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The Energy Swaraj Movement App, developed by Mapletree Media, was created for the Energy Swaraj Foundation to promote energy self-reliance and climate change mitigation through awareness-raising and individual action. The app featured various functionalities, including the “Yarta” route feature, a solar calculator, membership options, and an e-commerce section showcasing solar products.


Mapletree Media faced the challenge of inspiring a movement towards energy self-reliance and encouraging individuals to take action in mitigating climate change through the Energy Swaraj Movement App. The aim was to provide users with tools and information to understand and adopt sustainable energy practices.


The Energy Swaraj Movement App incorporated the “Yarta” route feature, utilizing Google Maps’ Route APIs to display both upcoming and completed destinations along a route. This feature encouraged users to explore sustainable energy installations and initiatives in their vicinity. The app also included a solar calculator to estimate the potential benefits of solar energy adoption. Additionally, users could become members of the Energy Swaraj Movement and access an e-commerce section to explore and purchase solar products.


The Energy Swaraj Movement App, developed by Mapletree Media, played a significant role in raising awareness about energy self-reliance and climate change mitigation. The app empowered users to take individual action by providing them with information, tools, and resources to adopt sustainable energy practices. The “Yarta” route feature encouraged users to discover and support sustainable energy initiatives in their communities. The solar calculator helped users understand the benefits of solar energy adoption. By facilitating membership and showcasing solar products through the e-commerce section, the app facilitated the transition to a more sustainable future.

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