These days every business owner is migrating their products and services to the online world. This is because everyone is now always on their phone hence businesses thrive being on the internet as it is more accessible. However, not everyone is an expert at building websites that require more than simple designs to be successful. Therefore, we are listing out the best web design companies in Malaysia to help kickstart your online journey.

The digital world is ever-evolving; that’s why we need to stay in trend to ensure your business maintains successfulness whether it be online and offline. Websites are a marketing channel for your business. It is where customers find you when they want to reach you and know more about what you offer.

However, just having a website doesn’t mean that everything is taken care of. You have to make sure there is an effective web design process in creating the website. Here are our top picks of web design companies in Malaysia.

 What To Look Out For When Searching For A Website Design Company


What services has the firm provided to other businesses? Do you enjoy their previous work? Looking at previous projects completed by your web design and development agency can give you a decent indication of what they can achieve for you. Pay attention to the finer points of their work so you can tell them what you appreciate and what you don’t believe will work for your company.

Additional services

Choosing a web design firm that provides a variety of internet marketing services might make your life much easier. Everything from search engine optimization to pay-per-click advertising will be handled by a single competent source- in addition to your website design too. Other services to inquire about with your web design firm include online copywriting, professional business email addresses, social media marketing support, and website analytics tools.

Time commitment

When you choose a web design and development firm to work on a project, keep in mind that the company will need to spend time with you and gather information in order to create a website that accurately portrays your organisation. You may opt to write your own website material, but if you want to hire a writer, see if the firm provides this service.

Additionally, ensuring that a corporation can plan out a fair timeframe, or following the timeline you have in mind, can aid in the project’s success. Don’t forget to inquire about how your firm and theirs will continue to work together once the project is over. Will they continue to assist once the website is launched, or will their work be completed once it is available to the public?

Understanding of responsive designs

Responsive design isn’t a passing trend. These days, it’s just the greatest method to create a website. Even Google agrees. If a web design firm isn’t familiar with responsive design or insists that a separate mobile website is always superior, they aren’t the appropriate fit for you.

While a separate mobile site may have certain advantages in some circumstances, responsive design is often the best choice. You must ensure that your business is optimised for every device as mobile and tablet usage continues to rise. You’ll get there with the appropriate web design firm.


New website design firms emerge on a regular basis. Choosing an online marketing firm with decades of expertise will give you peace of mind that your new venture is in excellent hands. A web design firm that deals with a diverse range of sectors is more likely to build a one-of-a-kind website that will appeal to a larger audience. Your website should not be similar to that of the competitors.

Ideas from both client and team

You’re a specialist in your field. As a result, you have a good notion of what you’re offering and how you should convey it to potential buyers. You are the only one who truly understands your business.

You probably don’t want to deal with a web design business that won’t listen to your ideas. Your designer should be able to implement your ideas, not start their own side project.

While it’s critical that your web designer listens to you, you don’t want a firm that can’t provide you competent criticism. You may be an expert in your field, but your website should be developed by someone who is also an expert in design. You aren’t getting your money’s worth if a web design agency does nothing but nod their heads and generate an exact duplicate of what you say. Your designer must be able to come up with innovative concepts.

Best Website Design Companies In Malaysia

1. Mapletree Media

Mapletree Media is a leading web design company in Malaysia based in Singapore. We provide everything you need to make a winning website from concept, creative execution, testing and promotion. Additionally, we provide full website design services and help make your dream website come true.

Our philosophy is to take our clients’ demands into action. From understanding the client needs to ending it by creating extraordinary results that exceed all expectations. We strive to help companies generate leads online by creating innovative user-friendly websites that are attractive, functional and easy to navigate. We do this while maintaining the integrity of their brand identity.


2. Modern Website Design

Modern Web Design offers full web design and development services in Malaysia. Clients appreciate the attention to detail and ability to solve challenging problems. They use analytical research and dynamic web design to create high-quality websites using your brand identity and goals in mind.

Additionally, in order to increase hits and ranks, they optimise the client’s website to unlock their full potential. They have a solid trust in their ideas of website design so you can be confident that your vision will come to life when you work with them.


