How Much Is The Cost For Google AdWords In Singapore?

Digital advertising has exploded in popularity during the previous decade. Indeed, many of the world’s most well-known firms have switched significant portions of their marketing budgets to internet advertisements. While there are various options for digital marketing, one way stands out above the rest: Google AdWords. So come along with Mapletree Media as we delve into more about Google AdWords and figure out the costs you should be expecting.


What Does Google AdWords Do?

New Change In Google AdWords Impacts Businesses

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a Google-developed internet advertising platform. On July 24, 2018, the new adjustment went into effect. Advertisers benefit from the platform’s one-of-a-kind and highly successful advertising offerings. Viewers of these services pay to have their short adverts, product listings, service offers, and video material featured in the Google ad attached for site users to watch the show.

Google Ads’ system is based in part on both cookies and keywords, both of which are determined by the advertisers. Google uses certain qualities for displaying advertisement copy on relevant pages, as it is regarded. Advertisers are compensated when visitors to the site click on an advertisement while browsing. A portion of the revenue gained goes to the partner website.

Google Ads is the company’s major source of revenue, accounting for $95.4 billion of the company’s total advertising sales in 2017. Google Ads utilises a pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model while providing services. Although an enhanced bidding method can be used to automatically achieve a predetermined cost-per-acquisition (CPA), the situation should never be confused with a true CPA pricing model.


Are Google Ads Worth It?

Google advertising is a great way to promote your company. You may target audiences that are seeking your sort of products or services, especially those in your area, with an ad for your business. Google is the ideal platform for advertising your business because of this targeted strategy. However, the internet is busy, and convincing consumers to visit your website above all of the other options is a constant battle that site owners are well aware of.

About 74.5% of the search market belongs to Google. In terms of display advertising, this makes it the world’s largest network. Google’s display advertising reaches over 80% of global users, according to Google Benchmarks and Insights. According to Google Investor Relations, advertising accounts for 97% of Google’s overall income.

These figures only help to emphasise how critical Google Ads is to the company’s overall success. Google’s first aim is to develop its Google Ads product on a regular basis. Advertisers are more successful when Google works harder. This results in a win-win situation for Google Ads.


How To Use Google AdWords

A keyword is a term or phrase that a user types into their browser to find your ad. For the terms you choose, your advertising will appear. Google tracks the number of times your advertisements are clicked and costs you for each one. They also keep track of impressions, which is just a figure that indicates how frequently consumers had already seen your advertisement when they searched for that particular phrase.

The click-through-rate, or CTR, is calculated by dividing clicks by impressions. This is just the proportion of users that click on your advertisement to get to your promoted page. This is crucial since the click-through rate reveals which advertisements are effective and which are not.

Comparable to an auction house is Google AdWords. A budget and a bid must be established. How much you are willing to spend for each click is determined by your offer. If your maximum bid is $5, Google will only display your advertisement if no one else offers a higher price. 

Assuming that all bidders have the same quality score and that Google wants to maximise their income, it stands to reason that they will display the advertisement for the business that placed the highest price for that term. Google won’t use your maximum bid, though, if other users are willing to pay less for the term for which you want your ad to appear. It optimises bids and impressions.

Thus, if your advertising generates a high-quality score, your cost per click (CPC) might be lower than your maximum price. This score is based on the user’s experience on your landing page, the usefulness of your website, and the actual ad itself.

Because they care so much about their users, they would rather keep them coming back to Google by showing them an ad that is better and more relevant to their needs. But if you’re not getting conversions, none of these things matter. A conversion might be a new lead or a sale, but generally speaking, it denotes that the user did the action you desired.


How Much Do Google Ads Cost In Singapore?

Google Ads Management, SEO & Landing Pages - Cato Marketing

Paid advertising is the focus of Google Ads, and you should set aside money for it. Ads published on the search network cost between $1 and $2 per click on average. The cost per click (CPC) on the display network, on the other hand, is less than $1. However, there are some really costly keywords with CPCs of $50 or more.

How Does It Work?

Keyword Completion

There are certain to be rivals in any business segment, and they will influence your bidding strategy, click-through rate (CTR), ad position, and CPC. The amount of money you should set up for your PPC budget will be influenced by the bid wars for specific keywords. The elements that influence the CPC are also affected by the retreat of a powerful rival.

Keyword Bids

Google Ads Customer ID | Google Ads Agency | Agenda Media

This is, without a doubt, the most important factor of the CPC. Google Ads uses a maximum CPC bid approach to determine your ad’s rank and CPC. If your bid is low, your CPC will be low as well, and vice versa. You can only specify one maximum CPC per ad group if you bid manually, but you may set various bids for each term in that ad group if you bid manually.

If you use automated bidding, you may still establish maximum bid restrictions for strategies like maximising clicks, target impression share, tCPA, and tROAS. However, if you want a higher CPC, Google may spend more than your maximum CPC.

Quality Score

With a high-quality score, you’ll be able to rank your advertising higher while paying a significantly lesser CPC. A low-quality score, on the other hand, will force you to increase your offer in order for your ad to rank higher. The quality score has a direct impact on your keyword’s CPC as well as predicting the first-page bid thresholds in your Google Ads account, which affects your ad’s position and ranking. Your quality score is affected by factors such as your ad copy, CTR and the location and rank of your ad. To put it another way, PPC fluctuates on a daily basis, and this has an impact on your CPC. Seasonality, on the other hand, has an impact on your CPC.


What Factors Into The Price Of Google AdWords


The industry has the most impact on Google Ads price. Business, marketing, finance, real estate, and technology are among the more competitive sectors in Google Ads, resulting in higher CPC. This is due to the nature of the professional services market, where a single new customer may bring in upwards of $10,000 depending on your firm, thus a CPC is a tiny amount to pay for such a large success.


Dayparting, also known as ad scheduling, is the process of determining when you want your adverts to show to potential customers. You may tell Google when you want your advertisements to appear, even though they will still go through the ad auction procedure.

What’s trending

Consumer trends and internet advertising platforms are never at a standstill. It’s critical to stay current with what’s going on in your business and sector, both emotionally and factually. With that being said, utilising tools such as Google Trends may assist you in discovering trending topics within your expertise, thus, be implemented when creating ads.

Customer habits

You must also take into account your customer’s lifespan. It takes longer for potential clients to proceed through the decision-making process for larger ticket products, and your company must remain top-of-mind during that trip. Before taking that last step, you may need to visit your website numerous times, download some information, attend a webinar, and more.


Geofencing: Everything you need to know about Location-based Marketing

You may spend more of your Google Ads budget on particular geographical locations, just as you can spend more of your money at certain times of the day. Geotargeting, or location targeting, is the term for this method. Geotargeting in Google Ads may be a great method to leverage today’s consumers’ expanding mobile traffic patterns and on-the-go buying habits, and it may play a role in how you spend your daily ad budget.

Device targeting

Consumers increasingly browse the internet on various devices, so you need to know where your most important leads are coming from. Device targeting comes into play in this situation. Say you want to appear in search results for both desktop and mobile queries, but you value mobile traffic more.

You may dedicate a portion of your money to desktop computers, but a larger percentage to mobile devices. Depending on what you’re promoting or your ad text, you could even want to spend more money on visitors from particular sorts of mobile devices.


Helpful Tips You Need To Know To Have Google Ads Work Better For You

Goals and landing pages

Instead of developing an ad first and then changing it to match your aims, it’s critical to clarify your objectives before you construct your advertisement. Meet with your marketing team to develop SMART goals for your Google Ads campaigns and a plan for your advertising.

Make sure the URL you enter when asked to when generating your ad points to a pertinent landing page. If your ad is compelling enough to be clicked, you risk undoing all your hard work if the landing page is subpar. As a result, make your landing pages as effective as possible so that your advertisement may turn a curious visitor into a paying customer.

Implement ad extensions

Ad Extensions should be used if you are running Google Ads for two reasons: they are free, they provide users more information and another motivation to interact with your advertisement.

Sitelink extensions provide consumers more compelling reasons to click on your site by extending your advertisement and adding new links to it. Additionally, call extensions to let you add your phone number to your advertisement so people have another method to contact you. Include your phone number if your customer care team is prepared to interact with and convert your audience. While app extensions give mobile consumers a link to download an app. As a result, it is easier to discover and download the software from an AppStore without having to do a fresh search.


Unsure Of Doing Google AdWords Yourself?

As we’ve shown throughout, there are a variety of factors that might influence the cost of operating a PPC campaign, but keep in mind that practically every form of business can benefit from Google Ads. However, if you aren’t able to get a knack for it yourself, professional services may be what you need! Here, at Mapletree Media, we are ready to provide our expertise to assist you in running successful Google ads for your business to fly high.

Contact us here to find out more!

Top 25 Best Web Design Company In Singapore

We’ve all heard of the 15-second rule, which refers to the average length of time a visitor spends on a new website. Therefore, it is indeed correct that first impressions do matter. Your website isn’t just an online platform, it’s an extension of your brand’s identity for your clients, competitors and the rest of the digital world. With that, we are listing out the best web design company in Singapore for you to assist you on your way to a successful website.

List of Best Web Design Company Singapore

1. Mapletree Media

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore | MapleTree Media

Services Offered:

  • Website design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Social Media Marketing

Address: 1 Irving Pl, #08-01 The Commerze @ Irving, Singapore 369546
Contact Number: +65 6570 5580
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Weekdays, 9am – 6pm | Weekend – Closed

Mapletree Media has worked with a variety of industries, including beauty, healthcare, and SMEs, and has earned its reputation as one of the best web design company in Singapore. With a full team of designers, it’s understandable why clients flock to them as their first choice. See for yourself from their list of satisfied client case studies such as Thomson Medical, Crystal Tomato and more.

If you’re searching for a company that will listen to your vision and bring it to life, Mapletree Media is the one you want to work with. Known well for their impeccable service and proactive communication with clients, you’ll definitely be in good hands when you’re with Mapletree Media.

2. East Side Mafia

East Side Mafia - Tech in Asia

Services Offered:

  • Website design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO

Address: 31 Rochester Dr, Penthouse Level 24, Singapore 138637
Contact Number: +65 3163 5710
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sunday, 9am – 9pm

East Side Mafia is a top Singapore eCommerce website design studio that is noted for employing strategies that are unconventional for a company in its field. They not only construct designs from the ground up, but they also ensure that their work piques the interest of the target audience for the client firm.

3. Krome

Krome: Web Design Singapore | Web Design Company

Address 2 Kallang Pudding Rd, 09-10 Mactech Building, Singapore 349307
Operating Hours Weekday (10am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
Contact +65 6749 9805

Krome has been assisting clients in developing a powerful and consistent brand identity across a variety of mediums, including online and print. Krome provides end-to-end assistance for businesses that require a website, from start-ups to corporations. On different web design projects, the website design business in Singapore has worked with large organisations such as Adidas and SMEs.

4. Web Delegate

Web Delegate | LinkedIn

Services Offered:

  • Customised Web design
  • Web Development
  • Web design and development
  • SEO
  • Mobile App Development

Address: 1 Paya Lebar Link #04-01 Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore 408533
Contact Number: +65 9067 5862
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Weekdays, 8am – 9pm | Weekend, 10am – 7pm

Web Delegate is a one-stop digital solution provider that specialises in assisting Singapore businesses with their digital transformation. If you are not happy with the initial draught of your website design, they offer a complete refund. They’ll take the time to show their customers how to use their new websites with ease.

5. Quape

Quape | Web Design and Mobile App Development in Singapore

Services Offered:

  • Custom Web design
  • Web Development
  • Web design and Development
  • Digital Marketing Services

Address: 8 Burn Road, #15-11, Trivex, Singapore 369977
Contact Number: +65 6255 7478
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Weekdays, 9am – 6pm | Weekend, (Closed)

Quape understands the importance of having a strong digital presence for your business, as it is today’s key to end-user interaction and the gateway to your growth. Meaningful and exciting effects might be achieved by combining art and technology. They make certain that at the outset of any new client challenge, both discernible creative voices and first-rate technical vision are offered.

6. Reed Tan Digital

Reed Tan Digital | Lead Generation and Website Design

Services Offered:

  • Website Design Services
  • Lead Generation

Address: 3 Temasek Ave, Level 17 & 18 Centennial Tower, Singapore 039190
Contact Number: +65 9367 5264
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 9am – 6pm | Sunday, (Closed)

Reed Tan Digital was formed with a mission to help organisations adapt and expand by infusing knowledge into their marketing mix, and is led by a team of seasoned marketers with over 15 years of experience. The firm is noted for its ability to communicate successfully with clients and for being clear in its creative approach.

7. Verz Design

Verz Design: Top Web Designers in Singapore | DMC

Services Offered:

  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Mobile App Development
  • Digital Marketing

Address: 56 Kallang Pudding Rd, #07-05/06 HH@Kallang, Singapore 349328
Contact Number: +65 6841 1680
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 9am – 6:30pm | Weekend, (Closed)

Verz Design has worked with some of Singapore’s most well-known businesses. This organisation is dedicated to giving only the best service to its customers. Furthermore, they have been in the market for over a decade, so you can rest certain that this group is dependable and knowledgeable in the sector. These web design firms also have the technological know-how and utilise cutting-edge platforms.

