In order to increase your sales and improve your SEO rankings, you need a content that works. It’s either you hire someone to be your in-house writer or avail content writing services from a digital agency. Whatever path you choose, you have to produce optimised, high-quality articles which you can share on all your social media and email marketing platforms.

Content that appeals to people and the search engine

There are a lot of writers and each one of them possess a different writing style. The advantage of working with agencies which provide blogging and web copywriting services is that they have writers who specialise in ‘internet writing’.



To us, internet writing is the marriage of text and multimedia. The blog isn’t shorter but it includes multimedia and a responsive design which hooks the reader’s attention.

Below are some of the best blogging formulas we have tried and tested. You can use them to produce content that works for people and the search engine:


The Top and Listicle Formula

Here are some content (article titles) which follow this formula:


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25 Things that Content Marketers Do Every Morning to be More Productive

13 Reasons Why You Should Start Guest Posting

15 Ways to Show the Strength of Your Brand

21 Signs that it’s Time to Fire Your SEO Guy

17 Untapped Ways of Getting Backlinks to your Website


These articles are written as a list, hence the name listicles. It is great for skimmers—they can pause for a moment and resume reading instantly. Articles in this format look less cluttered and organised, hence it is easier to read. The writer breaks the idea into different themes and ideas so creating a listicle for a complicated topic will be helpful.

Not to mention, headlines with numbers get 36% more clicks than regular, number-free headlines. Check out this graph from Conductor: 


Content Writing Services, Web Copywriting Service

How to create listicles:

  1. Create a topic

Brainstorm your blog post ideas. The more, the merrier! Then, determine which of the ideas will be beneficial to your brand. Finally, visualise the article framework. Organise your thoughts from the beginning until the end.

  1. Get the best sources of information

It is time to fill in the missing information. Research in order to elaborate the themes and ideas under each subheading.

  1. Write the Listicle

Finalise the content and check for grammatical errors. When the article is good to go, it is time to format the blog post in your CMS together with your chosen graphics.


Skyscraper Technique


This technique drove a lot of content marketers speechless in 2016. It is dubbed as one of the best ways to get relevant backlinks to your website, which eventually grows your website traffic.


How to apply the Skyscraper Technique


  1. Research a top performing article with subjects which are beneficial to you

You have to identify the content that people look for in your industry. Focus your blogs on those topics. Strive to be a linking asset. It is okay even if a lot of other websites published articles of the same topic. You’ll learn to topple these competitors.


  1. Write a better article

Make it longer, more thorough, updated, and readable. If your blog’s content reads and looks better than your competitors, your content can survive the internet jungle.


  1. Build an empire

Email the link to your article to the site owners that have already linked out to similar content as yours. Tell them that you’ve created something similar, yet more updated. Getting cold responses are inevitable, but you’ll be surprised with some people who are willing to link back to you.


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The Ultimate Guide Formula


These are how-to articles, but as an in-depth guide to your readers.

Basically, you will produce a guide for something that is deemed useful to people and other authority websites in your niche or industry. Once published, reach out to the brands you mentioned to let them know about the media mileage you’ve given them. Take this opportunity and ask them to share your article on their social media platforms. It’s better if they link one of their articles back to your content.


How to create the Ultimate Guide:

  1. Research content opportunities

Figure out which topic is the best to discuss deeper in a blog. If it is in line with big and trending issues, the better. It will be your edge in your niche.

  1. Write the Guide

Take time in writing the guide. You need to produce high-quality content. It might take a day to finish the first draft.

  1. Publish and inform the brands mentioned

Once the post is live on your site, email the brands you’ve mentioned. Again, ask them if they can share the article to their network.


Statistics and Research Formula

A blog about statistics or the result of a study is a magnet of backlinks. The digital world is hungry for sources. If you can conduct a study and produce relevant data, do it, and produce an article which discusses the profounding results.


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How to write a Statistics blog post

  1. Agree on the research topic

The subject of your study must be beneficial to people working or interested in your industry.

  1. Gather data

It’s best to work with statisticians or research experts on the best ways to gather data. These people can also help you decode the results of the research.

  1. Write the stats post

Disclose the outcome of your research in blog format. Include the tables and charts which help readers understand the results of your study better. Be concise with the discussion. The process is similar to your thesis or dissertation but you are not required to write something as formal as that.

  1. Reach out to the websites

Implement the final step of the skyscraper blogging technique here. Tell the blogs about the results of your study. You can also share this article on social media pages and your email blast. Maximise your resources to make sure that your study reaches the websites and writers who can potentially use your findings in their articles. 


Expert Roundup Blog

This is a partnership blog. You will co-create a blog with an influencer in your niche. Use this to grow your network and build online authority in your industry.


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How to create an expert roundup blog

  1. Cultivate the topic

Brainstorm the blog and its messaging. It must be newsworthy or simply worth the public attention. If the blog you’re planning to write addresses a problem or an issue, the better.

  1. Look for talking heads or research experts

Once you found potential resource speakers, email them one by one. If your top choice isn’t available, move on to the next. You can also collate responses from a lot of industry experts. Edit all of their responses until it all fits like a puzzle. Write your blog post afterwards.

  1. Reach out the experts once published

Thank the person/s you interviewed and ask them to share a copy of the article on their social media accounts. You can gain additional traffic from their network.

Blogging is the best way drive traffic to your website. Your blogging and content marketing skills will be sharper if you know what to write and how to write it.

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