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Mapletree Media Case Study: Transforming Singfar International's Online Presence

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Singfar International, a prominent player in the Trading and Shipping industry, sought to rejuvenate its online presence. With a rich history as a modern shipping logistics provider and a focus on sustainable trading, Singfar aimed to establish a dynamic digital footprint that reflected its evolving identity. This public-listed conglomerate recognized the paramount importance of aligning its brand image with its strategic goals in the ever-competitive global market.



Singfar International’s core challenge was to revamp its website comprehensively. Its existing digital platform was outdated, failing to portray the company’s innovative spirit and sustainability focus. To address this, Singfar sought to create an entirely new website that would not only capture its brand essence but also effectively communicate its commitment to sustainable trading practices and cutting-edge technology.


Our approach began with a deep understanding of Singfar’s vision and aspirations. We collaborated closely with the client to redefine their digital identity. This involved crafting a new logo and brand image that resonated with Singfar’s stature as a Trading and Shipping conglomerate. Our goal was to design a website that would be both aesthetically appealing and functionally advanced.



In our branding efforts, we embarked on a journey to create a distinctive corporate identity for Singfar International. This involved conceptualizing and designing a new logo that symbolized Singfar’s dynamism, sustainability ethos, and technological prowess. The logo’s color palette and visual elements were chosen to align seamlessly with the brand’s core values.

Content Creation


Our content creation team was tasked with crafting compelling narratives. We developed informative and engaging content that articulated Singfar’s commitment to sustainable trading, showcased its technological advancements, and conveyed its dedication to delivering exceptional service. This content was meticulously optimized for search engines and user engagement.

Web Design & Mobile Apps


Central to the project was the creation of a visually captivating and user-friendly website. The website’s user interface was designed to provide an immersive and informative experience. It celebrated Singfar’s brand identity and highlighted its technological innovations. High-quality visuals, clear calls-to-action, and intuitive navigation elements were seamlessly integrated to ensure a superior user experience.


The transformation of Singfar International’s online presence has been remarkable. The newly designed website now reflects the company’s progressive spirit, sustainability commitment, and technological leadership. It serves as a digital showcase for Singfar’s brand image and values, fostering stronger connections with partners and stakeholders. This project has not only reinvigorated Singfar’s digital identity but also positioned the conglomerate as a forward-thinking leader in the Trading and Shipping industry.

Dear Sean, Kay,

We wanted to let you know that you guys do a really good job.

The website design looks modern and unique.

The entire team, including team leads, are always ready to help, and your motivation is evident. Keep up the great work!

Shi Xian, Singfar Pte Ltd Marketing Manager

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