8. MediaOne Digital

MediaOne Business Group | Leading Digital Marketing Services Provider in Singapore

Services Offered:

  • Website Design, Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Mobile App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Buying
  • Branding

Address: 64B Boat Quay, Singapore 049852
Contact Number: +65 6789 9852
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 9:30am – 6:30pm | Weekend, (Closed)

For its clients, MediaOne provides a full variety of web design services. They believe in creating well-designed, engaging websites for their clients. They are able to deliver a comprehensive variety of advertising services without compromising the quality of their campaigns and marketing solutions because of their devoted and imaginative workforce.

9. Elves Lab

Elves Lab | Website Design and Development

Services Offered:

  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO Implementation

Address: 67 Ubi Crescent #06-05, Techniques Centre, Singapore 408560
Contact Number: +65 6844 3520
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm | Saturday, 9am-1pm by appointment only | Sunday, (Closed)

Elves Lab was founded in July 2000 with the goal of being a one-stop-shop for website design and development. Elves Lab is the best website design company in Singapore for you. Institute of Technical Education East College, Red Bull, and others have been among their previous clientele.

10. Wondertabs

We Make IT Happen - Wondertabs

Services Offered:

  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Ecommerce Web Development
  • Graphic Design

Address: 10 Anson Rd, #33-03, Singapore 079903
Contact Number: +65 3138 1919
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Open 24 hours

Wondertabs is a high-quality, professional team that provides a wide range of online services. For all sorts of enterprises, this includes web design, web development, e-commerce, unique visual design, and content management system solutions. They’ll be there to support you every step of the way, and they’ll do everything they can to help you establish the best internet business possible.

11. Awebstar Technologies

Web Design Singapore | Web Development & Website Design Company

Services Offered:

  • Website Design Services
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Solutions
  • Shopify Development

Address: 03 Raffles Pl, 08-01B Bharat Building, Singapore 048617
Contact Number: +65 6909 9163
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 9am – 7pm | Sunday (Closed)

Awebstar builds websites with the needs of the consumer in mind, increasing client ROI. The company works with Singaporean clients that want to revamp their companies through beautiful, imaginative websites. Their ability to offer professional Web Design at exceptionally inexpensive pricing sets them apart from their rivals. In addition, they only permit payment from clients once the service has been delivered

They have extensive knowledge of all website kinds, including basic blogs and e-commerce websites. As a result, they provide a range of services, such as website and mobile design and development, email marketing, and business consulting, to aid in the expansion of your company.

12. Hello Pomelo Creatives

No photo description available.

Services Offered:

  • Website Design Services
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Market Research
  • Branding

Address: 1 Irving Pl, #08-01 The Commerze @ Irving, Singapore 36954
Contact Number: +65 8250 9167
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm | Weekend (Closed)

Founded in 2014, Hello Pomelo Creatives is a creative agency founded by two web designers in Singapore that specialises in branding, website design, and front-end web development for small to medium sized agencies.

With over a decade of experiences, they’ve continuously expanded to provide consultations, branding services, website development, responsive web design, and more. A small team that has a roster of both local and international clients, which they consistently provide beautiful, efficient yet functional projects.

13. Novage Communications

Novage Communications - Web Design Agency Singapore

Services Offered:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Landing Page Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Maintenance

Address: The Commerze @ Irving 1 Irving Place, #09-01 Singapore, Singapore 369546
Contact Number: +65 8756 2812
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm | Weekend (Closed)

One of the top web design experts in Singapore is Novage. They can give you a properly optimised website because they have more than 10 years of experience. Additionally, they are proficient in all areas relating to web business-related issues and possess extensive knowledge and professional abilities.

In addition to web design, they provide a wide range of other services, including social media marketing, mobile apps, e-commerce, and more. Novage is undoubtedly among the best web design firms out now.


14. Singapore Best Web Design

Singapore Best Web Design - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Services Offered:

  • Website Design
  • Ecommerce Web Design
  • Security and Web Maintenance
  • Mobile Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Email Marketing

Address: 81 Ubi Ave 4 #08-12 UB. One Singapore 408830
Contact Number: +65 6513 2702
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday, 9:30am – 7:30pm | Weekend (Closed)

Singapore Best Web Design (SBWD) has been loyal to its moniker since 2009. Its workforce is made up of creative professionals whose aim is to distinguish your company online. They have extensive knowledge of all website kinds, including basic blogs and e-commerce websites.

As a result, they provide a range of services, such as website and mobile design and development, email marketing, and business consulting, to aid in the expansion of your company. Since its inception, SBWD has launched and maintained more than 250 web projects for small and medium-sized businesses in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

15. Orfeostory

Orfeostory Mobile App and Website Designer

Services Offered:

  • Website Design Services
  • Mobile App Development Services
  • Web Maintenance
  • Mobile Application Maintenance
  • Custom Video Animation
  • Brochure and Logo Design

Address: 92 Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace, Singapore 416171
Contact Number: +65 6744 1123
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 9:30am – 7pm | Sunday (Closed)

Orfeostory was established in 2011 as a modest web design and development company to assist Singaporean small enterprises. They are a forward-thinking online and digital service provider with a client-focused team located in Singapore that combines technological proficiency with modern business perspectives.

More than 600 projects from 400 clients, including small, medium, and big enterprises, government offices, and non-governmental organisations, have been accomplished by their bright and diligent personnel with their shown abilities, sincerity, and effort.

16. Subraa

Subraa | Freelance Web Designer & Web Developer in Singapore

Services Offered:

  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO Services

Address: 471A Upper Serangoon Crescent, Singapore 531471
Contact Number: +65 9795 7890
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 9am – 7pm | Sunday (Closed)

Leading independent web and logo designer Subraa is situated in Singapore. Subraa has over ten years’ worth of experience working with customers from a variety of industries, and her expertise in logo and website design helps her clients establish the ideal online presence.

Along with helping with website design and development, they also aid with SEO, which raises the ranking of your websites on Google. Newly registered businesses and start-ups may take advantage of fantastic deals with free basic services like domain hosting and email, among others, as part of their beginning package, which is cheaper and more cost-effective.

17. Lemonade

Lemonade | Web Design Agency and Web Designers in Singapore

Services Offered:

  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • Web Maintenance

Address: 12 Woodlands Square, Woodsquare, Tower 1, #04-84, Singapore 737715
Contact Number: +65 3158 3831
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Weekday, 9:30am – 6:30pm | Weekend (Closed)

Lemonade is a team of imaginative strategists, meticulous analysers, visionaries, and enthusiastic designers and programmers. a full-service web design firm in Singapore with a focus on creating significant online presences that inspire, sell, and convince. They are fixated on making companies visible, and they construct websites that optimise visitor conversion into paying consumers in addition to designing and developing beautiful, modern websites.

The front-end templates of the website are created by Lemonade’s team using a mobile-first design philosophy in order to scale and adapt to any device the user may be using while preserving the current aesthetic and enhancing overall performance.

18. JIN Design

JIN Design | UX & UI Design Agency

Services Offered:

  • Web Design
  • Landing Page
  • Web Optimization
  • Web Maintenance
  • Web Audit

Address: 7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987
Contact Number: +65 9693 3801
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Weekday, 9am – 6pm | Weekend (Closed)

UI and UX design agency Jin Design is situated in Singapore and collaborates with a variety of well-known businesses. Their knowledgeable personnel and comprehensive strategy are their greatest assets.

They are renowned for providing excellent customer service as well since they like sharing their expertise with customers and advising them on the newest developments in web design trends and technology. Trust their experience with your marketing, and they’ll make sure that your company gets the attention it deserves.

19. Corsiva Lab

Corsiva Lab | Web Design Singapore

Services Offered:

  • Web Design
  • Mobile Apps
  • Copywriting
  • Web Maintenance
  • Web Audit

Address: 82 Playfair Rd, #12-01 D’lithium, Singapore 368001
Contact Number: +65 6980 3180
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Weekday, 10am – 7pm | Weekend (Closed)

Singapore-based, Corsiva Lab, is a creative online and mobile app development company. The team at Corsiva Lab is dedicated to offering reliable digital solutions that enhance your business’s distinctive identity while also boosting revenues. In order to ensure that their work remains original and up to date, they also have the ability to impact current web design trends and industry insights.

Additionally, they have a group of exceptionally talented web designers and digital marketing specialists that are adaptable in fulfilling all of your wants and demands while providing excellent outcomes. They are committed and passionate about coming up with creative concepts for your company that will undoubtedly catch the interest of your target market.

20. The Digital Cube

The Digital Cube | Web Design & Web Development Agency

Services Offered:

  • Web Design
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Website Optimization
  • Digital Marketing consultation

Address: 531A Upper Cross Street, #04-95 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 051531
Contact Number: +65 3158 3831
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Weekday, 9am – 6:30pm | Weekend (Closed)

With expertise in coding, design, and support, The Digital Cube offers only the best quality when it comes to their services for their clients. They make sure to take part in innovating through development of their websites that is fully customized and 100% responsive.

Despite being a young company, the digital marketing and web design company continues to expand their projects whilst improving their products. Clients who have worked with them are given the option to create custom CMS and modules that they can also track, with excellent project management that includes modifications if needed.

21. OOm Pte Ltd

OOm Pte Ltd Shaping Online Future | Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Services Offered:

  • Web Design and development services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation

Address: 141 Middle Road, GSM Building #06-05 and #05-04, Singapore 188976
Contact Number: +65 6690 4049
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Weekday, 9am – 6pm | Weekend (Closed)

OOm is one of the best web design agencies in Singapore known to work with all business sizes since 2006. They aim to make your brand stand out in the digital space with a passionate team of strategists, web designers, and developers that are dedicated to optimise the clients’ goals.

The award-winning agency partners with Facebook and Google. If you are looking for a one stop solution starting from a customised website, developed and maintained to an effective digital marketing campaign to give your business the leverage it needs, trust them to deliver and accommodate according to your needs.

22. Banah Digital

Banah Digital

Services Offered:

  • Web Design and Development
  • Content Management
  • Content Creation
  • Website Maintenance Services
  • Branding

Address: 208 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 460208
Contact Number: +65 9654 7227
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Open 24 hours

This Thailand-based Digital Agency is ran by a team of Singaporeans (working remotely) who offer services in Singapore and Thailand. Their strength and expertise providing quality web solutions while also empowering the youth through website design.

Get the professional website you need with their team of experienced web designers. From the drafting discussion stage up until the site is set up, you’ll get all the support you need to kickstart your business in the digital world. Each time you avail of their services, the team works alongside with the youth to mentor and teach them web development skills that they can use in the real world.

23. Notch Studio

Notch Studio | Creative Web Design and Graphic Design Studio in Singapore

Services Offered:

  • Customised Web Design and Development
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Branding
  • Web Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization

Address: Income@Tampines Junction, 300 Tampines Ave 5, Singapore 529653
Contact Number: +65 6679 5759
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm | Weekend (Closed)

Notch Studio is all about creative design services that focuses primarily on web design . To strengthen their clients’ online presence, they also provide branding, graphic designs, and responsive web design. They’re always ready provide the latest trends when it comes to all of their designs.

They offer long term solutions and strategies alongside their creative designs. With the digital space that’s always changing, they analyse the changes and trends to give the best digital solutions to their clients. Get a complete project created with solid online marketing strategies and interactive designs.

24. Chillybin Web Design

Services Offered:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • eCommerce
  • Web Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization

Address: 1 Scotts Road, #24-05 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Contact Number: +65 8753 1457
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm | Weekend (Closed)

With over a decade of experience in website design and web development, Chillybin is known to produce modern, up-to-trend, and eye-catching responsive websites for all businesses in Asia. They provide the high quality works that sets your brand apart from competitors.

In addition, they are experts at WordPress development, website support, and eCommerce website setting up. They are sure to provide you with the tools needed to grow and strengthen your brand.

25. Bolt Works

Services Offered:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Branding
  • SEO services

Address: 641 Rowell Road, #08-50, Singapore 200641
Contact Number: +65 8428 8318
Email Address:
Operating Hours:
Open 24 Hours

For startups offline businesses or SMEs looking to go online, Boltworks is a boutique web development agency that specializes in functional and responsive websites. To complete the website, they combine it with website hosting, branding, search engine optimization, and copywriting.

Despite a new agency, they have a clients from different industries from food to logistics companies. Great if you have a limited budget but want a quality website that ties with your branding, adapts to any screen size, and brings in conversion.

30+ Best Advertising Agency In Singapore

There is no disputing that advertising is a vital part of boosting your branding and surviving in the market for all sorts of organisations, whether small or huge. Finding a reputable advertising company in Singapore might be challenging at times, especially because there are so many on the market. Therefore, in this article, we have listed out the best advertising agency in Singapore, highlighting their beneficial strengths.


1. Mapletree Media

ADDRESS Mapletree Media Pte Ltd 1 Irving Place The Commerze @ Irving #08-01 Singapore 369546
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 9627 6717

Mapletree Media is an award-winning company that has made a name for itself in the digital marketing world. When building up your business, marketing and advertising is important aspect especially if you rely on going digital, a vital pillar to your successful business. That’s where this agency comes into play- understanding the assignment.

Connoisseurs in digital marketing, the team behind this company will help build and guide you on your online journey. They are equipped with talented and skilful team players all with one goal- to make you reach your goal. Recently, they were awarded the Web Excellence Awards for their professional services- hence, you’ll be in great hands with them.

