Singapore Tourism Board

Unveiling Singapore's Treasures: Mapletree Media's Approach to Content Creation and Design for the Singapore Tourism Board.

  • Content Creation •
  • Design & Creative Development

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) sought to promote Singapore as a premier tourist destination and drive visitor engagement. The challenge was to create captivating content and design solutions that would showcase the diverse attractions, rich cultural heritage, and unique experiences Singapore has to offer.

Content Creation

Mapletree Media collaborated with the Singapore Tourism Board to develop compelling content that highlighted the city-state’s iconic landmarks, vibrant events, culinary delights, and cultural experiences. Through expert copywriting and proofreading, the content was crafted to inspire and engage potential visitors, providing them with valuable information and enticing them to explore Singapore.

Design & Creative Development

To visually represent Singapore’s brand image and captivate the target audience, Mapletree Media designed visually stunning content that incorporated vibrant visuals, captivating imagery, and a modern layout, reflecting Singapore’s dynamic and cosmopolitan appeal.


Increased Destination Awareness: Mapletree Media’s content creation strategies effectively conveyed the unique facets of Singapore, raising destination awareness among potential visitors. The compelling content showcased Singapore’s diverse offerings and positioned it as an attractive travel destination, leading to increased interest and consideration.

Enhanced Visitor Perception and Appeal: The captivating content and visually appealing design solutions developed created a positive perception of Singapore as a world-class tourist destination. The strategic messaging and captivating visuals highlighted Singapore’s unique selling points, such as its clean and green environment, cultural diversity, and rich heritage, establishing it as a must-visit location on the global tourism map.

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