When was the last time you conducted a content audit? Just like your annual physical exam can help spot health problems, content audits help you identify which of your content is hurting your website’s user experience and sales funnel.

What is a content audit?

Even the best web design in Singapore needs a content audit, because even if a site “looks good” doesn’t mean it performs well.

A content audit reviews all the pages on a website to see:

  • The strategic messaging. How does it reflect the brand and speak to your customer?
  • User experience. Does the text, visuals, layout and other elements make it easy for customers to find what they need?
  • Page performance. How many views does each page get? What are your best and lowest performing pages? Is this problem caused by content, back-end issues, etc.?

What is the role of a content audit?

Let’s be clear: content audits are not just about getting views or traffic. It also evaluates what the customer experiences once he lands on your website. You can put all of your efforts into your page ranking, but if your content is off-strategy or simply just terrible, you will lose your customer in seconds.  You’ve basically spent all that money on a website that people never read and quickly forget.

So in other words, SEO may increase traffic,

but Content Audit increases conversions and loyalty.


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Who Should Perform the Content Audit?

Content audits are usually led by the project manager of a website redesign. You can also get a web design agency in Singapore like Mapletree Media to evaluate your website and make recommendations.

How often should you do a Content Audit?

The bigger your website is, the more often you should do a content audit. The best web design in Singapore and around the world actually do one every year – and large websites will even do one every six months. This time frame gives you access to enough data to compare the effect of any changes you did before.

You should also do a Content Audit before making any major changes to a website. This will help you know exactly what you want in your redesign, and base the recommendations on data or strategy. So instead of vague and subjective goals like “I want the best web design in Singapore” you can tell your design agency, “I want to have a smoother sign up process and revolve most of my content around these two keywords, since they perform so well for us.”

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How to Perform a Content Audit

All content audits involve two steps: making a content inventory, and then evaluating each page’s relevance and performance.

For the content inventory, list all your pages in a spreadsheet and write down:

  • A unique identifier or ID number
  • Page title
  • URL
  • Level within site navigation
  • Content type
  • Character count
  • Engagement scores
  • Keywords and metadata
  • Broken links

The content evaluation is trickier and involves the whole team. This may be a good time to pull in a content marketing or user experience expert, as well as a Google analytics expert who can measure the engagement and conversion of each page.

Get a content audit now!

Mapletree Media is a website design agency in Singapore with extensive experience in content audits. We can help you evaluate and improve your website performance and user experience! We have developed the web design of Singapore commerce, trade and consumer companies in several industries. Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.