Simply to say, the internet is now and if you’re not on it then you’re missing out on golden opportunities. These are the opportunities that you can grow and with the power of the internet can be something bigger than you expected it would be. However, you might be reluctant because of your lack of knowledge of making websites. It’s 2021 and everything is made easier so here are the best website builders in Singapore!

Everyone is migrating online but not everyone is a pro coder, easily making websites of their own through endless lines of codes and syntax. But that’s what’s great about the internet! We have evolved and innovated, taking problems and creating simple and easier solutions. Nowadays, many are encouraging us to move businesses and companies to the online realm while reassuring us that the process is easier than we thought. However, we need to start somewhere and having your own site using a website builder is where we begin.


What Is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a tool that makes constructing a website easier and simpler. It is a program that uses templates as guides where you can easily modify and design to your taste. Using these tools can make building websites faster and before you know it, a few hours later you have a complete, functional running website.

There are many out there on the web with different features and functions. It may seem overwhelming at first but that’s why you have us to tell you the best of the best!



You’re reading our article on the Mapletree Media website but did you know behind this, we personally use WordPress! This website builder is one of the most well-known and most used by many big websites across the entire net. Additionally, WordPress is great for blogging or simple content to start but it is also highly customisable as well.

Furthermore, it has a wide array of add-ons to choose from, making it just another step easier to add features to your website. WordPress also has built-in SEO tools to give you a helping hand at boosting your website through relevant search results.

Mapletree Media provides web development services through WordPress to deliver high-quality pages focused on driving traffic for your website. We have had multiple clients highly satisfied with the results we deliver. Check out our portfolio or contact us for further details.



If we’re talking about one of the earliest website builders in the game, Volusion is a true pioneer. It’s straight to business- literally! This website builder’s mission is to help assist businesses to create their work online without being too complicated. This is great if you simply want to create an online presence but to have it be direct with no frills. Additionally, it’s easily customisable, using drag and drop blocks for easy placement. 



Wix is an online website builder with tools to make your e-commerce projects easy and effective. Whether you’re looking for an online landing page or you’re already set to launch a full e-commerce store. Moreover, this website builder has templates, tools and hosting options programmed to take your e-commerce business to the next level. You can use these tools with no technical expertise as they are super simple to understand and navigate.



Built for enterprise-level companies wanting to scale their online presence, BigCommerce boasts of easy product management, a built-in shopping cart and full design customization so that you can create the look you desire. To add, it offers you the ability to sell globally and to connect your website to SEO tools that can boost your visibility.

However, this website builder isn’t cheap. This is especially when you consider the fact that you need your own domain name and web hosting to use it. Despite that, it’s great for B2B businesses with significant capital to invest in their online presence.



Next on our list is Weebly; it is an easy and user-friendly website builder that allows you to share your ideas and gain customers worldwide. This website builder offers a variety of features that will help you sell products, organise orders, ship goods, and make payments through secure credit card transactions. 

Additionally, Weebly also provides you with marketing tools like Facebook ads, email campaigns, and many more for better customer acquisition and business growth.



For those who are not great with technical stuff, Squarespace makes it effortless to create a professional-looking website in no time. It is built on a responsive framework; the platform provides you with over 100 premade layouts that can be customised to suit your purpose. With their easy-to-use style editor, you can ensure that each element is well adjusted for optimal presentation.

Additionally, there are unlimited reasons for building a website with Squarespace: creating a portfolio, documenting travels, hosting an eCommerce site for your speciality products. The number of styles and layouts you can fill a website with are only restricted by your imagination!



Whether you have a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, Shopify powers your business. This e-commerce platform enables you to manage your online store from any device. Moreover, what’s great about this website builder is that they are constantly striving to improve and deliver even better functionality and a more intuitive interface. Shopify is the most simple and affordable way to start an online store.

Mapletree Media provides web development services through Shopify to deliver high-quality pages focused on driving traffic for your website. We have had multiple clients highly satisfied with the results we deliver. Check out our portfolio or contact us for further details.

WebHost SG

Lastly, WebHost SG takes website design to a whole new level. Their state-of-the-art, easy-to-use website builder allows you to do everything right from your own convenience. Additionally, their drag and drop website builder allows you to put your visions into actual designs. No technical skills are required, so anyone can do it. 

Simply choose your layouts, preferred colour scheme, pictures and videos, and you’re good to go! Whatever you decide on, you can be sure that they’re all available for an affordable price with WebHost SG!


GoDaddy Web Hosting - Review 2021 - PC Mag Middle East

GoDaddy is a highly user-friendly website builder and the quickest outright website builder. With its design aid, all you have to do is enter your information and GoDaddy will develop a bespoke website for you to modify. The building process is really simple and quick thanks to simple layouts and instructions for adding features to your site. Because of its straightforward structure and design-assisted style, GoDaddy should check all of the boxes for smaller site offers and enterprises.


Zyro Website Builder Review | PCMag

Zyro is a simple website builder with attractive designs. The features it does have are of quite good quality, however, it lacks the features of a top builder. In fact, Zyro may be described as a “little Wix.”

It is less expensive than our top website builder selection, but it does not have all of the same features. They’re not only user-friendly for your website’s visitors, but they’re also simple to change, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

Jimdo Creator

Bring Your Business Online | Websites & More – Jimdo

Jimdo is a simple website builder that works well for simple websites rather than complicated or showy ones. While it is more restricted than many of the competitors (particularly in terms of functionality and customization options), it compensates for excellent usability. Jim has all of the essential elements for creating a website.

However, if you want the ability to alter, customise, or design anything more complicated, the builder will rapidly become stiff. Jimdo offers a free plan that allows you to construct without risk, as well as two premium options that range from $9 to $15 each month.


Duda Website Builder Review | PCMag

Duda is a clear winner for anybody looking for a clean, professional, and straightforward website design. Drag-and-drop functionality is paired with organised and beautiful templates to make the builder simple to use. This makes it ideal for anyone who is interested in design but isn’t ready to have complete creative control over their website. There are more than 90 designs to pick from, with topics ranging from business to leisure.

You have creative flexibility over customization, but you’re still mostly guided by your selected design within the template’s limitations. These capabilities make Duda excellent for web designers building many websites for customers, which is exactly what it was designed for. They also provide you with the ability to create progressive, customised web apps, which is a huge plus for any serious business owner.



Creating websites today is easier and more simplified but there is still so much more that needs to be done when developing a high-quality website. With Mapletree Media, leave the job to us and we will only ever deliver end results that are highly satisfactory to have you start your successful website journey. The developer team behind the many existing websites under Mapletree Media proves the quality and dynamic features. They are well equipped with designs of the latest trends, keeping the client’s best interest, goals and vision intact.