3. Bike Bear

What do you get when you combine a group of selfless professionals that love what they do with a team with an entrepreneurial spirit? Based in Malaysia, Bike Bear, the agency for those who want to take their web design to the next level. Never short on ideas or creativity, Bike Bear includes blue-chip clients such as Shell, Universal and UNICEF too!

Moreover, the diverse backgrounds of its employees are key to its success: from highly logical individuals in charge of programming to creatives that can help you with content writing. They work together fluidly to come up with fresh strategies that help you reach your goals.


4. Ooi Solutions

Ooi Solutions is a company that specializes in creating customized web design solutions for businesses in Malaysia. They will diligently note down the important aspects of your business so that they can tailor the site to your needs and goals.

In addition, the details that they note down from consultations become the foundations for the site itself. Alongside strategies that they come up with, they believe implementing this will work best for your business. They always take on a personal approach to each project, working closely with clients to create something unique and exactly how you’ll envision it.


5. eJeeBan

eJeeBan is an award-winning agency that offers professional web design for businesses in Malaysia. They are driven by the passion to bring out the best in every web project they do. The features they provide include responsive designs, mobile-friendly designs, and SEO friendly designs.

In addition, they offer secure server hosting options with daily backups and online migration. They believe teamwork makes the dream work. With that, they are forever searching, experimenting, innovating, learning and moving ahead of their time.



6. Winnefy

Winnefy is a professional web design company in Malaysia. It provides innovative web design solutions with the expertise of digital marketing, social media management, SEO and even graphic design. Through its strategic partnerships with top-tier developers, designers, and search engine optimization experts, Winnefy helps clients build their brands online through smart marketing strategies. As a result, this powerful combination has helped Winnefy attract numerous high-profile clients across industries including motor vehicles, consumer goods firms and more!



HUSTLR is a full-service digital agency, specializing in everything digital including web design and they are based in Malaysia. However, they don’t just build websites. They build businesses. They help clients build an online presence that supercharges their business through highly scalable and conversion-focused web experiences.

This is for both their corporate website as well as their eCommerce site or landing page. To be frank, they do more than just creating pretty websites. If you’re serious about marketing your business online and want results, HUSTLR is where you want to go with.


8. Laman7

Laman7 is a web design agency located in Malaysia. They are well-known for their result-driven approach to providing affordable web design services. They value strong communication and work for hand in hand with clients to ensure that they are getting the best web solutions possible for their businesses.

Furthermore, they believe that having a pre-existing website won’t stop them from helping your business grow because they perform audit services to see which aspects of your website needs to be worked on. If you need a new or improved site, Laman7 can help with that as well as maintenance and support services once you launch your new website.

9. KS Global

1 Digital Marketing Company in Malaysia - KS Global

KS Global places a high priority on offering the best web design, e-commerce website development, and SEO solutions to its clients. They take pleasure in advocating for cutting-edge website design and digital marketing techniques that provide tangible results for their clients. Their in-house and freelance website developers are always honing their talents and staying up to date with the latest technology in order to assist their clients in achieving their online sales objectives year after year. At KS Global, they believe that the key to success is combining amazing web design, user experience, current technology, and integrated online marketing in order to create an effective website and eCommerce solutions.

10. Mind Your Web

Mind Your Web - iSearch

Mind Your Web is committed to assisting your company in every manner imaginable. They deal with any sort of organisation, big or little, and their major focus is on producing high-quality bespoke responsive web designs. They are an all-in-one web design firm that offers SEO, eCommerce, and online marketing-focused site design with a money-back guarantee for all of its customers. You have 30 days to refund your cash if you are not happy with their services.

11. VeecoTech

VeecoTech was founded in 2011 with the goal of assisting small and medium-sized enterprises. They collaborate with Google and MDEC, much as the others on this list. In contrast to other firms, their design is compatible with a wide range of devices, including tablets and smartphones. This will help you to reach a broader audience that will appreciate the opportunity to browse your website.

12. WebACE

Best Web Design Malaysia 2021 - Web Development - WebACE

WebACE guarantees that its customers receive expert help and support in the development of future websites, allowing them to save time, resources, and money. For our business owners, they are opening up a world of possibilities. Their expert Web Design Malaysia team is here to help you thrive in business by creating a stunning website, app, or eCommerce website.

