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Partner with Beauty Insider in 2024 for a Tailored Engagement Strategy for Your Beauty or Hair Salon Services.


Awareness & Service Discovery

  • Service Showcase: Highlight the exceptional services and treatments offered by your salon, sparking initial curiosity and awareness among potential customers.
  • Collaborations with Influencers: Partner with beauty influencers to create authentic, relatable content that showcases the uniqueness of your services, driving visibility and interest.

Engagement & Consideration

  • Educational Content for Client Insight: Produce engaging articles and videos that demonstrate the benefits and expertise behind your services, assisting clients in their decision-making process.
  • Social Media Engagement: Use dynamic platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels to showcase the transformative effects of your services, actively engaging with potential clients.

Booking & Conversion

  • Online Visibility Enhancement: Employ strategic SEO and digital marketing campaigns to ensure your salon appears prominently when clients are looking to book beauty services.
  • Direct Booking Links: Seamlessly integrate Beauty Insider content with your booking system, making it effortless for clients to schedule appointments.

Client Loyalty & Retention

  • Loyalty Incentives: Utilise Beauty Insider's reach to offer exclusive deals and loyalty rewards, encouraging repeat business and deepening client relationships.
  • Community Engagement through UGC: Encourage clients to share their experiences and results, fostering a sense of community and advocacy around your salon

The Beauty Insider Advantage

As a leading platform, we’re committed to showcasing the diversity and innovation of your products. Our strategy is tailored to educate and engage our substantial audience, integrating your brand's narrative into the consumer lifestyle. With Beauty Insider, you have a partner who understands the importance of each touchpoint in the customer journey, providing a unified approach to brand growth and consumer engagement.

Narrative-Driven Content for Discovery and Awareness - Articles
  • Showcasing your Expertise: We craft stories about your salon's diverse range of services, and the skilled professionals behind them, to captivate potential customers
  • Sharing Industry Insights: Our articles deliver the latest in beauty and hair trends, establishing your salon as a leader and influencing customer consideration.
  • Establishing Authority : Through targeted content distribution and SEO, we ensure your salon stands out as the top choice for customers seeking excellence in your services.
Visual Storytelling for Trust and Engagement - Videos & Social Media
  • Expert Voices: Feature insights and interviews with your salon's specialists, building trust and showcasing your dual expertise.
  • Showcasing Service Artistry: Create visually appealing content that highlights the finesse and creativity of your services, directly appealing to client interests.
  • Array
Yunomori Onsen & Spa
Retern Hair and Scalp
Customized Content Hubs for your Salon
  • Spotlight on Your Services: A dedicated section on Beauty Insider emphasises your salon’s diverse offerings enhancing client awareness.
  • Educational and Inspirational Content: Offer informative insights and styling tips, guiding clients towards informed decisions in beauty services.
Book & Go for Seamless Client Conversion
  • Streamlined Booking for Beauty and Hair Care: 'Book & Go' simplifies the booking process, enabling clients to easily schedule appointments for both your services.
Make your
brand shine!

Digital Marketing Solutions

Dual-Focused Social Media & Video Strategy
  • Highlight your expertise featuring educational content, style tips and more engaging content.
SEO for Enhanced Online Presence
  • Utilise SEO strategies tailored to keywords relevant to your services to boost your salon’s online visibility.
Website & Landing page Designs
  • Develop websites and landing pages that reflect your salon’s branding, making it easy for clients to navigate and book a range of services.
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