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The driving force behind Singapore's fashion industry, championing excellence, diversity, and sustainability on both local and global stages

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The Singapore Fashion Council (SFC) is a pivotal entity within the nation’s fashion landscape, driving forward its dynamic and innovative industry. Dedicated to promoting excellence, diversity, and sustainability, the SFC plays a crucial role in nurturing local talent and fostering domestic and international collaborations. Through its various initiatives, including fashion showcases, industry events, and educational programs, the council aims to elevate Singaporean fashion onto the global stage while celebrating the unique cultural heritage of the nation. With a commitment to staying at the forefront of trends and developments, the SFC continually explores new avenues for growth and innovation, ensuring Singapore remains a vibrant hub for creativity and style.


The Singapore Fashion Council (SFC) encounters a set of challenges, ranging from enhancing brand visibility to refining digital marketing strategies.

To effectively address these hurdles, the SFC is focused on developing and implementing dynamic digital marketing initiatives aimed at reaching a diverse and digitally proficient audience. This entails leveraging various social media platforms and online advertising channels.

To tackle these challenges head-on, the Singapore Fashion Council has collaborated with Mapletree Media to strengthen its branding through strategic digital marketing endeavors and compelling content creation.

Content Creation

Partnering with the Singapore Fashion Council, Mapletree Media has participated in several events to produce videos and editorial write-ups, aimed at showcasing the brand on social media. Leveraging event coverage, Mapletree Media has curated compelling and informative content through diligent research and interviews with prominent stakeholders.


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