Hundreds of clients have already benefited from their services, and they have assisted them in achieving their company objectives. Give them a call if you need a professional website design or development business for your project, and their highly motivated customer service team will take care of it with the utmost care and respect.

13. iTech47

iTech47 Sdn Bhd - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

iTech47 is known for providing the best SEO, digital marketing, web design, and development services in the industry. iTech47’s reputation among businesses has been founded on achieving business goals and maintaining 100% client satisfaction. Their digital strategy is founded on the principles of creativity, distinctiveness, and group experience, all of which are intended to provide favourable results.

After all, iTech47 is a company that strives for perfection. iTech47’s work demonstrates its top-notch reliability, principles, and tactics from planning to development to execution.

14. Geeks Working

Geeks Working is a Malaysian firm with roughly ten workers that focuses on information technology. The company claims to have accomplished projects including digitising business by installing sites and developing applications, while only being in the sector for only 8 years. The firm may develop anything from a simple website to a complex application that satisfies the client’s personal and commercial demands by utilising various software such as Adobe and WordPress.

15. Rozzario

Rozzario (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) - Contact Phone, Address

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Rozzario, which is why their staff goes above and beyond to offer you the tools you need to expand your business. In terms of website creation, this means taking the time to talk with you about your company’s history and what you want to achieve in the future. They’ll use these facts to develop and create a website that’s tailored to your company’s requirements. You may anticipate the design to be not only attractive but also completely practical.

16. Virtual Spirits

Virtualspirit | LinkedIn

Virtual Spirit is a web and mobile app development firm that combines the two to maximise your business’s potential. With this company’s services, you can bring your business into the digital era and receive more than your money’s worth! Virtual Spirit also offers technical consultancy services to help company owners understand how their websites and applications function.

17. Ulement

Ulement Sdn Bhd - Exabytes Partners Listing

Through Ulement’s 3-step approach for creating creative yet effective websites for businesses, website visitors may be converted into devoted clients. They start with branding, which entails figuring out what sets your company distinct from the competition while also analysing the market’s nuances. The design and development process follows after that. No need to be concerned; they’ll keep you informed every step of the process, ensuring that their strategies are tailored to your company’s needs.

18. Eejeban

Eejeban is a multi-award-winning web design firm. What makes them distinctive is that they assist firms in remaining relevant. They provide aspirational branding, quality websites, smart thinking, and usable mobile web apps. Additionally, they believe in working together as a group.

They are always on the lookout, experimenting, inventing, learning, and staying ahead of the curve. People trusted them since they had previously worked for large corporations.

19. Kang Xiang | Website Design Malaysia, Puchong New Village Mobile

Kang Xiang is a freelance web design firm situated in Puchong, Malaysia, that was started in 2012. The firm has been recognised and promoted by organisations such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, GoodFrims, Clutch, Exabytes, and Sortlist, among others, and specialises in secure and rapid search engine optimization. Their website, which is also a Google partner, provides a wealth of information on website design and optimization in their related links area. Furthermore, their clientele praise them for being educated, helpful, and accommodating, as well as having a cheap and competitive pricing and a quick response.

20. DEZGN Studio


DEZGN Studio is one of the firms giving the greatest website design in Malaysia, having been built under the influence of a wonderful design process. When it comes to solving business problems via design, the team takes care to take a collaborative approach. That is why they are so successful.

They are confident in their web design concepts, and you will be a part of the process. Their websites are meticulously created to meet your unique aims; therefore, they greatly exceed their competition.

21. 8verstudio

8verstudio has a talented team of designers, web and mobile developers, and project managers. They possess all of the necessary attributes to give you with Premium & Excellence Creative Digital Services to meet your online requirements. They are proud to have serviced a variety of people and businesses throughout the years. Furthermore, they have established a solid name for themselves as a result of their dependable services and friendly staff.

22. Mirum Agency

12 Best Website Design Services Malaysia [2022] - FunEmpire

Mirum is active in 24 different countries. They reorganise work, create imaginative digital adventures, and do business on a global and local level using a worldwide network of experts. They are a component of the WPP Network and the J. Walter Thompson Company.

The services have a high return on investment. They have a good communication strategy that includes setting clear expectations. Their responsiveness builds a great working relationship with clients.