Changi Airport Singapore

Elevating the Travel Experience: A Case Study in Content Creation and Design for Changi Airport Group.

  • Content Creation •
  • Design & Creative Development

Changi Airport Group aimed to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers at Changi Airport. The challenge was to create compelling content and design solutions that effectively showcased the airport’s facilities, amenities, and services while capturing the essence of Changi’s world-class reputation.

Content Creation

Collaborating closely with Changi Airport Group, Mapletree Media developed engaging and informative content by conducting research and interviews with key stakeholders. This ensured the creation of compelling narratives and accurate descriptions of the airport’s offerings.

Design & Creative Development

Mapletree Media employed visually appealing design solutions, utilising intuitive layouts, captivating imagery, and appropriate typography. The goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that reflected Changi Airport’s reputation for excellence.


Reinforced Brand Image: The compelling content and visually engaging design elements reinforced Changi Airport’s brand image as a premier aviation hub, creating a cohesive and professional representation.

Improved Accessibility of Information: The intuitive design and layouts made it easier for passengers to access essential information about the airport, contributing to a more convenient and hassle-free travel experience.

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