CMS, CTA, UX..  you’ve probably heard these words when you meet with your website development company. Don’t be frustrated by the tech jargon. This simple list explains the most common terms to make it easier to communicate with any web developer in Singapore.

Breadcrumb Navigation

This tells your user where the page he’s reading fits into the links beside it. Here’s an example from a large US ecommerce store:

website navigation

This is very useful for large sites since users can quickly click to a higher-level page. It makes it easier for them to find web sections and pages, understand how a section fits into the entire website, or go back to a previous page.


This is the software used to view websites. Examples include Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari.

CMS (Content Management System)

It helps you add or edit content to your pages even if you have no coding or programming background. The most common CMS applications used by a web developer in Singapore are WordPress and Drupal.

CTAs (Call to Action)

These are buttons, boxes or links that ask your user to do something. Phrases include: Call Now, Get a Quote, Contact Us, Download Now.

Header tags

These are also called heading tags, head tags, HTML headers. These are large titles that break up content. From a user perspective, it tells them what the main sections are, and gives a hierarchy of information. From an SEO perspective, it’s what Google and other spiders use to evaluate a text.


This is where your website content (files, images, text, code, etc) will be stored.  Usually, your website development company will help you secure a domain name and web hosting.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

It’s a coding language that formats web pages.


It connects one website page to the other, allowing users to just click on a word or phrase to go to another page. There are internal links (within your website), external links (from your website to another) and backlinks (from another website to yours).

Responsive Web Design

This basically means that your website will display well regardless of the device (tablets, phones, laptops) and input devices (touch screen or mouse click).


It’s your website blueprint, and one of the first things you need to finalize when you hire a web developer. This will determine your site navigation, content, and your user experience.

Slider / Slideshow

A rotating series of images or videos, usually displayed at the top of the homepage. It is sometimes called a Carousel.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is a strategy for creating your website so it can be easily crawled by search engines like Google.

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