2. Brew Interactive

Brew Interactive | LinkedIn

ADDRESS 111 North Bridge Road, #08-19, Singapore 179098
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 6814 2952

Brew Interactive is a Singapore-based marketing business that was founded in 2009 and is currently one of the most well-known in the country; with customers such as Qatar Airways and Oppo. As a company that sees advertising as a two-way street ensures that not only do they satisfy your demands, but that they will also co-create the designs with you. Their suggestions will not disappoint you because of their experience.

3. Dentsu Singapore

Working at Dentsu Singapore | Glassdoor

ADDRESS Dentsu Asia Pacific Guoco Tower 1 Wallich Street, #21-01 Singapore 078881
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 6501 4900

Dentsu Aegis Network, established in Japan, opened its doors in Singapore in 1994 with over 110 years of advertising and communications experience. Expert services in creative, marketing, and growth solutions that help organisations capitalise on opportunities across the customer journey, offering solutions for your customer lifecycle. Moreover, working with well-known companies like Toyota, Uniqlo and Canon demonstrate their impressive track record.

4. Billboarders

ADDRESS 1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park (Industrial Estate) #05-1445 S(319074)
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 9778 7774

Billboarders is an advertising company made up of experts who engage with the target population to provide benefits that no other media can equal. Moreover, Billboarders provide a cost-effective and direct media option that enables inventive advertising to capture quick attention with infinite force.

Additionally, their billboards can go almost anyplace, at any time of day or night. With the assistance of interpersonal relationships, it’s a wonderful answer. This new type of advertising is entertaining, engaging, and allows you to target your audience directly.

5. Havas Media

ADDRESS 80 Robinson Rd, Level 20, Singapore 068898
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 6317 6934

The Havas Group, founded in 1835, today operates in over 100 countries and employs over 20,000 people. The aim of Havas Group is to bring various brands together via meaningful relationships. Lacoste, Forbes, and Lego are among the notable clients of the innovative design.

Furthermore, they’ve been able to create one of the most homogenous teams in the creative business because of their streamlined integrated structure. Advertising, Brand Design, Digital Commerce, and Mobile Marketing are just a few of their offerings.

6. The Bold Creative

The Bold Creative : Branding Strategy and Design | LinkedIn

ADDRESS 151 Chin Swee Road, #02-24, Manhattan House, Singapore 169876
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +91 9538501312

The Bold Creative is a partnership of two brilliant creative directors, Vanshaj Kapur and Pragnya Venkatesh. Rather than competing, decided to bring their great minds together to become one of the most sought-after advertising agencies. They specialise in Brand Strategy, Visual Branding, Direction, and Film Production. The duo devotes their efforts to creating only the best masterpieces for their customers.

With that, they think that personalization, as well as excellent communication between the creator and their consumer, are essential to success. As a result, they have made it their mission to not just create, but also to serve with purpose.

7. UltraSuperNew

ADDRESS 107 Rowell Road, Singapore 208031
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 62916194

UltraSuperNew is an advertising firm that develops eye-catching designs that are recognised across the world; telling unique tales while also conveying a clear message to the audience. From social media content strategy, content creation, editorial content management and video production are just a few of their strengths. Give them a basic concept and be amazed at how they can improve things by bringing diverse cultures together and integrating them correctly, defying the norms.

8. The Idea Lab

ADDRESS 33 Ubi Avenue 3, Vertex Tower A #04-74 Singapore 408868
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 6745 4332

The Idea Lab has a staff of art directors, strategists, and copywriters who create advertising material for key channels including television, print, outdoor, and social media. Moreover, they’ve created numerous marketing campaigns for well-known businesses such as LG, Nestle, Air Asia, and others over the years. With that, they’ve established themselves as one of Singapore’s finest advertising companies because of their successful productions and extensive networks.

9. Absolute Digital

💯 Singapore Top Digital Marketing Agency 🏆 | Absolute Digital | 📶 Google SEO Agency Singapore 🎯

ADDRESS #01-11, 50 Gambas Crescent Singapore 757022
CONTACT 64328226

Absolute Digital is an award-winning digital marketing agency in Singapore. When it comes to moving your brand ahead, they know how to use the most up-to-date approaches and methods. Their staff is made up of dedicated professionals who are all focused on achieving outstanding results. They make sure to work closely with their clients in bringing brand concepts to life in order to continue generating the greatest results.

10. Next Level SG

Digital Marketing Agency Singapore | Digital Marketing Services | Next Level SG

ADDRESS 7500A Beach Road, The Plaza #05-320 Singapore 199591
CONTACT +65 8376 5715

For firms who need to expand their business, Next Level SG delivers excellent strategy and execution. They focus on making your digital presence more prominent and your web experience more engaging as the modern era progresses. Their team of skilled digital marketers has already earned a solid reputation for their outstanding results. They deliver high-quality, result-oriented services that exceed their clients’ expectations.

11. 2Stallions

2Stallions Agency | Digital Agency Network

ADDRESS 39A Neil Road Singapore 088823
CONTACT +65 9129 6248

2Stallions is a marketing firm that generates customer-focused campaigns for both online and offline distribution. They use dynamic websites and mobile applications, as well as social media material, to construct and market the brand story. Your innovative ideas will be implemented in a way that maintains your advertisements focused on customers’ interests and increases brand awareness as you work with them.

12. Edelman Singapore

edelman singapore | Campaign Asia

ADDRESS 15 Beach Road Beach Centre, #04-01 Singapore 189677
CONTACT +65 6733 1110

Edelman Singapore has a staff of marketing, digital engagement, content strategy, financial communications, and other experts. They may work with huge corporations to promote, expand, and defend their brands thanks to their expertise. Moreover, they specialise in branding, corporate transformation, and startup creation, among other things. They have the potential to be the top advertising agency in Singapore, regardless of your sector!

13. Ogilvy Singapore

Ogilvy Singapore Pte Ltd Career Information 2021 | Glints


Films, posters, activations, apps, social postings, and other multimedia platforms are among the advertising services offered by Ogilvy Singapore. They run large-scale campaigns in order to reach a larger audience and create a lasting impression. Their partnerships with high-end companies such as Philips, Coca-Cola, Unilever, IBM, Lego, and others have earned them a reputation as one of Singapore’s greatest advertising agencies!

14. Blend Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing, Singapore SEO & Orthodontic Marketing Experts Since 2008

ADDRESS No 2 Havelock Rd, #04-20 Havelock II, Singapore 059763
CONTACT +65 3138 4048

Since 2008, Blend’s staff has specialised in digital marketing and local SEO for orthodontists. They’ve put in many hours of study and training to gain the knowledge and expertise they have now. They keep adding value to their service offering, which includes no long-term obligations. With its Itemised Billing function, they may be quite versatile.

They opted to create a solution that makes sense when it comes to seamless communication and services at the end of each month. Every client will be able to see exactly what work has been completed and what they are paying for.

15. Ant Team Social Media Marketing

Ant Team Social Media Marketing Agency in Singapore

ADDRESS No. 37, Lorong 23 Geylang, #05-02 Yu Li Industrial Building, Singapore 388371
CONTACT +65 6841 0667

Ant Team Social Media Marketing began 30 years ago as a traditional advertising firm. Through the Ant Team’s outstanding advertising, it has assisted many of its SME clients in effectively growing their businesses over the years. Ant Team is still going strong now since it has evolved along with the world’s rapid modernization. Graphic design is one of its strongest services, but the company’s portfolio is as diverse as they come.

16. KPI Media

KPI Media | LinkedIn

ADDRESS 138 Robinson Road Oxley Tower, #15-04 Singapore 068906
CONTACT +65 8161 2926

KPI Media works with start-ups and scaleups to help them develop faster by providing skilled performance marketing services, with a focus on search engine marketing. They work with their clients to define two objectives before each campaign: a realistic target and a stretched target. Another thing we enjoy about them is how they mimic the tone that is most appropriate for your business.

You’ll have a consistent presence among all of your present and future clients this way. Despite being a relatively new agency, they’re swiftly establishing themselves as one of Singapore’s top SEM firms.

17. AUN Global Marketing

AUN Global Marketing | LinkedIn

Address 1 Marina Boulevard One, Marina Blvd, #20-00, Singapore 018989
Operating hours Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
Contact +65 6978 4042

In 2010, AUN Global Marketing launched its operations in Singapore. The corporation, however, has been in operation since 1998, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. They have swiftly grown throughout Asia over the years, assisting innumerable businesses along the way. In addition to Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Vietnam, they now operate regional offices in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

18. Digital Business Lab

Digital Business Lab | LinkedIn

Address 1 George St, Level 10, Singapore 049145
Operating hours Weekday (10am – 7pm), Weekend (Closed)

Digital Business Lab is a social media marketing business with a staff that remains up to date on the latest trends and tackles each project with an open mind. They’re one of the best because they employ a combination of relevant content, smart data, and agile project management to assure the success of every social media initiative they work on. They’re always there to answer any questions their clients may have about why they took a particular action, taking the time to explain everything to them so that everyone is on the same page. Their end-to-end social media solutions, together with their centre of digital experience, allow them to develop long-term connections with their clients, fuelled by continual learning and a holistic approach to business.

19. Diseno Advertising Pte Ltd

Singapore Design Agency | Advertising Agency

Address Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore
Operating hours Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
Contact +65 8818 7634

The name of the firm derives from the Spanish term Diseo, which means “design” in English. As their name suggests, they think that design should be kept simple and to the point, but that it should function as a visual communicator to the audience in order for the information to be received more effectively. Diseno knows the ins and outs of the advertising business, and they’re certain that they’ll be able to offer something that matches the current trend while being distinctive in its own right. If you’re looking for amazing advertising ideas, have a brief chat with them!

20. Metric Digital Singapore

Metric Digital Singapore | Digital Advertising Agency

Address 391B Orchard Road, Level 22, Ngee Ann City Tower B, Singapore 238874
Operating hours Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
Contact +65 8118 3250

Metric Digital Singapore is a digital marketing business that provides clients with advertising services. They create a one-of-a-kind marketing plan based on the most up-to-date data and research for their client’s demands. Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing (inbound marketing), email marketing (email marketing), social media marketing (social media marketing), website building, UX/UI design, and e-commerce are some of their services. MediDent International, Papilla Hair Care, Blacaz, Konica Minolta, Surgisyl, Shiok Farm, and Nufield are among the companies with whom they have collaborated thus far.

21. Healthmark

Healthmark | LinkedIn

Address 71 Oxley Rise, #02-12 The Rise @ Oxley, Singapore 038989
Operating hours Monday to Saturday (8:30am – 7:30pm), Sunday (Closed)

Healthmark is well-known in the medical field as a specialist in medical regulations, with a solid understanding of how to rank clinic websites from the bottom up, all the way to the top of Google. Healthmark, which was founded by former clinic owners, has collaborated with a wide range of medical professionals, including gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, gynaecologists, cosmetic physicians, and others. Their in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing medical business enables them to create custom marketing strategies for doctors to make an immediate impression in their chosen medical speciality.

22. RED2 Digital

Home | RED² (RED2) Digital Performance Agency

Address 81 UBI Avenue 4 #09-18 UB. One, Singapore 408830
Operating hours Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
Contact +65 9139 7755

RED2 Digital was founded in Vietnam in 2016 and just opened its doors in Singapore in 2017. They’ve effectively evolved from a start-up to a completely autonomous agency since then. They provide clients all around APAC with world-class marketing solutions based on local knowledge.

RED2 Digital’s mission is to revolutionise companies via data-driven strategy, daring ideas, and digital-first execution. SEO & SEM, performance marketing, creative & content production, social media management, influencers, analytics, digital transformation, eCommerce, CRM, and B2B services are all areas of expertise for their team of specialists.

23. Blend Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing, Singapore SEO & Orthodontic Marketing Experts Since 2008

Address No 2 Havelock Rd, #04-20 Havelock II, Singapore 059763
Operating hours 24 hours
Contact +65 3138 4048

Since 2008, Blend’s staff has specialised in digital marketing and local SEO for orthodontists. They’ve put in many hours of study and training to gain the knowledge and expertise they have now. They keep adding value to their service offering, which includes no long-term obligations. With its Itemised Billing function, they may be quite versatile.

They opted to create a solution that makes sense when it comes to seamless communication and services at the end of each month. Every client will be able to see exactly what work has been completed and what they are paying for.

24. Sparkfury Creative Consultants

Address 73 Ubi Road 1 #09-59 Oxley Bizhub 1, Singapore 408733
Operating hours Weekday (9:30am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
Contact +65 6993 2523

They spend time on each project, fine-tuning every feature and nuance while keeping an eye on the broader picture to keep things exciting and relevant. Their whole crew is open-minded, inquiring, and knowledgeable.

Sparkfury is made up of people that enjoy having a good time while still being serious about their profession and altering identities. The team at Sparkfury Creative Consultants is always up for a new challenge. They’ll make sure to transform it into something amusing while also being educational.

25. Formul8


Address 10 Raeburn Park, #02-05/06, Singapore 088702
Operating hours        
Contact +65 6325 3368

Formul8 has accumulated a body of work spanning a wide range of branding, advertising, and digital needs over the course of more than 20 years. Everything from advertising, branding, corporate materials, packaging, and television commercials to websites has been conceptualised by them. By producing pertinent and accessible content, they have assisted companies in enhancing their social media presence together with their sibling firm Type A.

