How much does it cost to create and host an eCommerce website in Singapore? As you may have suspected, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A bespoke eCommerce website’s cost extends beyond the cost of web development. There are many factors that lead up to the final total price tag.

However, which are absolute necessities and which features don’t you really need to save your buck? Read on as Mapletree Media breaks down everything you need to know about eCommerce cost in Singapore.


How much should it generally cost to run an eCommerce website in Singapore?

eCommerce websites in Singapore typically start around $3,500 and go up from there. This ultimately depends on the scale of business and service as well as the design and other features you’ll need for an online store. All eCommerce web developers will study the business, understanding it further to come up with the best design solution for their clients.

A qualified eCommerce web developer can assess your company and decide what it requires in order to give the greatest possible experience and benefits to potential consumers. What they will provide are:

  • Website design
  • Mobile website design and development
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Online marketing strategy
  • Hosting
  • Tracking tools

Additionally, if you fancy more advanced customer care features like social media integration, live chat support and reviews widgets, then do expect the price to only increase by the demand.


What are the questions about eCommerce cost that need to be asked?

The price of an eCommerce website is determined by a number of factors. A few things to consider are:

  • What number and types of goods and categories do you require?
  • Are you looking for a catalogue or a purchasing cart?
  • Is it necessary for the site to support many languages and currencies?
  • How complicated will the items sold on the website be?
  • What online features, such as product search, wish lists, or user accounts, are required?
  • What type of aesthetic do you desire for your e-commerce site?
  • How frequently will the website need to be updated in the future?

If you’re creating your first eCommerce website, keep in mind that the functionality of the site will change as your company expands. Therefore, your first web investment may be critical in laying the groundwork for your online presence. However, you may need to make continuous efforts in increasing eCommerce functionality and user experience to keep this foundation strong.


What effect do eCommerce platforms have on cost?

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Depending on how basic or sophisticated the eCommerce platform is and what the licence charges are; there are trade-offs to consider whether you’re a business owner or a developer. Even if you start for free, you’ll need to either buy the platform completely or pay for licencing and hosting at some time.

Undeniably, the cost boils down to how simple or complex the eCommerce platform is and the prices of ownership or licencing might vary considerably. Despite this, more flexible and customised platforms such as Magento, take more knowledge to set up and manage effectively. Whereas, simpler ones such as Shopify, are easy to set up but have fewer flexibility options.

Magento Open Source: $20,000+

Commerce: $28,000+

Commerce Cloud: $54,000+

Shopify Basic Shopify: $39.00

Shopify: $107.00

Advanced Shopify: $405.00

WooCommerce Basic: $13.00

Advanced: $270.00

Large-scale: $1354.00


What influence does web design have on the cost of eCommerce?

Many eCommerce platforms include design galleries, themes or templates that you can quickly incorporate into your site. Templates are generally inexpensive and simple to use, but they may also be a reliable industrial solution. The majority of templates appear to be too similar to other people’s websites. In fact, some even demand a monthly subscription for upgrades that should have come standard with the service or product.

Moreover, these themes may be unimpressive for those seeking to create a distinctive eCommerce site with unique messaging. Expect to spend anywhere between $0 to $338 for a theme and another $1,354 to $2,709 on small tweaks and adjustments to fit your branding and business.


What effect does customized programming and functionality have on cost?

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Creating a bespoke web application from the ground up may be time-consuming and costly. Many systems enable you to utilise custom extensions and/or modules that have been built by others, allowing you to utilise functionality for a fraction of the expense of developing it yourself. Not all extensions, however, will be well-written or thoroughly tested.

Custom development outside of well-known extensions can soon become prohibitively costly. A reputable agency will use this to create code that is dependable, fully tested, and secure. While this is more expensive than slapping something up as fast as possible, your bespoke code will last longer.

However, keep in mind that when you upgrade the main system, extensions may break. As a result, even if bad code works at first, it might be costly afterwards.


What effect does web hosting have on eCommerce costs?

eCommerce hosting is a crucial component of your business. When it comes to putting up an online business, hosting expenses are an important factor to consider. The finest hosting companies will provide you with plenty of opportunities to expand while without restricting your capacity to sell.

Additionally, consider how much money you want to invest in your business once it launches when shopping for hosting options and be sure your platform can handle it! Moreover, when it comes to evaluating website expenses, hosting prices are the gold standard. This is mostly owing to their dependability and lack of price fluctuation.

Therefore, as your site grows and you add features and add-ons, your hosting prices will rise. It’s critical to consider how your hosting plan will interact with all of the other aspects of running a business and then budget accordingly. Hosting for a successful site with high traffic levels hosted in a cloud or grid environment may cost anywhere from $1,400 to $3,000 per month.



As you can see, there are a lot of components when it comes to building a successful eCommerce. It may serve a pretty price tag but remember this is an investment for your business to grow and succeed. However, it’s undeniable that creating an eCommerce website yourself (who may not be skilled enough) will cost a lot.

However, you’re in luck. Mapletree Media has experience in developing numerous eCommerce sites that are effective and cater to your business. We will take the hassle of building your website to help you start your eCommerce journey.

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