Frasers Centrepoint

Elevating Brand Presence and Engagement: Mapletree Media's Content Creation and Design Solutions for Frasers Centrepoint.

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Frasers Centrepoint is a prominent real estate developer seeking to enhance its brand presence and engage with its target audience effectively. The challenge was to create compelling content and design solutions that aligned with Frasers Centrepoint’s brand identity and conveyed its value proposition to potential customers.


Content Creation with Copywriting and Proofreading: Mapletree Media developed a content creation strategy for Frasers Centrepoint, including engaging copywriting and proofreading services. The content focused on highlighting the unique features, amenities, and benefits of Frasers Centrepoint’s properties, while effectively targeting the desired audience.

Content Creation

To visually communicate Frasers Centrepoint’s brand image, Mapletree Media created captivating design and layout solutions. The designs incorporated the brand’s aesthetics, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing presentation across various marketing collaterals such as brochures, flyers, and digital advertisements.


Enhanced Brand Presence: The compelling content created by Mapletree Media showcased Frasers Centrepoint’s properties in a compelling and informative manner, increasing brand awareness and attracting potential customers.

Improved Engagement: The well-designed and visually appealing marketing collateral enhanced customer engagement by effectively conveying the key selling points of Frasers Centrepoint’s properties.

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