26. Invisible Artists

Invisible Artists - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Address 61 Tras St, #02-01, Singapore 079000
Operating hours        
Contact +65 6816 8002

A multinational advertising firm called Invisible Artists began its operations in 2011. Since then, they have excelled in their sector and built a reputation among various companies that have at least once used Invisible Artists’ services. The brand consultants on the Invisible Artists team work hard to truly comprehend their customers’ goals in order to produce work that is distinct from any of their past creations.

27. Grey Group Singapore

No photo description available.

Address 50 Scotts Rd, #03-01, Singapore 228242
Operating hours Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
Contact +65 6511 7600

Grey Group, one of the most recognised firms with a history spanning more than 100 years, has collaborated with companies like Volvo, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and Canon. offering four separate services, including shopper marketing, advertising, and activation. Grey Group helps its customers expand by addressing marketing difficulties with fresh and original ideas.

28. Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Address 16 Collyer Quay, #03-00, Singapore 049318
Operating hours Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
Contact +65 6718 0888

Leo Burnett, one of the oldest advertising companies in the world, opened its doors in Singapore in 2016. It was founded in Chicago in 1935. They specialise in brand consulting and communications and provide a wide variety of creative and digital solutions. Leo Burnett has a diverse client list that includes companies like Sony, IKEA, and the Singapore Cancer Society in addition to national and international brands.

29. TBWA Singapore

TBWA\Singapore - Full Service - Agency Profile AdForum

Address 991C Alexandra Rd, Singapore 119971
Operating hours Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
Contact +65 6225 5288

The culture-defining creative agency in Singapore, TBWA Singapore, takes pride in challenging norms and thinking outside the box. The Disruption Company, as TBWA is often known, has had great success throughout the years and constantly ranks among the top international advertising firms. Along with winning several prizes for the campaigns, they have also received top honours from every significant creative award ceremony, including the Cannes Lions and the Emmys.

30. MullenLowe

A boxing octopus: MullenLowe Group introduces new identity | Advertising | Campaign Asia

Address Harbourfront Pl, HarbourFront Tower One, Singapore 098633
Operating hours Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
Contact +65 6849 4888

MullenLowe is a creative firm that specialises in brand planning and through-the-line advertising, regardless of whether it’s shattering traditions or challenging category standards. The agency thinks that its purpose-driven approach is what makes its advertising successful. Johnson & Johnson, PETA, and Knorr are clients of MullenLowe.

These Are Singapore’s Best SEO Consultants

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of optimising a website for search engines. Essentially, it refers to the process of enhancing your website in order to amplify its exposure when consumers use search engines to look for items or services connected to your business. The higher your page’s exposure in search results, the more likely you are to draw attention; hence, attracting new and existing consumers to your company. With that, this article is listing out the best SEO consultants in Singapore so you get the best results.

Bots are used by search engines like Google and Bing to crawl the web. It travels from site to site, collecting information about those sites, and indexing them. Additionally, to decide the order in which sites should show in the search results for a particular query, computers examine pages in the index; taking into consideration hundreds of ranking criteria or signals.

SEO can help you enhance your audience’s experience and generate more traffic to your site. Therefore, giving you an advantage over the competition, thus, increasing conversions. As a result, this equals more sales, more loyal consumers and more growth for your company.

You may decide to do it all on your own but it’s expected for you to face hurdles and challenges. From taking up too much time and money to simply not getting the satisfactory results you expected. If you face this, you may want to try sourcing from SEO consultants.


1. Mapletree Media

ADDRESS 1 Irving Place The Commerze @ Irving #08-01 Singapore 369546
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 9627 6717

Mapletree Media is at the top of the game when it comes to SEO. Established in 2006, they are one of the best SEO consultants in Singapore! They provide a large array of services from web development to digital marketing but it’s time to highlight their outstanding SEO services.

What’s not to enjoy? From having your business ranking first on SERPs, they have a long list of satisfied clients such as 100% Pure, Esthemedica and Haba. The team behind their above-and-beyond quality are equipped with experience and skills like no other.

Their services are centred on return on investment (ROI), recognising that you, the client, want to generate income while staying within your budget. Their method enables you to get exceptional outcomes while making every dollar matter.

2. Dynamic Marketing

May be an image of text that says "DYNAMIC MARKETING"

ADDRESS 316 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park Block G, #02-01, Singapore 247978
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 8660 9098

Dynamic Marketing stands out for its low prices, knowledgeable advisors, and trustworthy services. Every member of its staff is an expert in SEO for various sectors, guaranteeing that their clients’ websites remain at the top.

Furthermore, its SEO consultants in Singapore are well-versed in both on-page and off-page optimization techniques. One-size-fits-all marketing isn’t something Dynamic Marketing believes in. Thus, its specialists will thoroughly research your company and devise a unique plan to achieve your goals.

3. Aemorph

SEO, Video Production, Digital Marketing Singapore ⚡ Aemorph

ADDRESS 1 Phillip St, #09-00 Royal One Phillip, Singapore 048692
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (8am – 8pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 8598 6771

If you want to increase your digital impact and visibility, Aemorph is the person to talk to. They are well-known for assisting clients in converting their business into a digitally powerful one. They provide a variety of platforms, tools, techniques, and tactics aimed at helping you grow your business online.

Moreover, SEO, Pay Per Click, social media paid advertising and more are among the services they offer. Everyone knows about digital marketing but Aemorph is one of the few companies that can offer the most effective techniques.

4. WebSell Solutions

WebSell Solutions | Inbound and Online Marketing in Singapore

ADDRESS 60, #09-38 Paya Lebar Rd, Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Saturday (9am – 1pm), Sunday (Closed)
CONTACT +65 6747 0457

WebSell Solutions has been a valued partner and supporter of numerous SMEs since 2011. Your company will easily step up its digital game with the aid of its expert IT and marketing specialists. As they seek to attract more and more clients to your organisation, they only give excellent ROIs along with many long-term advantages.

5. Brew Interactive

Brew Interactive | Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

ADDRESS 111 North Bridge Rd, #08-19, Singapore 179098
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 6814 2952

Brew Interactive was established in 2009. They have established themselves as one of Singapore’s premier marketing firms, working with clients such as Qatar Airways and Oppo. Brew Interactive thinks that the secret to effective advertising is cooperation. Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Digital Reputation Management are some of their most well-known services.

6. SEO Agency

ADDRESS 120 Robinson Road Suite 1 #05-01, Singapore 068913
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 6270 2193

Established in 2011, SEO Agency is one of Singapore’s leading digital marketing firms, their consultants specialising in search engine optimization. Their success is the result of a collaborative effort based on technical knowledge and a creative approach that allows them to offer full-service solutions to their clients.

Furthermore, with their digital marketing tactics, SEO Agency continues to stay ahead of the curve. They are enthusiastic about anything digital. The SEO Agency staff consistently produces excellent results because of their considerable experience.

7. Olive Asia

OLIVE ASIA - Web Design - 2 Ang Mo Kio St 64, Singapore, Singapore - Phone  Number - Yelp

ADDRESS 2 Ang Mo Kio St 64 #05-01E Econ Industrial Building Singapore 569084
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 6483 7635

Olive Asia began as a web development and marketing business in 2012. It was developed by a group of highly skilled and creative people with the goal of assisting future clients in reaching big audiences through internet channels. Since then, they’ve established themselves as one of the greatest and most sought-after service firms.

Additionally, they provide personalised services that are tailored to your specific requirements, all at a reasonable cost. This covers comprehensive website development, web application and development, and web design.

8. Best SEO Marketing

May be an image of ‎text that says "‎مم bestseo singapore‎"‎

ADDRESS 12 Woodlands Square, #03-77 Woods Square Tower 1, Singapore 737715
OPERATING HOURS Weekday (9am – 6pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT +65 6871 8870

Best SEO Marketing has made a reputation for itself in Singapore by assisting a large number of businesses in growing via the usage of their services. One of the finest aspects of their firm is that they provide high-quality marketing at a reasonable cost. Through its SME services, the organisation aims to help any and all businesses achieve awareness.

Moreover, it makes no difference how tiny a company is because Best SEO Marketing will assist drive visitors to your website. As a result, you’ll be able to attract more clients. Essentially, their support is focused on increasing sales rather than simply generating leads.

9. TNC

Since 2010, TNC has been assisting company owners in increasing their online exposure by offering SEO consultation, website design, online reputation management, and other services. On top of that, TNC has been referred to as one of Singapore’s best SEO consulting firms. This is due to its dedicated staff of consultants that seek to improve their clients’ online visibility. Finally, throughout its ten years in the market, TNC has worked with numerous successful firms, so you can be certain that it will do all possible to help your company flourish.

10. Adtreme

Adtreme - Singapore's #1 Results-Driven Digital Marketing Agency

Adtreme is a Singapore-based performance-driven digital marketing service that assists businesses in increasing revenue, leads, and appointments. They mostly employ Google, Facebook, and Instagram marketing tactics to expand their enterprises, allowing them to boost profitability, performance, and ROI. They offer a simple and proven method that includes consultation, strategising, and execution, which results in winning company ideas and campaigns.

11. Thinking Notes

Thinking Notes - SEO, WordPress, Website Setup and Tutorials

Thinking Notes is the place to go if you want your website to be in Google’s top three search results. It’s an SEO firm that provides digital marketing services to increase your website’s exposure and traffic. Website design, SEO services, and the e-commerce website design are just a few of the things they provide. Its SEO consultants are professionals in search engine research and planning, so you can be certain that if you engage them, you’ll be in good hands.

12. East Side Mafia

May be an image of text that says "eastsidemafia."

Another SEO specialist in Singapore, East Side Mafia, offers moderately cost bespoke site design services. They guarantee high-level website architecture, in-depth keyword analysis, site interlinking, and, of course, SEO. To ensure that you appear at the top of Google search results, East Side Mafia employs a three-step technique. Their evaluation includes not just your website, but also other connected firms, allowing you to keep ahead of your competition.

13. Notion Age

May be an image of text that says "NotionAge Premium Search Marketing Solutions"

In 2001, Notion Age was established. The company has grown to become one of Singapore’s top SEO experts throughout the years. They’re also well-known for their marketing and SEO/SEM expertise. Notion Age’s staff consists of various SEO/SEM professionals as well as seasoned internet marketers.

When it comes to providing the highest quality work, they are all devoted and passionate. They feel that if they establish high goals for themselves, they would be able to provide good service to their customers.

14. AUN Global Marketing

May be an image of text that says "AUN Global Marketing Pte. Ltd."

In 2010, AUN Global Marketing launched its operations in Singapore. The corporation, however, has been in operation since 1998, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. They have swiftly expanded throughout Asia over the years, assisting innumerable businesses along the way.

In addition to Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Vietnam, they now operate regional offices in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. It made them one of the world’s few publicly traded corporations specialising in digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Singapore Social Media Statistics You Should Know Of

Singapore is the world’s third most technologically advanced country, according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index for 2020. It’s simple to understand why, with blazing connection speeds and world-class penetration rates. With that, approximately 88% of Singapore’s population has access to the Internet and spends nearly 7 hours each day interacting with friends and family, according to estimates. In this article, we will be discussing Singapore’s social media statistics from its importance to which platform will benefit you.


How Is Social Media Impactful In Singapore?

Social Media (gif) by Jen Maestas on Dribbble

Singapore has a comparatively high social media penetration rate when compared to other ASEAN countries. With penetration rates of 89.3% and 86%, respectively, it is comparable to nations such as South Korea and Malaysia. With that, the majority of Singaporeans spend around 2 hours each day on one or more social media platforms.

YouTube has the greatest number of Singaporean users of any social media platform, with 4.4 million subscribers. With 4.06 million users, Facebook trails by a slight margin. This is most likely due to the variations in the intended functions of Facebook and YouTube. The former was designed to be a social networking site, while the latter was developed to share and consume material.

With the passage of time, both sites have developed a number of features that appeal to users in different ways. “Stories,” which are essentially 10- to 30-second portrait films that can be shot and edited on the fly, are one such feature. Additionally, Snapchat, another social media app, was the first to promote the usage of stories. However, the number of Singaporeans who use Snapchat has dropped substantially in recent years.

The emergence of TikTok, a video-based social networking site, is responsible for this shift. TikTok has expanded tremendously in just three years, amassing a global user base of 1.5 billion individuals. This site has amassed over a million users in Singapore over its development. It has also caught the attention of Singapore’s younger social media users in the process.

72.8% of Singapore’s 4.96 million consumers use social media only through their mobile phones. This makes sense, given that the country has over 8.5 million mobile connections, or 1.45 per person, making it the world’s most mobile-connected country by 2020. This equates to 145% of Singapore’s population, implying that many individuals own several mobile devices. When you filter out individuals who only use laptops or desktop computers, the number of users drops dramatically.

Singaporeans Social Media Habits

assorted-color social media signage

The majority of Singaporeans spend roughly 2 hours each day on one or more social media platforms. YouTube and WhatsApp were by far the most popular social media networks. YouTube is used by 88.7% of Singapore’s users on a daily basis for general media consumption. According to polls conducted in 2016 and 2017, 45% of Singaporeans prefer YouTube over traditional television programs.

WhatsApp is preferred by 87% of users for pure online conversation over other platforms like as Messenger and WeChat. WhatsApp is now the second most popular social networking site in Singapore. However, if WhatsApp is just used as a communication tool, Facebook takes over the second slot. YouTube, on the other hand, took the top place in December 2020, with 152 million hits.

