A Culinary Journey through Video

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TEMPT, situated on Purvis Street, parallel to the historic Raffles Hotel, is a Berlin-vibe gastrobar helmed by Chef Candice Leong. Here, the worlds of culinary artistry, preservation techniques, and cross-cultural cuisine seamlessly converge. Housed within a raw and industrial conservation shophouse, complete with original brickwork dating back to 1893, TEMPT tells the story of its own evolution.

The culinary philosophy at TEMPT is a fusion of global influences, a reflection of Chef Candice’s extensive voyages. It offers an array of meats and cuts, boldly curated and enhanced by in-house fermentation and preservation methods. The bar at TEMPT takes the spotlight with its focus on agave spirits, boasting a meticulously crafted cocktail selection, limited production sakes, and a wine list that marries recognized labels with artisanal low-intervention wines.


TEMPT embarked on a mission to capture the essence of its unique cross-cultural culinary offerings and the historical tapestry of its location. The challenge was to convey the gastrobar’s captivating experience through video storytelling, engaging viewers, and enticing them to explore TEMPT’s diverse and adventurous cuisine.



Our journey with TEMPT began by delving deep into the soul of this exceptional establishment. Collaborating closely with Chef Candice and her team, we set out to conceptualize a video narrative that would mirror the culinary voyage experienced at TEMPT. Storyboarding was essential in ensuring that every frame and sequence contributed to the overarching narrative.

Design & Creative Development


Our journey began with a comprehensive dive into TEMPT’s unique offerings, capturing the essence of its cross-cultural culinary delights. We developed a concept that revolved around a gastronomic expedition through TEMPT’s diverse menu. Storyboarding played a pivotal role in shaping the visual narrative, ensuring that each scene and shot would enrich the overarching story.


With the concept and storyboard in place, our production team sprang into action. The shoot involved capturing tantalizing visuals of TEMPT’s dishes in the making, as well as the gastrobar’s industrial and historical ambiance. Cutting-edge technology and top-tier equipment ensured that every frame was a visual delight, showcasing the flavors and atmosphere.


During our interview with Chef Candice Leong, her rich background in the performing arts and her adventurous spirit shone brightly through her responses to our questions. Her experiences added a unique dimension to TEMPT’s narrative, infusing it with a sense of artistic flair and daring exploration.


From the Spotlight Interview, we curated shorter, attention-grabbing snippets tailored for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. These bite-sized videos retained the essence of the diner’s journey, leaving viewers craving more in under a minute.


The collaboration between TEMPT and Mapletree Media underscored the transformative potential of video storytelling. By immersing viewers in the world of cross-cultural cuisine and historical significance, we not only elevated the gastrobar’s profile but also created a captivating narrative that resonated with food enthusiasts. The short-form videos, exclusive article, and giveaway contest amplified engagement and audience interest, further enhancing TEMPT’s presence in the culinary landscape.

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