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Inspiring Education Excellence: Mapletree Media's Approach to Content Creation and Design for Stamford American International School.

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  • Design & Creative Development

Stamford American International School aimed to enhance its brand presence and effectively communicate its commitment to academic excellence and holistic education. The challenge was to develop engaging content and design solutions that would resonate with parents and students, showcasing the school’s unique offerings and fostering a positive perception.

Content Creation

Mapletree Media collaborated with Stamford American International School to create compelling content that highlighted its academic programs, extracurricular activities, and exceptional faculty. Through effective copywriting and proofreading, the content was tailored to engage parents and provide relevant information about the school’s holistic approach to education.

Design & Creative Development

To visually represent Stamford American International School’s brand identity, Mapletree Media designed visually appealing marketing collaterals including a guidebook for prospective parents. The designs incorporated the school’s branding elements, imagery, and colour scheme, creating a cohesive and professional presentation that showcased the school’s values and offerings.


Increased Brand Recognition: Mapletree Media’s content creation strategies successfully conveyed Stamford American International School’s key differentiators and educational excellence, leading to increased brand recognition in the education sector. Parents and students became more familiar with the school’s reputation and its commitment to academic and personal growth.

Improved Engagement and Enrollment: The engaging content and visually appealing design solutions developed by Mapletree Media effectively captured the attention of parents and students, resulting in improved engagement and increased enrollment rates. Prospective families were able to better understand the school’s unique offerings and make informed decisions.

Enhanced Perceived Value: The comprehensive content and appealing design materials elevated the perceived value of Stamford American International School, positioning it as a premier educational institution. This perception attracted parents who were seeking a high-quality education and a holistic learning environment for their children.

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