Facebook, with 98.7 million total visits, and Instagram, with 21.8 million total visits, follow suit. YouTube has the biggest number of Singaporean users of any social networking platform, with 4.4 million subscribers.

With 4.06 million users, Facebook trails by a little margin. This is most likely due to the variations in the intended responsibilities of Facebook and YouTube. The former was designed to be a social networking site, while the latter was built to share and consume material.

With the passage of time, both sites have developed a number of features that appeal to users in different ways. “Stories,” which are essentially 10- to 30-second portrait movies that can be filmed and edited on the move, are one such feature. Snapchat, another social media app, was the first to promote the usage of stories. However, the number of Singaporeans who use Snapchat has dropped drastically in recent years.

In 2019, 18% of Singapore’s social media users utilized Snapchat on a regular basis. After two years, the percentage had reduced to 15.7%, resulting in the loss of nearly 50,000 customers.

This equates to 145% of Singapore’s population, implying that many individuals own several mobile devices. When you filter out people who only use laptops or desktop computers, the number of users drops dramatically. For laptops and desktops, the percentage declines from 72.9% to 1.2%. This demonstrates the ease with which mobile phones may be used to access social media.

Singapore Social Media Statistics By Age

black iphone 4 on brown wooden table

The majority of Facebook users in Singapore are between the ages of 25 and 34, according to surveys done for the year 2020. This subset of Facebook users makes up 34.7% of the island’s total. The second-largest age group on Facebook is not teens, but rather those in their forties and fifties. 22.3% are between the ages of 35 and 44, according to the same research.

Therefore, these two age groups are made up of people who were in their adolescence or teenage years when Facebook first became popular. With that, they are the most familiar users with the traditional social networking platform.

Alternative platforms like YouTube and TikTok are popular among Singapore’s adolescent population. Because they are mostly video-based, these two platforms stand out from the throng. 90% of YouTube’s users are between the ages of 16 and 34. 

With that, YouTube appeals to these younger users since most videos can be viewed on all devices anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, owing to the availability of numerous content providers in the same age group, adolescent consumers utilise YouTube.

In terms of user age groups, the third most popular site, Instagram, is in a similar scenario. According to the report, 85% of Instagram users in Singapore are between the ages of 16 and 24. According to Crowd DNA’s global poll, 52% of Instagram users prefer the app because of the feeling of community it generates.

Whereas, another 53% responded that the software assists them in defining who they are. 63% of those polled said they used the app to keep track of key dates and events. In addition, nearly three out of four users indicated they submitted photos at least once a month. Instagram has evolved into a modern-day scrapbook or personal picture album in many ways.


Singapore Statistic On Abuse In Social Media

Nuts! Out of control. Do something!': American robocall outrage

Cyberbullying is a common occurrence among younger Singaporeans who lack the expertise to cope with it. According to a Talking Point poll, three out of every four young Singaporeans have been the victim of cyberbullying. As the number of people using social media grows, these kinds of incidents will become more common. Users should be informed on the impacts of cyberbullying as well as how to prevent it in order to effectively handle this increasing problem.

Furthermore, as another kind of online digital harassment, Singaporeans are increasingly vulnerable to cyber frauds perpetrated through different social media platforms. Identity theft and impersonation were used in the majority of these frauds on Instagram and Facebook.

Scammers impersonating relatives, friends, or imitating legal vendors, as well as distributing malware-infected links, are examples of social media frauds. The number of instances increased to 1175 in the first half of 2020. The isolation, uncertainty, and anxiety produced by the COVID-19 epidemic are said to be major factors in the surge in fraud.

Whether it’s cyberbullying or cyber fraud, education will always be a user’s best protection against social media abuse. Learning how to spot potential fraudsters on social media sites would be extremely beneficial to older users.

These Are the Best Website Builders to Help Kickstart Your Ecommerce Journey

Simply to say, the internet is now and if you’re not on it then you’re missing out on golden opportunities. These are the opportunities that you can grow and with the power of the internet can be something bigger than you expected it would be. However, you might be reluctant because of your lack of knowledge of making websites. It’s 2021 and everything is made easier so here are the best website builders in Singapore!

Everyone is migrating online but not everyone is a pro coder, easily making websites of their own through endless lines of codes and syntax. But that’s what’s great about the internet! We have evolved and innovated, taking problems and creating simple and easier solutions. Nowadays, many are encouraging us to move businesses and companies to the online realm while reassuring us that the process is easier than we thought. However, we need to start somewhere and having your own site using a website builder is where we begin.


What Is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a tool that makes constructing a website easier and simpler. It is a program that uses templates as guides where you can easily modify and design to your taste. Using these tools can make building websites faster and before you know it, a few hours later you have a complete, functional running website.

There are many out there on the web with different features and functions. It may seem overwhelming at first but that’s why you have us to tell you the best of the best!



You’re reading our article on the Mapletree Media website but did you know behind this, we personally use WordPress! This website builder is one of the most well-known and most used by many big websites across the entire net. Additionally, WordPress is great for blogging or simple content to start but it is also highly customisable as well.

Furthermore, it has a wide array of add-ons to choose from, making it just another step easier to add features to your website. WordPress also has built-in SEO tools to give you a helping hand at boosting your website through relevant search results.

Mapletree Media provides web development services through WordPress to deliver high-quality pages focused on driving traffic for your website. We have had multiple clients highly satisfied with the results we deliver. Check out our portfolio or contact us for further details.



If we’re talking about one of the earliest website builders in the game, Volusion is a true pioneer. It’s straight to business- literally! This website builder’s mission is to help assist businesses to create their work online without being too complicated. This is great if you simply want to create an online presence but to have it be direct with no frills. Additionally, it’s easily customisable, using drag and drop blocks for easy placement. 



Wix is an online website builder with tools to make your e-commerce projects easy and effective. Whether you’re looking for an online landing page or you’re already set to launch a full e-commerce store. Moreover, this website builder has templates, tools and hosting options programmed to take your e-commerce business to the next level. You can use these tools with no technical expertise as they are super simple to understand and navigate.



Built for enterprise-level companies wanting to scale their online presence, BigCommerce boasts of easy product management, a built-in shopping cart and full design customization so that you can create the look you desire. To add, it offers you the ability to sell globally and to connect your website to SEO tools that can boost your visibility.

However, this website builder isn’t cheap. This is especially when you consider the fact that you need your own domain name and web hosting to use it. Despite that, it’s great for B2B businesses with significant capital to invest in their online presence.



Next on our list is Weebly; it is an easy and user-friendly website builder that allows you to share your ideas and gain customers worldwide. This website builder offers a variety of features that will help you sell products, organise orders, ship goods, and make payments through secure credit card transactions. 

Additionally, Weebly also provides you with marketing tools like Facebook ads, email campaigns, and many more for better customer acquisition and business growth.



For those who are not great with technical stuff, Squarespace makes it effortless to create a professional-looking website in no time. It is built on a responsive framework; the platform provides you with over 100 premade layouts that can be customised to suit your purpose. With their easy-to-use style editor, you can ensure that each element is well adjusted for optimal presentation.

Additionally, there are unlimited reasons for building a website with Squarespace: creating a portfolio, documenting travels, hosting an eCommerce site for your speciality products. The number of styles and layouts you can fill a website with are only restricted by your imagination!



Whether you have a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, Shopify powers your business. This e-commerce platform enables you to manage your online store from any device. Moreover, what’s great about this website builder is that they are constantly striving to improve and deliver even better functionality and a more intuitive interface. Shopify is the most simple and affordable way to start an online store.

Mapletree Media provides web development services through Shopify to deliver high-quality pages focused on driving traffic for your website. We have had multiple clients highly satisfied with the results we deliver. Check out our portfolio or contact us for further details.

WebHost SG

Lastly, WebHost SG takes website design to a whole new level. Their state-of-the-art, easy-to-use website builder allows you to do everything right from your own convenience. Additionally, their drag and drop website builder allows you to put your visions into actual designs. No technical skills are required, so anyone can do it. 

Simply choose your layouts, preferred colour scheme, pictures and videos, and you’re good to go! Whatever you decide on, you can be sure that they’re all available for an affordable price with WebHost SG!


GoDaddy Web Hosting - Review 2021 - PC Mag Middle East

GoDaddy is a highly user-friendly website builder and the quickest outright website builder. With its design aid, all you have to do is enter your information and GoDaddy will develop a bespoke website for you to modify. The building process is really simple and quick thanks to simple layouts and instructions for adding features to your site. Because of its straightforward structure and design-assisted style, GoDaddy should check all of the boxes for smaller site offers and enterprises.


Zyro Website Builder Review | PCMag

Zyro is a simple website builder with attractive designs. The features it does have are of quite good quality, however, it lacks the features of a top builder. In fact, Zyro may be described as a “little Wix.”

It is less expensive than our top website builder selection, but it does not have all of the same features. They’re not only user-friendly for your website’s visitors, but they’re also simple to change, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

Jimdo Creator

Bring Your Business Online | Websites & More – Jimdo

Jimdo is a simple website builder that works well for simple websites rather than complicated or showy ones. While it is more restricted than many of the competitors (particularly in terms of functionality and customization options), it compensates for excellent usability. Jim has all of the essential elements for creating a website.

However, if you want the ability to alter, customise, or design anything more complicated, the builder will rapidly become stiff. Jimdo offers a free plan that allows you to construct without risk, as well as two premium options that range from $9 to $15 each month.


Duda Website Builder Review | PCMag

Duda is a clear winner for anybody looking for a clean, professional, and straightforward website design. Drag-and-drop functionality is paired with organised and beautiful templates to make the builder simple to use. This makes it ideal for anyone who is interested in design but isn’t ready to have complete creative control over their website. There are more than 90 designs to pick from, with topics ranging from business to leisure.

You have creative flexibility over customization, but you’re still mostly guided by your selected design within the template’s limitations. These capabilities make Duda excellent for web designers building many websites for customers, which is exactly what it was designed for. They also provide you with the ability to create progressive, customised web apps, which is a huge plus for any serious business owner.



Creating websites today is easier and more simplified but there is still so much more that needs to be done when developing a high-quality website. With Mapletree Media, leave the job to us and we will only ever deliver end results that are highly satisfactory to have you start your successful website journey. The developer team behind the many existing websites under Mapletree Media proves the quality and dynamic features. They are well equipped with designs of the latest trends, keeping the client’s best interest, goals and vision intact.

How To Understand Freelance Graphic Designers Rates In Singapore

Whether you’re a start-up firm or a high-rise enterprise, anyone can benefit from hiring a freelance graphic designer. These skilled professionals are being outsourced by major companies as the pros outweigh the cons. However, if you’re interested but wondering how much the rates are to hire one then you better sit down and get comfortable. This is because, in this article, we are breaking down why you should hire freelance graphic designers, the rates and where to find them.


Realistic Understanding: Professional Designers Have A Hefty Price Tag

19 GIFs for Designers ideas | graphic design, graphic, design

It’s not always easy to find someone to help you with your design job. Corporate designers, who work for traditional design firms, have fixed rates that are rarely negotiated. Those fees might be prohibitively expensive for certain people. High prices deter people from looking for simple designs or a one-time assignment.

As a result, many people with design jobs have turned to freelancers for help. Freelance designers’ prices are frequently flexible, even if they are already low.

They are also adaptable in terms of the kind of employment they accept, preferring to work on long-term initiatives or campaigns. Freelancers are driven since their livelihood is contingent on the number of work they can secure. This implies that if you broaden your search, you may save a little money on design while still getting the services of highly trained and dependable designers.

However, it’s not to say that hiring professional graphic designers is bad or you shouldn’t at all. In fact, if you want to ensure a trusted designer with an important project, you want someone that’s experienced with sharpened skills in graphic design. They are more dependable with the delivery of high-quality results such as the services we offer. This in turn not only ensures you satisfactory service but also will make your project a success. Just look at some examples from our previous projects.

Why Hire Freelance Graphic Designers?

More reliable

In the case of freelancers, a list of experiences, recommendation letters from former clients, and a broad portfolio are far more reliable. There’s no harm in taking these things as evidence of their abilities and service quality. The graphic designers have achieved all of these credentials on their own. Although ratings and reviews provide information about agencies, they cannot be relied upon to be reliable.

You have no idea if the designer who achieved the high rating for the organisation has departed or is still working with them. Many times, agencies may engage freelancers to complete their jobs. Freelance graphic designers with the abilities and expertise you want are the greatest option since, unlike marketing companies, they are the single owners of their credibility.


The cost will surely be the first thing that comes to mind as a logical businessperson when employing any aid. Furthermore, there is little doubt that freelancers are the most cost-effective option. Freelancers, unlike marketing firms, do not need to maintain an office or pay employees because they are independent contractors.

Even if a freelancer establishes an office, it will be significantly smaller than that of upmarket firms. Individual tax responsibilities and other government-imposed duties are also insignificant when compared to well-established commercial entities.

Flexible hours

You may occasionally want urgent graphic design services. If you ever find yourself in this scenario, the only person who can help you is a freelancer. Flexible working hours are not simply a benefit to freelancers; they may also be beneficial to customers. Marketing firms, like any other company or organisation, have a formal office culture with set working hours.

When you approach them with an urgent job on weekends or at odd hours, it will be difficult for them to entertain you. Because freelancers are their own bosses, there’s a good possibility they’ll adapt their own schedule to accommodate your pressing need. They would go to great lengths to make you happy since their prosperity is contingent on your success.

