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GoFishVic, developed by Mapletree Media, is a mobile application specifically designed for Australian fishers. The app aims to enhance fishing success by offering features such as recording fishing experiences, reviewing catch history, and analyzing visual graphs. It enables users to identify prime fishing locations, determine the most effective gear and bait, locate areas with abundant species, and identify optimal seasonal conditions for successful catches.


Mapletree Media faced the challenge of providing Australian fishers with a comprehensive and user-friendly fishing tool that consolidated relevant information and data to improve fishing success. The goal was to simplify the decision-making process for fishers by providing them with accurate and up-to-date information.


Mapletree Media developed the GoFishVic mobile application, which allowed users to record their fishing experiences and store catch history. The app analyzed the data and presented it in visual graphs, enabling users to identify patterns and make data-driven decisions. The application also incorporated filters and search options to quickly access relevant information based on user preferences.

Web Design & Mobile Apps

Through GoFishVic, Mapletree Media transformed the fishing experience for Australian fishers by providing a centralized platform for recording, analyzing, and accessing fishing data. The app empowered fishers to make informed decisions about their fishing activities, leading to increased success rates. By leveraging data and technology, Mapletree Media improved fishing efficiency, encouraged responsible fishing practices, and contributed to the preservation of fish populations.

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