopping cart. Another click takes you to the check out area where you can review your purchase and setup your mode of payment. In less than five effortless clicks, you’ve generated income.

On the other hand, the lead generation landing page aims to collect the visitor’s contact details so you can have a way to bring them back to your platform. Your site visitors will give their details to companies if they feel get something of value in return such as a discount coupon, voucher, free gifts, free trials, and more.


Enhance Visitor Experience, Increase Your Sales


The challenge in creating efficient landing pages is in the web design. You must present all information clearly and uncluttered. The images you use must be good despite being less than 300kb in size. E-commerce websites must show more than one angle of the product so the buyer can see an accurate representation of the product.

At the same time, you have to keep navigation simple to ease a visitor’s journey. Don’t make them feel lost in your own website! Through Google Analytics, you can identify the most and least viewed pages on your website. Use the information in your heat map to drive traffic to the important, less viewed pages.

Keeping your Platform Mobile Responsive

To improve your visitor’s experience and help them to achieve their goal for visiting your site, switch to a mobile responsive site and design it well.

Last year, Google launched a mission to rank mobile-friendly websites better in their search engines. This mobilegeddon ( 🙂 ) shook a lot of businesses into optimising their pages to fit smaller screens. Right now, the Googlebots detect mobile-friendly websites based on the following criteria:

  • Doesn’t need a software such as Flash
  • The text remains readable and adjusts to the person’s screen
  • Links are far from one another so the user can tap it easily

In this case, making your websites mobile-friendly has dual benefits on your business. You’re not just being efficient, you’re also expanding your reach!


Give them a way to keep in touch with you

Not everyone will follow the fastest process in your sales pipeline. Some of your site visitors like to be sure before they buy. Hence, you need to give them a good contact page. Everyone expects a short form in there. If not, put a phone number or an email address. Make sure that the contact information you use is contactable.

Unfortunately, not all companies can respond to client emails immediately. The turnaround time is enough for your customer to search for similar products or services from your competitors.

Don’t let them wait too long. The quickest way to attend to your customers is through a web chat system. Take a look at the homepage below. It has an obvious contact number located on the upper right side of the screen and a Zendesk chat feature popping from below:


Enhance Visitor Experience, Increase Your Sales

When you put up this kind of system, you have to tap someone who can promptly answer all queries (a virtual assistant, maybe?). Make sure that your staff is able to answer the customer’s questions within a short amount of time. Keep your answers simple and direct to the point.

The takeaway ideas

  • Create an effortless experience for your visitors and don’t give them any frustrating thoughts in order to make a sale.
  • There are a lot of services which aim to improve the user experience in a website. Invest in the one which can fastrack your sales.