Faster results

With a freelance graphic designer, the work cycle is faster since there are no middlemen. Because of the vast chain of persons working in marketing firms, the process of completing a task gets excessively drawn out. Your request is not conveyed to the designer directly, and the final design is not sent to you immediately. If you want to make changes to the design, your request will be routed through the lengthy procedure again.

Although the technique is followed for your benefit, it causes the work to be delayed needlessly. You obtain your designs from a freelancer as soon as the designer completes them. Between the completion of a design and its delivery, there is no time gap. You may also leave a remark right now and get the design corrected sooner.

Effective communication

To present the design expressing your company’s personality, a graphic designer must first comprehend your expectations, vision, and objective. Because it is one-to-one contact, you can transmit your message more effectively to a freelance graphic designer. When you employ an agency to handle your company’s needs, you’ll usually communicate with the person in charge of maintaining client relationships, rather than the graphic designer himself. Everything you say goes through a conduit to the graphic designer.

During the process, certain important messages may be lost or misconstrued. By hiring a freelancer, you will be able to immediately comprehend each other’s points of view. As a result, recommending adjustments becomes a simple and quick procedure.


Where To Hire Freelance Graphic Designers


Dribbble's CEO accused of suspending an artist's account for criticizing the site's changes - The Verge

Dribbble is a freelance design community that includes web designers, illustrators, icon artists, graphic designers, logo designers, creatives, and more. Their job board has become the go-to place for many firms looking to employ top freelance designers. Dribbble allows you to separate various designers depending on their skill set and geographical region while seeking freelance graphic designers. You can also read their bio, read their reviews, and see some of the projects they’ve worked on.


Behance Curation: Philosophy and Approach | by Behance | Behance Blog | Medium

Behance is a website where independent designers can show off their work and network with possible clients. More than 7 million creatives call it home, and more than 65 million design work are seen each month. Behance, which is owned by Adobe, has a thriving community of designers searching for jobs. As an employer, you have the option of posting a position and having people recommended to you based on the parameters you provide.

LinkedIn ProFinder

What to Know about LinkedIn ProFinder?Over 50, 000 highly competent in-demand freelancers can be found on LinkedIn ProFinder, including expert illustrators, web designers, graphic designers, and more. You may rapidly explore a list of top freelance designers, check for relevant experience, obtain direct estimates, and read recommendations using the site. It’s as simple as signing up and describing your design requirements. The next thing you know, you’re getting bids from some of the platform’s most talented freelance designers.

99 Designs

99designs - Hire The Best Designers For Your Business - Your Tech Story

99 Designs, one of the world’s leading graphic design marketplaces, has assisted over 364,000 businesses in finding the perfect talent for their projects. Simply go to 99 Designs and fill out their creative brief to get started. Your job contest will then be shared with over 1 million designers by 99 Designs. In a few days, the designers will start submitting their concepts to you.


UX Hires | LinkedIn

UXHires is a freelancing marketplace exclusively for UI and UX designers, as well as UX researchers. You may engage over 10,000 highly talented and experienced freelance designers via them. They do not, however, link you directly with freelancers.

Instead, contact UXhires and describe your job requirements; they’ll do their best to match you with the perfect people based on experience, talents, and personality. They just added the option of posting a job and waiting for qualified candidates to apply.


Design Services & DIY Tools | Print on Demand Merch | Designhill

One of the most popular graphic design marketplaces is Designhill. They have one of the most basic operating principles. All you must do as an employer is go to the site and establish a contest. You’ll be asked to add the award, the length, and a brief description.

Once you’ve finished the contest, go ahead, and post it, and you’ll start receiving dozens of submissions from designers all around the world. You will be able to select your favourite design work from the entries submitted and collaborate with the designer whose work you have approved. They also give a money-back guarantee if none of the submissions meets your requirements.


Speedlancer: Best Freelance Design, Writing, Marketing Teams

SpeedLancer can link you with some of the top freelance graphic designers you’ll ever meet. Approximately 500 highly experienced graphic designers are grouped into teams on the site at the time of writing. Individual freelancers are not involved in any of the projects. If you have a project, you may go to the platform and go through the teams to see which one you believe is most suited to tackle it.


Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online | Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the most well-known freelancing platforms, with a well-established methodology for linking businesses with competent freelancers. To get started, simply go to the platform and register. Next, write your employment ad and specify the amount of money you’re willing to pay. Bids will be submitted by the candidates.

You may browse through the bids and take your time looking over their profiles and portfolios before deciding on one. You may also choose whether to pay them per hour or provide a fixed cost for the entire assignment.


The Best Websites to Hire Freelance Designers | GraphicMama Blog

Krop is a freelancing marketplace that caters to both part-time and full-time workers. They offer a straightforward hiring procedure. You may either go through the portfolios of different freelancers and employ one right away, or you can post your job on their job board and wait for freelancers to apply.

On Krop, a single job ad costs $199. However, when you submit more jobs, this number decreases. They have over 100,000 portfolios, but you can only view them if you pay a $299 monthly subscription fee.

Art Wanted - Art Community for Artists and Photographers

If you’re looking to hire a creative individual, such as an illustration, artist, or graphic designer, Art Wanted is a wonderful place to start. Freelancers have the option of creating a portfolio. They can also sell some of their own works.

To say the least, there are a lot of talented people on the platform. You may search for talents using keywords and then contact them personally if you believe they’d be a good fit for your project.

WORKnHire (@WorknHire) / Twitter

WORKnHIRE is an Indian freelance marketplace where you may employ thousands of freelancers from all around the world. It’s a simplistic platform with an easy design and a simple working premise. You may then submit your job and wait for freelancers to bid on it after you’ve signed up.

Following the receipt of a quote, you may study each candidate’s profile to learn more about them, including their abilities, price, and reviews. If you’re happy, you may employ the freelancer and wait for them to complete the task within the agreed-upon deadline.

Donna Jobs

Only female freelancers are listed on Donna Jobs. As a result, only use the site if you’re looking to hire female designers.

The platform may be used in two ways. The first involves looking through several profiles and selecting a female expert who you believe is more prepared to undertake your assignment. The second option entails posting a work request and waiting for freelancers to respond.

Design Crowd

99designs vs DesignCrowd: What's the difference and which should you choose? - 99designs

Design Crowd is a global network of independent designers. It’s a simple platform that allows companies to outsource jobs to freelance designers directly. The platform offers a quick response, many design concepts, low-cost services, and no risks. Design Crowd, like other comparable sites, asks you to post your project brief, which must include all your critical needs.

You must also select a plan that best meets your design requirements. After that, interested designers can submit their design concepts to you. However, unlike other comparable sites, Design Crowd allows you to share your submitted items for ranking with your team or friends.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs Logo, HD Png Download - kindpng

Facebook, the New York Times, and Mercedes Benz are just a few of the firms that have utilised Authentic Jobs to identify the best freelance designers available. To advertise your job offer on Authentic Jobs, you will, of course, have to pay a fee. However, since they have some of the greatest freelance designers you’ll ever come across online, the price will be well worth it. Furthermore, they provide a money-back guarantee if you are unable to discover a freelance designer that meets your requirements.

Rates On Hiring Freelance Graphic Designers

Quarantine and Chill on Behance

With most of the platforms on the list, the average cost of hiring a freelance graphic designer is $140. Graphic designers with more expertise charge between $65 and $150 per hour, while those with less experience price between $25 and $55 per hour.

It will take some effort on your part as well as a lot of patience. You must supply project specifics, post the assignment on freelancing websites, and then filter out the bad answers until you reach a select few that you believe are capable of handling the work. Make it obvious that you’re not asking for advice, but rather a pricing estimate for the project.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Website in Singapore?

With an increasing number of business owners getting online, there is a warning from experts that more maintenance will be required to keep up the pace. It is true that getting your first website up and running is relatively inexpensive. However, what many fail to realise is that maintaining a website is also an ongoing cost that can be substantial. With that, Mapletree Media is here to give you the 101 on how much it costs to maintain a website in Singapore.

Business owners are fretting over their ignorance of how much a website costs to run. Therefore, many business owners fail to understand the amount of work involved in maintaining a website. Thus, this can potentially hurt their businesses. To remedy this situation, professional help must be enlisted.



Domain names are like real estate. It’s easier for you to get your hands on a premium address in a hot location than anywhere else. Premium domains are carefully selected in such a way that they are easy to remember, easy to type in and spell-check friendly. That being said, domain names that sound easy are probably tied to a hefty price tag.

Domain fees are paid once a year (a fee that’s paid to the company that registers your domain), and you’ll need to pay renewal fees each year after registration. Here are estimated prices for the extension you choose.

  • .com = $20/year
  • .net = $20/year
  • = $60/year
  • .sg = $60/year

You may have noticed that .sg is a little on the pricier side. This is because if you’re targeting a local audience, you have to pay the price as it is high in demand but low in supply. Despite that, it is an investment worth doing.



Web hosting services allow you to upload and store your website files onto a website provider’s servers so your website content will be available to people on the internet. Your information is protected by a firewall within the hosting provider’s infrastructure, reducing the risk of hacking. Many web hosting services offer email addresses and domain name registration as part of your hosting plan.

Here are some popular Web Hosting Providers in Singapore:

  • Hostinger
  • SiteGround
  • Exabytes SG
  • A2 Hosting
  • Vodien

The first thing to think about when you are approaching web hosting is how much disk space you want. This can vary from less than 1 GB to as much as a terabyte. In most cases though, less than 100GB is more than enough for an average website that gets some 10,000 unique visitors a day.

There are two types of hosting. One is shared hosting and the other, dedicated hosting. With shared hosting, your site shares a server with many sites and that means it is slower. Dedicated hosting is much faster, as it has its own server and the price depends on the RAM you need, so more will cost you more.

If we had to be definitive, choosing a shared hosting will range from $10 to $50 a month. Where on the other hand, dedicated hosting could bring around a cost of $2000+ a month. In the end, weigh the pros and cons carefully.


Building Your Site

Now comes the actual part of building the website. Put down those programming books because long gone are times of relying on coding as means to create a website.

In recent years, the rise of using Content Management System (CMS) platforms like WordPress, Weebly and Wix has become the solution. These popular platforms have made it easy for anyone with little or no coding knowledge to create their own professional website!

CMS like WordPress are free and have no recurring monthly fees which is why it is the most popular option. The majority of hosting providers support WordPress and can easily be installed with no additional fees.

However, CMS like Wix and Weebly are free but you must pay for more advanced features that will give you the full “I have a website” experience. They start at $5 to $20 a month depending on which package you choose.



WordPress provides you with the ability to easily add content to your own website, and even allow you to earn income from it. Though WordPress itself is free, some plugins and themes are not. In addition, most plugins are free until you want additional features which they will then charge you for. As an example, one of the most popular plugins on-site is Yoast which is free until you want to use their premium features which will one-time-only charge you $89.



For a website maintenance service, know what are the most frequent things that need to be updated. Content management is one of the most important parts of a web development service. Additionally, it means that frequent changes or updates will need to be made to your web page content by you or your employees whenever new products are launched or any relevant data needs to be updated about your business.

You can either do it yourself or you can hire a web design service like us, Mapletree Media. We will give you a fuss-free experience and deliver amazing results that are excellent and high in quality. There are many aspects of web maintenance that most web design services will do that can result in a price tag of $500 a month.


FAQ About Cost of Maintaining a Website

Should I do my own website maintenance or hire a developer?

Whether you hire a professional or do your own website upkeep, each method offers advantages and disadvantages. Finally, the overall cost of website maintenance is determined by your requirements as well as the amount of time, money, and effort you are ready to invest.

Hiring a professional might cost anything from $2500 to $10000 each month. Professional website maintenance services manage the site’s more complicated and technical components, saving website owners time and effort. Regular software upgrades, site security monitoring, and performance optimization are all services provided by website maintenance companies.

Hiring a professional is a great alternative for company owners who want to devote their time and attention to more important duties, such as marketing tactics and content production. The disadvantage of employing professional website maintenance services is that you will pay more for their experience and high-quality work, which will result in a higher website maintenance cost.

A DIY strategy results in lower website maintenance expenditures; we’re talking about $150 on average. It’s a great alternative for novices looking to save money or for people who enjoy being hands-on with technical upkeep. Learning how to maintain your own website may be done in a very short period of time thanks to the abundance of free materials accessible nowadays.

Self-maintaining a website serves two purposes: it allows you to learn new skills and maintain control over the site’s setups. One disadvantage of maintaining a website yourself is that learning new skills and putting them into practice takes time. Managing all of the technical parts of the site may often be difficult.

What are the consequences of a badly maintained website?

Your material will become outdated without frequent updates and adequate maintenance, and if you genuinely fall behind, your domain name may expire, meaning you will no longer have a website to maintain! When your domain name expires, links break, photos disappear, the material gets outdated, and your rankings plummet. If you don’t have someone looking after your website, problems like an expired domain name and outdated material might develop.

How often should I maintain my website?

There are no hard and fast rules for how often website maintenance should be performed. However, regular website maintenance is recommended to guarantee that everything runs well. Routine maintenance ensures that all software is up to date, eliminates mistakes and latencies, and identifies security flaws. Ongoing maintenance also allows you to detect problems or difficulties early on, reducing the impact on your website’s performance.

