EDM marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching your customers. Statistics show that every $1 spent on EDMs gets a $40 return of investment – that’s much higher than Google ads or influencer marketing. In fact, a survey of the fastest-growing small and medium businesses found that 82% used EDM campaigns, and rely on it as their main customer acquisition channel.

What is Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)?

You (or your parents) probably remember receiving physical direct mail: brochures, flyers or newsletters that used to be physically mailed to subscribers.  In the digital age, electronic direct mail gets sent to your inbox. However, their purpose is the same: to reach a large group of potential clients in order to build relationships, generate leads and increase sales.

Electronic Direct Mail vs Email Marketing

The terms EDM marketing and email marketing are often used interchangeably, but there are some important differences.

Email marketing just sends regular emails to a customer database. EDM marketing, on the other hand, is integrated and synergized with other campaigns on other platforms. These can include social media campaigns, Google ads and pay per click (PPC) campaigns, traditional print ads, in-store events, and website content.

In other words, EDM campaigns are broader, more strategic, and follow your customer across his purchase journey. It is part of a complete marketing eco-system where you reach your customers in different ways. Your emails can share a blog post, lead them to a landing page, invite them to an event, or ask them to download an ebook or avail of a special offer.

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Benefits of EDM campaigns


 If you have a small marketing budget, emails can give more value for money. They are more likely to be seen than social media posts, which can easily disappear in a customer’s feed. They can provide more information than ads, and can build a long-term relationship w  which have space constraints and  Unlike ads these email campaigns allow brands to keep in touch with their market over a long period of time. Unlike social media campaigns, the emails are sent directly to a customer inbox. There’s a bigger chance that they will be seen,


Theoretically, all you need to start a simple campaign is a list of email addresses. Write your message, and click send. However, for larger and more professional campaigns, you may need to invest in an EDM mail program like MailChimp, and a writer and artist who can create compelling content.

Thanks to new technology, It is also possible to automate EDM campaigns and integrate it with CRM (customer relationships management) and CMS (content management systems). These powerful programs can send particular messages based on a user’s behavior – for example, if they clicked on a social media post, left an item in a shopping cart, or didn’t open the last email.


You can write and design your EDM mails to reflect your brand’s personality and your customer’s needs. Here are some examples of very different EDM formats that show its versatility and power to persuade.

The Welcome Email

The average open rate for a Welcome Email is 82%. Customers are curious about your message, so be sure to make a good first impression!


The Theme Email

Push a product or service based on a theme (like summer vacations) or an event (like the customer’s birthday or Mother’s Day).  Theme emails are effective because they relate what you sell to a relevant and timely need, and make specific recommendations.


The Thank You Email

Acknowledge when your customer visits your establishment or buys a product. This is an excellent time to ask for feedback, get a review, or offer a discount on the next purchase.


Builds customer relationships

When your customer gives his or her email address, it is already an act of trust. Your emails then build and strengthen that trust, by providing relevant and useful content.

“Email marketing is also preferable to social for building relationships because you can learn more about your customers and tailor your messaging to their preferences. While you can segment by age group, gender and location on Facebook, the targeting opportunities are limited. Email offers a much greater opportunity to truly personalize the content according to each individual,” says marketing expert Tony D’Anna.

You can personalize EDM mail by including the recipient’s name, nearest stores, or selecting products or serves that they are more likely to be interested in. These little touches can significantly increase conversion rate.

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5 Elements of Effective EDM Mails

There are many different approaches and tactics for effective email campaigns. Just remember these five rules.

Keep it simple

People receive dozens of emails a day. Grab their attention with a compelling subject line, and then go straight to the point. Otherwise, your email will not be opened and may eventually be marked as spam.

Be specific

If your audience is too general, and your message is too generic, your email will be ignored or forgotten.

Set a target audience, and understand their needs. “What information do they need right now? What products or services do they prefer? Which words or images will appeal to them most?”

Look at your email database and divide it into different segments. The emails you send to consumers (B2C) will be different from emails you send to companies (B2B). You may also want to showcase different products to customers based on their age, location, gender, or purchase history.

Make it visually appealing

Would you show up in a meeting with your client in a rumpled shirt and shorts? No. You know your clothes reflect your company image – and in the same way, you need to “dress up” your emails. Pay attention to your EDM mail format and design, and be sure to check for typos or other grammatical errors.

 Make it mobile-responsive

Studies show that 41% of people read their emails on their mobile. That’s why it’s important to know that your electronic direct mail looks good and loads quickly on all devices. While beautiful images do increase engagement, that can only happen if those images are actually seen.

Give a clear call to action

Here’s a tip: before you write an EDM mail, ask yourself what the final call to action is. Then, work backwards: what do I say, and how do I say it, to give my customer a compelling reason to do it? In that way, your email has a strong purpose and is strategically written.

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FAQ: How To Create EDM

What kind of content can I put in my mails?

It’s important to send email updates regularly and consistently. Here are some ideas:

  • Product information and recommendations. This can include launches and new arrivals, reminders to re-order, or recommendations based on their preferences and shopping history.
  • Special offers and promotions. Make them feel important by being the first to know about sales or discounts. Give exclusive vouchers or products that help reinforce that they’re part of a VIP mailing list.
  • Tips and tricks. If you only try to sell products, you’ll end up being marked as spam. Offer free, useful information like tutorials and tips.
  • Testimonials. Share other customers’ testimonials, and invite them to share their own.
  • Industry news and event information.  People want to be “in the know.” Keep them updated on news and trends that are relevant to them.

How do I get customers to open my EDM mails?

A Forester study found that 90% of emails reach your customer’s inbox, but only 2% are read.  What’s the secret to a higher open rate?

  • Focus on providing extra value.  Know what your customers want and need, and provide it.
  • Segment your email list.  This helps you create engaging content for that particular audience. Don’t just do it based on age, income or other broad demographics. Instead, work on Customer Personas which divide audience based on problems, needs, and preferences. (Read more on the questions you can ask to make personalized marketing campaigns.)
  • Make a strong subject line. Communicate a clear benefit, trigger curiosity by teasing information, or create a sense of urgency.
  • Test and improve. Always monitor which emails were opened.  Then experiment with two subject lines, and see which ones had a higher open rate. This can help you improve your future EDM marketing campaigns.

What are the best EDM Call To Action (CTA)?

For Purchase: 

  • Shop now
  • Buy now, pay later!
  • Repeat your order
  • Claim your coupon
  • Order now, and get 50% off
  • Buy now, get free shipping
  • Hurry: claim your free gift with purchase

For special events:

  • Find holiday gifts
  • Order now. Get it before Christmas/Mother’s Day
  • Get your birthday discount!
  • Claim your birthday voucher

For content:

  • Learn more
  • Down the free eBook
  • Get the app
  • Read the full story

For video:

  • Watch now
  • See the proof
  • Hear from our CEO/customer

For events:

  • Reserve your seat
  • Register now
  • Book your tickets
  • Get early bird prices

For services:

  • Book your next appointment
  • Start your free trial
  • Upgrade now
  • Sign up and save

For reviews:

  • Take our short survey
  • Leave a review
  • Give us your feedback

For social media:

  • Follow us
  • Stay connected on social
  • Like us on Facebook

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