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York Hotel F&B - A Journey in Video Storytelling

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Nestled in the urban oasis of Mount Elizabeth and within walking distance to the heart of the retail and entertainment hub of Orchard Road, York Hotel Singapore is an upscale 4-star business hotel with 407 well-appointed rooms and suites designed to provide a truly exceptional accommodation experience. The Tower Block comprises 64 nonsmoking rooms while the Annexe Block offers 343 rooms and suites. In addition, guests can enjoy multifarious facilities and amenities within the hotel. The hotel’s 8 well-equipped, function rooms are able to accommodate varying sizes of up to 450 guests for meetings, milestone celebrations, and official events. At White Rose Café, gourmands can look forward to indulging in an array of Western, Asian, as well as perennial Penang specialties from its highly-popular Penang Hawkers’ Fare.


York Hotel sought to capture the essence of its unique culinary offerings, particularly the Penang Hawkers’ Fare at White Rose Café. The challenge was to convey the tantalizing experience of authentic Penang hawker cuisine through video storytelling, engaging viewers, and enticing them to savor these delectable dishes firsthand.



Our approach began with a deep dive into York Hotel’s distinctive culinary offerings and the sensory experiences it provided. We collaborated closely with the York Hotel team to develop a video concept that would encapsulate the essence of the Penang Hawkers’ Fare at White Rose Café. Storyboarding played a crucial role in visualizing the narrative flow, ensuring that the video would immerse viewers in the world of Penang hawker cuisine.

Design & Creative Development


The project commenced with a comprehensive exploration of the Penang Hawkers’ Fare at White Rose Café and its array of authentic Penang hawker specialties. We crafted a concept that revolved around the idea of a diner’s journey through the culinary delights of Penang, from appetizers to sweet desserts. Storyboarding ensured that every scene and shot would contribute to the overarching narrative.


With the concept and storyboard in place, our production team swung into action. The shoot involved capturing mouthwatering visuals of the Penang hawker dishes being prepared à la minute. High-quality equipment and cutting-edge technology were employed to ensure each shot would do justice to the flavors and textures of the cuisine.

Digital Marketing


From the short-form video, we curated shorter, attention-grabbing snippets tailored for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. These bite-sized videos captured the essence of the Penang Hawkers’ Fare, enticing viewers to visit White Rose Café for an authentic culinary experience.


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We complemented the video content with an exclusive article that delved deeper into the history and significance of Penang hawker cuisine. This article provided context and background, further engaging the audience’s interest.


To drive audience participation, we organized a giveaway contest where participants had the chance to win a dining experience at White Rose Café. This created excitement and buzz around the Penang Hawkers’ Fare.

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The collaboration between York Hotel and Mapletree Media showcased the transformative power of video storytelling. By immersing viewers in the world of Penang hawker cuisine, we not only elevated the hotel’s culinary profile but also created a compelling narrative that resonated with food enthusiasts, enticing them to savor the authentic flavors of Penang at White Rose Café. The short-form video, exclusive article, and giveaway contest amplified engagement and audience interest, further enhancing York Hotel’s presence in the F&B industry.

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