Purchasing professional website maintenance services on a quarterly or annual basis is another option to explore. They’ll aid with backups, firewalls, core upgrades, and troubleshooting, among other things.

How much does it cost to maintain a website on a yearly basis?

Annual website maintenance costs range from $500 to $81,000. It depends on the size of the site, the resources available from the hosting provider, and the website maintenance service is chosen. While certain services, such as tech support and website updates, may be paid on a monthly basis, others, such as website upkeep, need a yearly subscription. As your site’s traffic and scope grow, expect to pay more.


Conclusion on Costs to Maintain a Website

The cost of maintaining a website in Singapore can vary, as do the fees you’ll have to pay to ultimately boost your business and profits. Spending more money in the short run may actually make less sense in the long run.

What’s important is that you plan ahead and stick to your budget. Here’s to you starting your online journey.


Everything You Need to Know About SEO Service Pricing in Singapore

Making a website about your company or business seems like an easy task and it is! However, what most people fail to understand is that to have a successful website, you need to have traffic. Then you query, “Right, how do I get traffic to my website?” Let Mapletree Media introduce you to SEO and how much the service pricing is in Singapore.


What is SEO?

To start, let’s get to know the basics. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is a digital marketing strategy to improve your website’s presence through search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, etc. It is a powerful tool that will help you tremendously when it comes to creating a concrete position within search results.

We are currently living in a world where the internet and the rest of the world lie at our fingertips all from a few clicks. When we are seeking an answer to a question such as “Why is the sky blue?” or searching information on the “Best Char Kway Teow in Tanjong Pagar”, we often select the first few links we see. And THAT is exactly what we want.

However, you can’t pay search engines to appear as the first search (as easy as they may sound). The only way to properly get to that part is through organic results which are heavily influenced through SEO.


Is it Really Necessary?

Think about it- the biggest aim of using SEO is to rank and appear on the first page of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). This is because most people won’t go searching for the 2nd, 3rd or so pages. It’s assumed that the top links are more relevant, will be more helpful and most high-quality.

With that, SEO helps to gain organic visibility thus leads to an increase in traffic on your website. This means you will gain more recognition and the purpose of you working hard on your website will finally be worth it.

Additionally, while assessing digital marketing channels, Return On Investment (ROI) is considered a priority, if not the most significant. While SEO results eat away time, an excellent strategy is worth it in the long run as it will eventually deliver excellent ROI. It is known that the first link of SERP receives 33% of all search traffic and due to the increased traffic will boost revenue too.


What Are the Types of SEO?

On-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the content of your website as it strategizes to optimise the site through relevant keywords. From here is where search engines understand your website and the degree of its relevance.

These are the tactics used in on-page SEO:

  • Relevant Keyword Research
  • Creation of Content
  • Optimisation


Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO essentially are actions done off your website to increase and optimise your ranking within search engines through aspects such as popularity, trustworthiness, authority and relevance. In simpler terms, this is done outside of the website such as promoting it on social media, building backlinks, and even a little branded searches never hurt anyone.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is to ensure that your website improves the technical prospect of the site itself while meeting the technical requirement of modern search engines. This in turn will increase the rank of your website through the search pages. Some of the important elements to know include indexing, rendering crawling and website architecture truly are the pillars of Technical SEO.


What to Look for When You Are Choosing the Right SEO Service

Before starting your SEO campaign, one important aspect of investing in SEO service is making you choose the right one specifically for you. There are a plethora of services that you can benefit from but having one that seems too much or too less may not work with you and your budget. With that said, here are three important factors that will help you determine the right SEO service for you.


Choosing an SEO Company That Specialises in What You Need

Most people assume that all SEO companies are the same and that it’s all methodological and very A to Z. However, that is completely false. What is true is that SEO companies all specialise in different areas. For example, if you seek a company that specialises in local visibility but aims for a broader audience, you’re not going to get the results that you expected and your goals will not be met.


Laying Out a Budget Plan That Works for Both Parties

One great thing when quoting pricing for SEO services is that it’s not fixed but instead, both parties are able to fit their work and pay around a budget plan. If your budget is on the tighter side, then you can accept packages that give you the most basic SEO service while still benefiting you. 

However, if you’re okay with investing more then expect to be offered greater services that are more in-depth and extensive which in turn will tremendously improve your SEO rankings.


Understanding What Your Goals Are

Just because you’re paying for SEO services does not mean you can just leave them with a “get me to the top” without proper, clear goals. What most need to understand is that when you outsource your SEO service, you’re doing it long-term because whether you like it or not, it takes time.

That’s why setting your wants and goals is such an important factor so both parties are on the same page. These are some goals that are great to have when it comes to SEO for your website.

  • Accomplishing higher SEO rankings 
  • Establishing credibility and trustworthiness
  • Optimising the speed of the website 
  • Acquiring an increase in social media followers
  • Increase drive of organic visibility and traffic 

What Is Included In SEO Services

SEO Audit

An SEO audit should be included in every SEO company’s services. With an SEO audit, your SEO company examines your present approach in detail. Even if you don’t have an SEO plan in place, your agency will analyse your website from an SEO standpoint, identifying areas where it excels and areas where it may be improved. While free SEO audit tools are available, they will not give your company the same level of information as a team of SEO experts.

As a result, an audit should be included in SEO services. If they don’t, it suggests a lack of planning and investment on the part of your SEO firm. An SEO audit that is missing might indicate that your agency does not intend to design a personalised strategy for your company.

They don’t want to spend the time assessing your site since they employ a template instead. The most effective tactics are those that are personalised to your company, brand, and target audience.

Competitor Analysis

You need a competitive study with your SEO services, no matter how specialised your market is. Your SEO firm may identify online and offline rivals using competition analysis tools. This information may help you plan your approach, allowing you to take advantage of and profit from competition flaws.

While many SEO agencies give an initial competition study as part of their services, you want to work with firms that include competitor assessments into their plan. For example, Mapletree Media evaluates your competition on a regular basis, always seeking and finding chances. We can design competitive strategies for our clients because of this proactive attitude.

Progressive Optimisation

Because SEO is a long-term strategy, the term SEO services usually refer to a relationship between your company and an SEO firm. Because you’re always engaging with your agency, SEO firms should be seen as an extension of your company. This is also why progressive optimization should be part of their offerings. Your SEO service will optimise your site on a regular basis with continual optimization.

They continue to identify methods to develop and strengthen your SEO approach even after your site passes SEO criteria, allowing you to generate more money from SEO. This leads to the creation of fresh material, which is then promoted to bloggers and webmasters in your field. Your organisation and SEO firm can improve your SEO strategy no matter how advanced or effective it is. That’s why it’s vital for your company to work with an agency that understands this and sees the value in your website.

Customised Strategy

The concept of SEO services includes a bespoke plan as a key element. You can optimise your return on investment (ROI) from SEO when you have a strategy that is tailored to your business. More calls, orders, and visits to your business will result as a result of this. If you buy an SEO service bundle, make sure your team gets a customised approach from your firm. It’s critical to invest since if you skimp on SEO services, you may anticipate minimum work and sluggish results.

Your company won’t get the most out of SEO if you choose this method. With these types of techniques, most businesses fail to appear on the first page of search results, which is bad for the company because only a tiny percentage of users continue beyond the first page of search results. That is why it is critical to engage in SEO services that provide customised methods.

On-Page SEO Optimisation

Another important aspect of what SEO services entail is on-page optimization. Your SEO service works on enhancing the elements of your website for search engines like Google via on-page optimization. This might include things like generating a sitemap or changing title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags for search.

We evaluate your website’s information architecture, redirects, and internal linking structure for Mapletree Media. Our staff will also do keyword research and optimization for your website.

Off-Page SEO Optimisation

Off-page optimization should be included in every SEO plan you purchase. It refers to elements outside of your website that impact your search engine ranking. Off-page SEO strategies can boost a website’s domain authority, which is a measure of its trustworthiness and “ability” to rank highly. While on-page SEO helps search engines grasp the semantic meaning of a website and its web pages, off-page SEO helps enhance a website’s authority and Google’s view of which websites should rank first.

This might include reaching out to bloggers and webmasters to promote your website’s content or creating shareable material for your blog. Additional services might include tracking user and influencer mentions of your firm on social media, as well as improving your Google My Business profile, both of which are critical to your SEO.

SEO Monthly Report

You need an agency that your team can trust and rely on, which is why working with an SEO firm that provides frequent monthly reports is essential. As a result, when it comes to SEO services, openness is critical. Your company may get a quick insight into the effects of your SEO campaign with a performance report.

With that, your report might include information on your website’s organic traffic, conversion rate, and search engine rankings. Your SEO company’s services should involve time with your dedicated account manager in addition to receiving a monthly report.


What To Expect: SEO Pricing

To be frank, marketing initiatives for your website such as SEO is an investment that takes up an astounding percentage of your budget. That is why it is important for you to understand what you desire, your goals and your expectations. When it comes to pricing, you need to identify the pros and cons of each package and do a comparison that will benefit you the most.

Specifically, local SEO in Singapore charge per service and per package but despite that, do not hesitate to ask for a basic quotation and work from there. However, there are multiple factors that contribute to the final price point and here are a few:

  • How big is your website
  • Number of pages that need optimisation
  • Number of backlinks needed
  • Amount of technical issues that need to be fixed


 Types of SEO Pricings You’ll Get in Singapore

1. Freelance SEO

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to increase your website traffic and rankings, consider hiring a freelancer. A freelancer who specialises in SEO has experience creating, growing, and optimizing websites. Therefore, depending on the needs of your business, an SEO freelancer can also help you create new pages and post more frequently to social media.

Price: Starting from $200 to $400 per month


2. Basic SEO Package with an Agency

The best approach to an SEO strategy is tailored to the size of your business, and the amount of competition you have, as well as your location. Basic SEO packages from an agency will usually include:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-site Page Optimisation
  • Preliminary Assessment
  • Existing Content Optimization & SEO Copywriting
  • SEO Reporting
  • Internal Linking

Price: Starting from $400 to $700 per month


3. Advance SEO Packages

Advanced SEO Packages offer an advanced approach to online optimization strategies. It takes into account more variables than standard packages and addresses a broader set of issues on-page and off-page. In addition, advanced SEO Packages may require more attention, time, and in-depth knowledge about the online landscape than standard packages.

Price: Starting from $700+ and onwards per month


When Should Your SEO Campaign Start?

If your budget is ready to go, the best time to start investing in SEO is as soon as you can. Time is precious in a competitive world so the longer you delay, the longer it’ll be to accumulate traffic.

Determining SEO service pricing may seem complicated but with a little effort, it can be an easy process. There is a lot to consider when it comes to outsourcing your SEO services, after all, this is for the sake of having a successful website and SEO campaign.


What Affects The Cost Of SEO Services

Website condition

SEO service would most likely look at your website and perform a quick analysis of its state during a page audit. If your page contains useful, user-friendly information, straightforward navigation, infographics, videos, and CTAs (Call to Action), it will only take modest SEO operations to optimise the content, increase internal linking, and conform to Google’s requirements. If your website doesn’t have a lot of content, on the other hand, the SEO procedure will be considerably more complicated, requiring a lot of authoring, development adjustments, and optimization operations.

Number of Pages

Small sites are generally simple to optimise in terms of content. They don’t often have the architectural intricacies that larger sites do, and having fewer pages to optimise implies less effort overall. This, of course, presupposes that the site will remain modest. Part of optimization is ensuring that a site gives value and that keyword targeting allows you to reach as many searchers as feasible.

However, starting with a larger site, the more complicated optimization gets. It might be tough to optimise navigation, but it is necessary for improving the user experience and ensuring that the site has the appropriate landing pages. Depending on the content management system in use, e-commerce presents unique optimization issues, as does optimising product pages for both search and conversions.

Current website position

A good SEO strategy starts with a website audit, which allows the firm to assess your website’s existing position and indicate which parts need to be improved. It’s one of the most essential factors that allows you to estimate the cost of SEO and the time it will take to get the desired results. Reaching the top 10 or top 50 in the search results will be a considerably more difficult and time-consuming procedure if a big percentage of your subpages are listed in distant locations.

Time taken

You should be able to express your expectations and indicate how much you’re willing to pay each month throughout your discussions with an SEO service. This has a direct influence on your score, which essentially translates to the number of working hours the firm will spend improving and optimising your website each month. You can anticipate faster outcomes if you’re willing to pay for additional working hours.

However, this will result in a significantly larger cost for the SEO procedure. That is until your website is tailored to Google’s requirements, your link profile is developed, no internal or external duplicate content exists, and additional activities are carried out solely to maintain high rankings.

Domain history

It should be sufficient to analyse your page ranking and consider what factors might improve the situation in order to identify the most appropriate plan and estimated expenditures. The search engine robots use domain history to gain a general view of your website. The content and actions that have occurred on the domain since its inception, not only after you purchased it, are taken into consideration by Google robots.

That’s why, before you invest in a website, you should look into its domain history. It will be difficult to rehabilitate a page’s status and reputation if it has previously been used for illicit activity.

Industry competitiveness

If you work in a niche business with only a few organisations specialising in the same field, the SEO agency will have an easier time improving your website’s rankings, exposure, and conversions. SEOs can’t only look at what you need to price the cost of any digital marketing campaign successfully. They must also consider what their rivals are currently doing.

