Now, if thinking of what to post on Facebook and Instagram is challenging, finding the right time to post is even more challenging! If you are lost and confused and looking for information about the best time in Singapore to post on Facebook and Instagram, then you have come to the right place. With more than 2 billion active monthly users globally on each platform, Facebook and Instagram are without a doubt the largest social networking platform in the world. Here in Singapore, more than 4.5 million people use Facebook and Instagram and the number is expected to only go up. Which is why these platforms are the ideal platform for your social media marketing.

Now, almost every business and brands in Singapore have not one but multiple social media accounts. Everyone is posting and sharing something, and you have to create interesting contents in order to stay up in-game. If that’s one thing, then the next important thing in line is picking the right time to publish your post. It is extremely crucial knowing the best time in Singapore to post on Facebook and Instagram as it can help you reach your target audience. So, getting these two right will massively help your business to stand out from the crowd and it is cost-effective too! To help you figure out, the best time in Singapore to post on Facebook and Instagram, we have gathered all the information below. 

So, When is The Right Time in Singapore to Post on Facebook and Instagram?

Now, this is a very common question that not just businesses but many individuals wonder.  The truth is that there is no single best time to post a comment, ad, or link on Facebook. Though numerous studies have been done in trying to determine the best time in Singapore to post on Facebook and Instagram each survey has gotten different means we have own independence on at a particular time of the day to post.

However, if you do want a more general report, then according to the Buffer’s report, the best time to post on Facebook is between 1-3 pm during weekdays and Saturdays. The study found out that the engagement rates on Thursdays and Fridays are 18% higher compared to other days of the week. Whereas, on Instagram, the engagement rate is the highest on Wednesdays at 8 pm. Morning from 8-10 am on all days have the lowest engagement rates. 

Here are some other studies and their verdict on the best time:

  • Buzzsumo: Off-peak
  • TrackMaven: 8 pm, Thursday
  • Hubspot: 1-3 pm, Thursday & Friday
  • CoSchedule: 1-4pm, everyday

All of the studies can somehow give you an idea at what direction to go on Facebook and Instagram. However, it is important to note that different audiences have different behavioural patterns and so it is actually a trial and error. Keep trying and testing by posting your things at a different time on different days to know which the best time for you to post on Facebook and Instagram.

For example, if you a beauty company that sells makeup products then most probably it is best to post your ads late into the night because this is the time when a majority of its target audience is free. Ultimately, the key is understanding your target audience and continuous keep trying until you found the best time to post on Facebook and Instagram. Oh, here’s a pro-tip, the geographic location of your audience will also determine the level of engagement your ads and posts, so take note of that!

What Are the Best Strategies To Pick the Best Time to Post? 

Now that we have looked at the best time in Singapore to post on Facebook and Instagram, let us shift gears and look at tips on what you should be posting and how to post it in a very appealing way. In case you didn’t know Facebook and Instagram recently updated their news feed algorithm to ensure that users only view content that is relevant to them. 

Facebook and Instagram noted that on average, 1500 stories could be displayed in one person news feed each time they log into the account. For users who have thousands of friends, the number can increase to 15,000 stories. As a result of competition, the news feed is getting stiffer by the day, especially for Facebook marketers. So, here are some of the best strategies to post.

  1. Use Facebook and Instagram Analytics 

It is highly recommendable to rely only on your Facebook and Instagram data. Though there are a lot of analytics tools the best data is always your own and Facebook and Instagram Analytics. The features are often underrated but trust us it will help you gather and interpret the behaviours of your audience accurately unlike others. These analytics can give you an in-depth understanding of your target audience and how your past and current content is performing. This can help you make informed decisions than sticking to the generic insights from a range of brands and industries.

  1. Understand the Relevancy of Your Post

Okay, not at all contents will deliver the best results in the moment or at the time. Certain contents can last through but most contents only last as long as it is relevant to your target audience. A good example is how sports team share scores as the game is ongoing and shortly after the game. The same strategy can be applied in business. Some pieces of content such as articles with valuable information about your niche will perform best when they are relevant to the audience. For example, you should consider sharing information about a new product that you recently launched directly following the announcement.

  1. Rely on Your Facebook and Instagram Insights 

As mentioned earlier, Facebook and Instagram provide all the insights you need. It will provide all the data you need to make the right decisions as opposed to generic insights. You can access this by login to your account, click on the Insights tab located at the top of your page. For both sites, a dashboard with a generous amount of data will be displayed. 

Lastly, How to Know When Your Fans are Online? 

On the Insights dashboard of both Facebook and Instagram, select Posts option in the left-hand column and click on it to see a breakdown of the times and days that a majority of your fans are active on the site. That chart will show you the average times that they are online across the week. You can narrow your research to specific days of the week by moving your cursor over each day and comparing the figures with the averages. 

And make sure to use your Facebook Insights. It keeps a record of both engagement and reaches figures garnered by each post that you publish on your Facebook and Instagram Page. Go to Page Insights, Click on Posts and below the graph that shows the times most of your fans are online, click on “All Posts Published”.cCarefully look at the data to identify trends regarding the time. Ask yourself, do posts published on a specific time of the day tend to get more engagement or reach.