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Elevating Excellence: Mapletree Media's Approach to Content Creation and Design for Hong Leong Group.

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  • Design & Creative Development

Hong Leong Group, a leading conglomerate with diverse business interests, aimed to elevate its brand presence and effectively communicate its values of excellence, innovation, and sustainability. The challenge was to develop compelling content and design solutions that would showcase the group’s wide range of businesses and position it as a trusted and forward-thinking organisation.


Mapletree Media engaged in in-depth interviews with Hong Leong Group’s chairman and key executives to gain valuable insights into the group’s vision, values, and strategic direction. These interviews formed the foundation for creating compelling content that authentically conveyed the group’s mission and aspirations.

Content Creation

Using the insights gathered from the interviews, Mapletree Media crafted engaging and persuasive copy that effectively communicated Hong Leong Group’s brand story, core values, and unique offerings. The content was meticulously proofread to ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency across various communication channels.

Design & Creative Development

Mapletree Media developed visually striking design solutions that reflected Hong Leong Group’s professionalism, innovation, and commitment to excellence. The designs incorporated the group’s brand elements, such as its logo and colour palette, while infusing creativity and aesthetics to create visually captivating materials that resonated with the target audience.


Strengthened Brand Identity: By leveraging interviews with Hong Leong Group’s chairman and key executives, Mapletree Media was able to capture the essence of the group’s values and aspirations. The compelling content and authentic storytelling contributed to a stronger brand identity, allowing Hong Leong Group to stand out as a trusted and respected organisation.

Enhanced Market Perception: The engaging content created by Mapletree Media effectively positioned Hong Leong Group as an innovative and forward-thinking conglomerate.

Elevated Thought Leadership: Through thoughtfully crafted content and design, Mapletree Media positioned Hong Leong Group as a thought leader in its respective industries. The content showcased the group’s expertise, industry insights, and innovative approaches, further enhancing its reputation as a trusted authority and driving influence within the business community.

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