Meeting with your Singapore website development company for the first time? This article can help you give them a solid background on your brand. This eliminates confusion and delays, and paves the way for creating asuccessful website.

Why is Brand Briefing so Important?

One of the advantages of hiring a professional Singapore website development company is that they will design your website around a solid content and SEO strategy. But you need to give them enough information to work with. A vague brand brief = vague and ineffective digital strategy.

What happens when you don’t give a strong brief?

  • You waste money. You won’t be sending specific, targeted messages to a clearly defined audience. That’s like shooting all your bullets at an unknown enemy.
  • You waste time. Your website development project will go through endless revisions, delaying your launch and consuming hours of your management time.
  • You waste opportunity. Instead of creating a powerful website, you end up with a generic website.

The best websites in Singapore are built on solid content and digital marketing strategies, which began from a clear brand brief.

The more we know about what you want and need, the better the end result will be.

So what goes into a brand brief?

Your customer insights

  • Demographics: age, gender, income level
  • Feedback: what they liked about your products, orcomplaints and concerns they raised with your customer service or sales team
  • Any observed insights on their behavior andvalues (for more information on this, read our article about Customer Personas and content strategy)  

Your products and services

  • The bestsellers and the items you want to push
  • A thorough SWOT (strength/weakness/opportunities/threat)versus your competitors. For example, do your competitors offer similar products or services? What is your edge over them, ex: lower price, faster delivery

 Your other sales and marketing efforts and campaigns

  • In-store events and activities that need to be aligned or promoted online
  • Where and how customers can avail of your products and services, and how you foresee your website working together with those traditional sales channels   
  •  Your learnings from past sales and marketing efforts (which promos worked best? What products did best during a sale? which target audiences and locations seemed to give the best response to contests or discounts?)

Your content resources

  • Existing collaterals: product photos and information, event photos, and other material that can be used in online content
  • Possible resource persons: customers and employees who can provide testimonials that can be posted on the website
  • Competitor content: what do they have that you don’t, and how much do you want to replicate?

 These are tough questions to answer, but that’s why you need a professional Singapore website development agency with a background in content marketing and brand management.From the first meeting, MapleTree Media works with you to understand your brand, your competitors, and how your website can work with your existing sales and customer service efforts.

MapleTree Media doesn’t just do Singapore website development, we provide website development strategy. Contact us and let’s talk about what we can do for your brand.