Page content

SEO for a website with good content is a lot easier than SEO for a website with no content or content that has been taken from other pages. In the latter situation, Google will immediately detect that you are plagiarising material from other businesses and will punish your website by lowering its ranking. Unique content is becoming increasingly popular as a ranking criterion.

With that, it’s worthwhile to devote time and effort to writing texts that truly assist consumers and respond to their wants. It will not only improve your search engine rankings, but it will also establish you as an expert in the industry. As a result, consumers may return to your website in the future if they require further information or may suggest it to their friends and family.


Mapletree Media SEO Services

Mapletree Media’s team is knowledgeable. We analyze your business needs and develop a search engine optimization strategy customized for your website so that you achieve real ROI. Our SEO services will apply to your

  • Website
  • Content
  • Social Media

Our SEO process is built for you, your audience, and your business. When we build the foundations of your online marketing, we focus on who’s there to see it. Our process begins with an audit of a web property and includes user experience evaluation, conversion rate analysis, competitive research, keyword analysis and content planning/creation. We use this data to determine what improvements will be most beneficial to your online business strategy.

Get your quote here.


The Top Best Web Design Companies in Malaysia

These days every business owner is migrating their products and services to the online world. This is because everyone is now always on their phone hence businesses thrive being on the internet as it is more accessible. However, not everyone is an expert at building websites that require more than simple designs to be successful. Therefore, we are listing out the best web design companies in Malaysia to help kickstart your online journey.

The digital world is ever-evolving; that’s why we need to stay in trend to ensure your business maintains successfulness whether it be online and offline. Websites are a marketing channel for your business. It is where customers find you when they want to reach you and know more about what you offer.

However, just having a website doesn’t mean that everything is taken care of. You have to make sure there is an effective web design process in creating the website. Here are our top picks of web design companies in Malaysia.

 What To Look Out For When Searching For A Website Design Company


What services has the firm provided to other businesses? Do you enjoy their previous work? Looking at previous projects completed by your web design and development agency can give you a decent indication of what they can achieve for you. Pay attention to the finer points of their work so you can tell them what you appreciate and what you don’t believe will work for your company.

Additional services

Choosing a web design firm that provides a variety of internet marketing services might make your life much easier. Everything from search engine optimization to pay-per-click advertising will be handled by a single competent source- in addition to your website design too. Other services to inquire about with your web design firm include online copywriting, professional business email addresses, social media marketing support, and website analytics tools.

Time commitment

When you choose a web design and development firm to work on a project, keep in mind that the company will need to spend time with you and gather information in order to create a website that accurately portrays your organisation. You may opt to write your own website material, but if you want to hire a writer, see if the firm provides this service.

Additionally, ensuring that a corporation can plan out a fair timeframe, or following the timeline you have in mind, can aid in the project’s success. Don’t forget to inquire about how your firm and theirs will continue to work together once the project is over. Will they continue to assist once the website is launched, or will their work be completed once it is available to the public?

Understanding of responsive designs

Responsive design isn’t a passing trend. These days, it’s just the greatest method to create a website. Even Google agrees. If a web design firm isn’t familiar with responsive design or insists that a separate mobile website is always superior, they aren’t the appropriate fit for you.

While a separate mobile site may have certain advantages in some circumstances, responsive design is often the best choice. You must ensure that your business is optimised for every device as mobile and tablet usage continues to rise. You’ll get there with the appropriate web design firm.


New website design firms emerge on a regular basis. Choosing an online marketing firm with decades of expertise will give you peace of mind that your new venture is in excellent hands. A web design firm that deals with a diverse range of sectors is more likely to build a one-of-a-kind website that will appeal to a larger audience. Your website should not be similar to that of the competitors.

Ideas from both client and team

You’re a specialist in your field. As a result, you have a good notion of what you’re offering and how you should convey it to potential buyers. You are the only one who truly understands your business.

You probably don’t want to deal with a web design business that won’t listen to your ideas. Your designer should be able to implement your ideas, not start their own side project.

While it’s critical that your web designer listens to you, you don’t want a firm that can’t provide you competent criticism. You may be an expert in your field, but your website should be developed by someone who is also an expert in design. You aren’t getting your money’s worth if a web design agency does nothing but nod their heads and generate an exact duplicate of what you say. Your designer must be able to come up with innovative concepts.

Best Website Design Companies In Malaysia

1. Mapletree Media

Mapletree Media is a leading web design company in Malaysia based in Singapore. We provide everything you need to make a winning website from concept, creative execution, testing and promotion. Additionally, we provide full website design services and help make your dream website come true.

Our philosophy is to take our clients’ demands into action. From understanding the client needs to ending it by creating extraordinary results that exceed all expectations. We strive to help companies generate leads online by creating innovative user-friendly websites that are attractive, functional and easy to navigate. We do this while maintaining the integrity of their brand identity.


2. Modern Website Design

Modern Web Design offers full web design and development services in Malaysia. Clients appreciate the attention to detail and ability to solve challenging problems. They use analytical research and dynamic web design to create high-quality websites using your brand identity and goals in mind.

Additionally, in order to increase hits and ranks, they optimise the client’s website to unlock their full potential. They have a solid trust in their ideas of website design so you can be confident that your vision will come to life when you work with them.


3. Bike Bear

What do you get when you combine a group of selfless professionals that love what they do with a team with an entrepreneurial spirit? Based in Malaysia, Bike Bear, the agency for those who want to take their web design to the next level. Never short on ideas or creativity, Bike Bear includes blue-chip clients such as Shell, Universal and UNICEF too!

Moreover, the diverse backgrounds of its employees are key to its success: from highly logical individuals in charge of programming to creatives that can help you with content writing. They work together fluidly to come up with fresh strategies that help you reach your goals.


4. Ooi Solutions

Ooi Solutions is a company that specializes in creating customized web design solutions for businesses in Malaysia. They will diligently note down the important aspects of your business so that they can tailor the site to your needs and goals.

In addition, the details that they note down from consultations become the foundations for the site itself. Alongside strategies that they come up with, they believe implementing this will work best for your business. They always take on a personal approach to each project, working closely with clients to create something unique and exactly how you’ll envision it.


5. eJeeBan

eJeeBan is an award-winning agency that offers professional web design for businesses in Malaysia. They are driven by the passion to bring out the best in every web project they do. The features they provide include responsive designs, mobile-friendly designs, and SEO friendly designs.

In addition, they offer secure server hosting options with daily backups and online migration. They believe teamwork makes the dream work. With that, they are forever searching, experimenting, innovating, learning and moving ahead of their time.



6. Winnefy

Winnefy is a professional web design company in Malaysia. It provides innovative web design solutions with the expertise of digital marketing, social media management, SEO and even graphic design. Through its strategic partnerships with top-tier developers, designers, and search engine optimization experts, Winnefy helps clients build their brands online through smart marketing strategies. As a result, this powerful combination has helped Winnefy attract numerous high-profile clients across industries including motor vehicles, consumer goods firms and more!



HUSTLR is a full-service digital agency, specializing in everything digital including web design and they are based in Malaysia. However, they don’t just build websites. They build businesses. They help clients build an online presence that supercharges their business through highly scalable and conversion-focused web experiences.

This is for both their corporate website as well as their eCommerce site or landing page. To be frank, they do more than just creating pretty websites. If you’re serious about marketing your business online and want results, HUSTLR is where you want to go with.


8. Laman7

Laman7 is a web design agency located in Malaysia. They are well-known for their result-driven approach to providing affordable web design services. They value strong communication and work for hand in hand with clients to ensure that they are getting the best web solutions possible for their businesses.

Furthermore, they believe that having a pre-existing website won’t stop them from helping your business grow because they perform audit services to see which aspects of your website needs to be worked on. If you need a new or improved site, Laman7 can help with that as well as maintenance and support services once you launch your new website.

9. KS Global

1 Digital Marketing Company in Malaysia - KS Global

KS Global places a high priority on offering the best web design, e-commerce website development, and SEO solutions to its clients. They take pleasure in advocating for cutting-edge website design and digital marketing techniques that provide tangible results for their clients. Their in-house and freelance website developers are always honing their talents and staying up to date with the latest technology in order to assist their clients in achieving their online sales objectives year after year. At KS Global, they believe that the key to success is combining amazing web design, user experience, current technology, and integrated online marketing in order to create an effective website and eCommerce solutions.

10. Mind Your Web

Mind Your Web - iSearch

Mind Your Web is committed to assisting your company in every manner imaginable. They deal with any sort of organisation, big or little, and their major focus is on producing high-quality bespoke responsive web designs. They are an all-in-one web design firm that offers SEO, eCommerce, and online marketing-focused site design with a money-back guarantee for all of its customers. You have 30 days to refund your cash if you are not happy with their services.

11. VeecoTech

VeecoTech was founded in 2011 with the goal of assisting small and medium-sized enterprises. They collaborate with Google and MDEC, much as the others on this list. In contrast to other firms, their design is compatible with a wide range of devices, including tablets and smartphones. This will help you to reach a broader audience that will appreciate the opportunity to browse your website.

12. WebACE

Best Web Design Malaysia 2021 - Web Development - WebACE

WebACE guarantees that its customers receive expert help and support in the development of future websites, allowing them to save time, resources, and money. For our business owners, they are opening up a world of possibilities. Their expert Web Design Malaysia team is here to help you thrive in business by creating a stunning website, app, or eCommerce website.

Hundreds of clients have already benefited from their services, and they have assisted them in achieving their company objectives. Give them a call if you need a professional website design or development business for your project, and their highly motivated customer service team will take care of it with the utmost care and respect.

13. iTech47

iTech47 Sdn Bhd - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

iTech47 is known for providing the best SEO, digital marketing, web design, and development services in the industry. iTech47’s reputation among businesses has been founded on achieving business goals and maintaining 100% client satisfaction. Their digital strategy is founded on the principles of creativity, distinctiveness, and group experience, all of which are intended to provide favourable results.

After all, iTech47 is a company that strives for perfection. iTech47’s work demonstrates its top-notch reliability, principles, and tactics from planning to development to execution.

14. Geeks Working

Geeks Working is a Malaysian firm with roughly ten workers that focuses on information technology. The company claims to have accomplished projects including digitising business by installing sites and developing applications, while only being in the sector for only 8 years. The firm may develop anything from a simple website to a complex application that satisfies the client’s personal and commercial demands by utilising various software such as Adobe and WordPress.

15. Rozzario

Rozzario (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) - Contact Phone, Address

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Rozzario, which is why their staff goes above and beyond to offer you the tools you need to expand your business. In terms of website creation, this means taking the time to talk with you about your company’s history and what you want to achieve in the future. They’ll use these facts to develop and create a website that’s tailored to your company’s requirements. You may anticipate the design to be not only attractive but also completely practical.

16. Virtual Spirits

Virtualspirit | LinkedIn

Virtual Spirit is a web and mobile app development firm that combines the two to maximise your business’s potential. With this company’s services, you can bring your business into the digital era and receive more than your money’s worth! Virtual Spirit also offers technical consultancy services to help company owners understand how their websites and applications function.

17. Ulement

Ulement Sdn Bhd - Exabytes Partners Listing

Through Ulement’s 3-step approach for creating creative yet effective websites for businesses, website visitors may be converted into devoted clients. They start with branding, which entails figuring out what sets your company distinct from the competition while also analysing the market’s nuances. The design and development process follows after that. No need to be concerned; they’ll keep you informed every step of the process, ensuring that their strategies are tailored to your company’s needs.

18. Eejeban

Eejeban is a multi-award-winning web design firm. What makes them distinctive is that they assist firms in remaining relevant. They provide aspirational branding, quality websites, smart thinking, and usable mobile web apps. Additionally, they believe in working together as a group.

They are always on the lookout, experimenting, inventing, learning, and staying ahead of the curve. People trusted them since they had previously worked for large corporations.

19. Kang Xiang | Website Design Malaysia, Puchong New Village Mobile

Kang Xiang is a freelance web design firm situated in Puchong, Malaysia, that was started in 2012. The firm has been recognised and promoted by organisations such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, GoodFrims, Clutch, Exabytes, and Sortlist, among others, and specialises in secure and rapid search engine optimization. Their website, which is also a Google partner, provides a wealth of information on website design and optimization in their related links area. Furthermore, their clientele praise them for being educated, helpful, and accommodating, as well as having a cheap and competitive pricing and a quick response.

20. DEZGN Studio


DEZGN Studio is one of the firms giving the greatest website design in Malaysia, having been built under the influence of a wonderful design process. When it comes to solving business problems via design, the team takes care to take a collaborative approach. That is why they are so successful.

They are confident in their web design concepts, and you will be a part of the process. Their websites are meticulously created to meet your unique aims; therefore, they greatly exceed their competition.

21. 8verstudio

8verstudio has a talented team of designers, web and mobile developers, and project managers. They possess all of the necessary attributes to give you with Premium & Excellence Creative Digital Services to meet your online requirements. They are proud to have serviced a variety of people and businesses throughout the years. Furthermore, they have established a solid name for themselves as a result of their dependable services and friendly staff.

22. Mirum Agency

12 Best Website Design Services Malaysia [2022] - FunEmpire

Mirum is active in 24 different countries. They reorganise work, create imaginative digital adventures, and do business on a global and local level using a worldwide network of experts. They are a component of the WPP Network and the J. Walter Thompson Company.

The services have a high return on investment. They have a good communication strategy that includes setting clear expectations. Their responsiveness builds a great working relationship with clients.


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