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CarSpa, developed by Mapletree Media, is a mobile app that provides convenient on-road and maintenance services for vehicles. It offers services such as tow service, inspection, battery and tire replacement, as well as vehicle maintenance services like steam wash, polishing, waxing, and decorations. The app allows users to choose their desired services and connects them with nearby service providers.


Mapletree Media faced the challenge of providing a time-saving and convenient solution for vehicle owners who require on-road assistance and maintenance services. The goal was to streamline the process of finding service providers, requesting services, and ensuring high-quality service delivery.


Mapletree Media developed the CarSpa mobile app, which allowed users to select their desired services from a range of options. The app used location-based services to find nearby service providers offering the selected services. Users could schedule the service at their convenient time and track the provider’s arrival. The app ensured fast and high-quality service delivery by partnering with reliable service providers.

Web Design & Mobile Apps

With the introduction of CarSpa, Mapletree Media revolutionized the way vehicle owners accessed on-road assistance and maintenance services. The app provided a seamless platform for connecting users with nearby service providers, saving them time and effort. The convenience and accessibility of CarSpa ensured prompt resolution of on-road vehicle issues and facilitated regular maintenance, improving the overall condition of vehicles. The affordable pricing and range of services offered by CarSpa made vehicle maintenance more accessible to a wider audience.

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