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Elevating Pelican Paradise: A Bold Approach to Rebranding and Property Development

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Pelican Paradise is a Singapore-based property developer that has created a portfolio of high-end condominiums, apartments, shopping complexes, and civil engineering works. The company has a reputation for delivering properties that are designed with luxury and exclusivity in mind. Pelican Paradise has worked on major projects in Singapore, including The Singapore General Hospital, civil engineering works in major MRT Stations (Orchard, Somerset, Tanjong Pagar), tunnelling works for the Central Expressway, as well as retail and commercial centres, and condominiums.


Pelican Paradise approached Mapletree Media to come up with a bold and visionary approach for the rebranding of their assets for their new property development in East Timor. The scope of work included a brand audit, developing three new websites, and creating a new brand identity that would reflect the company’s values and expertise.


We conducted a brand audit to identify areas of opportunity for improvement and worked with Pelican Paradise to develop a new brand identity that reflected the company’s values, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional properties. This included selecting a new color scheme and creating a new brand messaging strategy that was consistent across all marketing materials.

Content Creation

Our team worked closely with Pelican Paradise to understand the key selling points of each property, and to ensure that the copywriting and content were aligned with the new brand messaging strategy. This included creating compelling headlines, informative property descriptions, and calls-to-action that would drive engagement and lead generation.

Web Design & Mobile Apps

To showcase the unique features of Pelican Paradise’s properties, we designed three new websites with an emphasis on user experience (UX). The websites were designed with a modern and sleek aesthetic, consistent with the new brand identity. We ensured that the UI and UX flow were straightforward and memorable for every visitor.

Design & Creative Development

To further differentiate Pelican Paradise from other luxury property developers, we developed placeholders, hero banners, section banner breaks with compelling copy, and a contemporary, classy typeface that exudes luxury and class. These concepts were aligned to apply across the clients social media, promotional materials for print and digital advertising, including brochures and email campaigns, that featured the new brand identity and messaging strategy.


Our solutions for Pelican Paradise focused on creating a cohesive brand identity and messaging strategy that was applied across their marketing materials. Our website design, copywriting and content creation, and design and creative development services all worked together to showcase the unique features of Pelican Paradise’s properties and differentiate them from its competitors. The result was a bold and visionary approach that successfully conveyed Pelican Paradise’s values, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional properties.

The Mapletree Media team held themselves accountable and worked tirelessly to ensure that we were happy with the end product. Kudos to the team for their positive attitude.

Elaine, Pelican Paradise Group Pte Ltd CEO

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