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Revitalizing YY's Digital Presence: Transforming Innovation into an Engaging Experience

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YY is a distinguished public-listed corporation renowned for its expertise in cleaning technology, IT equipment, and job matching services. With a multifaceted portfolio spanning these diverse sectors, YY is at the forefront of innovation. Headquartered in [Location], YY has carved its niche as a leading industry player, setting new standards for excellence.


YY faced the formidable challenge of revitalizing its digital presence to align with its dynamic portfolio and industry leadership. The company’s existing website lagged behind in reflecting the innovation, precision, and forward-thinking approach that YY embodies. The challenge was to convey this essence through a modern and engaging digital platform.


YY’s website transformation journey commenced with an in-depth analysis of their existing digital footprint. This analysis revealed critical areas requiring enhancement. Collaborating closely with YY, Mapletree Media embarked on a comprehensive approach to reimagine the website.

The design team worked diligently to craft a new digital identity that encapsulated YY’s innovation and industry authority. The approach prioritized a sleek and intuitive user interface, seamless navigation, and an overall user-friendly experience that would resonate with YY’s target audience.


Recognizing YY’s strong market presence, we conducted an extensive brand audit. This revealed opportunities to elevate YY’s branding to new heights. We developed a revamped brand messaging strategy and visual identity that celebrated YY’s industry leadership while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary allure. This involved a redesigned corporate logo, a refined color palette, and visual elements that underscored the quality and precision of YY’s services.

Content Creation

Our seasoned content creation team collaborated closely with YY to craft content that was both informative and engaging. This encompassed captivating headlines, informative product descriptions, and compelling copy across various sections and inner pages. Every piece of content was meticulously optimized for search engines and designed to captivate and inform YY’s audience effectively.

Web Design & Mobile Apps

The website’s new user interface and user experience were engineered to provide visitors with a seamless and captivating journey. We adopted a minimalist design approach that showcased YY’s products and services elegantly. High-quality imagery and clear calls-to-action were integrated to facilitate effortless information retrieval and conversions.


The website transformation has yielded significant results for YY. User engagement metrics have shown marked improvements, underscoring the enhanced digital presence YY now enjoys. The intuitive interface and modern design have resulted in lower bounce rates and increased user retention. The revamped website now serves as an accurate reflection of YY’s innovation, precision, and industry leadership, firmly establishing it as a frontrunner in its sectors.

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