HABA Singapore

How do you transform a mobile unresponsive site to start making money for you within 3 months?

Client Brief

Their site was unfriendly to mobile users. Few sales were churning in, a CRM system that they had spent significantly on, was not integrated with their online shop. Their site was also notoriously difficult to update and their social media posts needed a fresh new look and copywriting to increase engagement and eye balling.

Digital Plan & Deliverables

Mapletree Media started the process with a complete website audit that included the back end and front end framework, followed by a social media audit. After having held several meetings with the senior management team, we created a digital brand & content strategy. This included mock-ups for the home and inner pages, social media pages and also Search Engine Optimisation.

Website Executions

  • We created a fully integrated e-commerce and Point of Sale (POS) platform to ensure seamless online shopping for HABA customers within 3 months !
  • Modules were created for shopper points to be credited and redeemed online or vice versa from their retail shops
  • The site was made fully mobile responsive with user experience being a leading objective.
  • Promotional Banners & Coupons were created for ad hoc promotions for which the shopper can take avail from free shipping, free samples on check out and more.

“Users can now shop on the Haba site within less than a minute from choosing their products to checkout. Previously the site was confusing and lead to a high bounce rate”
—  Gio Amista, Lead Designer

haba website after

Social Media Executions

Digital Campaign Results and Achievements

Conversion Rates

Global Ranking Improved by 445, 989 points
Increase in page views by 40%
Increase in time spent on the site by 52%.
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