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Alexandr & Co is a prestigious luxury skincare brand dedicated to crafting exquisite beauty products using the finest natural ingredients. Inspired by The Tale of The Empress and The Teacup, the brand aims to elevate skincare routines with their star ingredient, Chrysalis Silk Treasures. With a vision to redefine skincare, the brand offers a range of indulgent products that deliver transformative results, nourishing the skin and elevating the senses.


Alexandr & Co faced the challenge of differentiating itself in the competitive skincare market. Despite having clinically proven products, the brand needed a strategic branding approach to effectively communicate its unique features and appeal to its target audience seeking luxurious and effective anti-aging solutions.


Extensive market research was conducted to gain insights into the target audience’s skincare preferences and needs. The research revealed that consumers highly valued the use of high-quality ingredients, clinically proven efficacy, and an indulgent skincare experience. Additionally, there was a growing demand for products that offered protection against environmental pollution and maintained optimal skin hydration.

The brand strategy focused on positioning Alexandr & Co as a luxury skincare brand that offers clinically proven anti-aging solutions harnessing the power of silk. The key value propositions included the use of Chrysalis Silk Treasures, delivering a sense of grandeur through each product, and providing the Elixir of Youth. The brand emphasised its commitment to scientific research and the unique protective qualities of sericin.


The brand identity was meticulously crafted to reflect the luxury and scientific expertise of Alexandr & Co. The logo features a sophisticated typography style complemented by an elegant icon inspired by silk motifs. A rich and opulent colour palette was carefully selected to evoke a sense of indulgence and lavishness. The imagery style showcases the brand’s deep connection to silk, utilising luxurious textures and elegant compositions.

Our design rationale for the product packaging of Alexandr & Co revolves around the brand’s identity, target market, and the strategic use of colours, particularly blues, to appeal to both male and female consumers.

  • Strategic Use of Blues: The color blue is a central theme in the product packaging design of Alexandr & Co. Blue represents qualities such as reliability, professionalism, and calmness. By incorporating various shades of blue, we wanted to evoke a sense of trust in the brand and its products, instilling confidence in both male and female consumers.
  • Appeal to Both Male and Female Market: One of the primary goals of the product packaging design was to ensure it resonates with both male and female markets. By combining deeper and darker blues with subtle touches of softer shades, we created a balanced and elegant visual experience. The darker tones add a touch of masculinity to appeal to male consumers, while the incorporation of softer blues maintains a sense of approachability for the female audience.
  • Elegance and Simplicity: The design rationale focused on elegance and simplicity to convey a premium and sophisticated brand image. Clean lines, minimalistic typography, and a refined layout were used to enhance the packaging’s overall appeal, catering to the refined tastes of both male and female consumers.
    Iconic Elements: The packaging incorporates subtle yet iconic elements that reflect the brand’s values and product offerings. These elements aim to establish a memorable brand presence on the shelves and resonate with consumers on a deeper level.

Brand Guidelines: Comprehensive brand guidelines were developed to ensure consistency across all brand assets. The guidelines included specifications for logo usage, color palettes, typography, imagery style, and tone of voice. The brand personality was defined as sophisticated, innovative, and empowering.

Digital Marketing

Mapletree Media developed an impactful digital marketing strategy to elevate Alexandr & Co’s brand presence in the online realm, reaching and engaging with a wider audience:

Social Media Management: Curating engaging content across social media platforms, showcasing the artistry behind Alexandr & Co’s products. This fostered genuine connections with the audience and humanized the brand.

Influencer Engagement: Strategic collaborations with influencers amplified brand reach and garnered authentic endorsements, enhancing brand credibility among the target audience.

Video Content: Visually stunning videos highlighted the sensorial experience and benefits of each product, captivating audiences and elevating the brand’s image.

Short-Form Content: Engaging short-form content on platforms like TikTok and Reels expanded the brand’s reach among tech-savvy skincare enthusiasts, attracting a younger and broader audience.

PR & Event Management


The collaborative efforts between Alexandr & Co and Mapletree Media resulted in a significant increase in brand recognition and customer engagement. Alexandr & Co successfully established itself as a symbol of indulgence and sophistication, earning a loyal customer base. The brand’s digital marketing initiatives effectively reached and connected with the target audience, driving remarkable growth and expansion in the competitive luxury skincare market. The partnership proved to be a transformative journey for Alexandr & Co, propelling them to new heights of success in the beauty industry. The positive customer feedback and increased sales showcased the brand’s powerful impact in the luxury skincare industry.

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