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Strategem is a leading corporate advisory firm, renowned for providing tailored business solutions and strategic guidance. To enhance its online presence and user experience, Strategem collaborated with Mapletree Media to craft a corporate website that showcases the firm’s expertise.

Web Design & Mobile Apps

Interactive User Journey: Mapletree Media designed an interactive user journey for Strategem’s website, prioritizing seamless navigation and user experience. Intuitive menus and clear CTAs guided visitors through Strategem’s suite of services and industry insights, enabling them to make informed decisions with ease.

Strategic Content Placement: The website’s content was thoughtfully placed to highlight Strategem’s core competencies, achievements, and client success stories. Concise yet impactful copy fostered trust and credibility among potential clients, providing a clear value proposition.

User-Centric Design: Mapletree Media crafted a user-centric design that reflected Strategem’s commitment to professionalism and corporate excellence. A harmonious color palette and elegant typography enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Digital Marketing

SEO Optimized Landing Pages: To boost online visibility, Mapletree Media implemented SEO-optimized landing pages with keyword-rich content and well-structured meta tags, ensuring the website gained organic traffic and reached the target audience effectively.

SEO Growth Strategies: Strategic SEO growth strategies, including on-page optimization and content marketing, propelled Strategem’s website to higher search engine rankings, attracting relevant traffic and potential clients.


The collaboration between Strategem and Mapletree Media resulted in a corporate website that embodies excellence, elevates the user journey, and reinforces Strategem’s position as a leading corporate advisory firm. The interactive user experience and strategic content placement create a lasting impression, compelling visitors to explore Strategem’s services further. With SEO-optimized landing pages and growth strategies, the website effectively attracts organic traffic and expands Strategem’s online presence. The case study exemplifies the successful integration of digital strategy and user-focused design in elevating corporate excellence for Strategem.

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