graphic design trends, Graphic Design Tips 2018

Understanding how each element influences your design lets you create something that evokes a specific emotion, complements your content, and aligns with your brand. Some of the most useful tips are not anything fancy, but may help you improve essential elements of your designs, here are a few basic graphic design trends and tips you can follow this 2018.

Text fit on the page

If you use the design elements arbitrarily, your design will arbitrary, too. By tightening the line height, the type is contained compositionally in a block. The background image has been cropped to reduce noise that might obstruct readability.

Contrasting Typefaces

Pairing fonts are one of the most common areas that stump people who are starting out with graphic design. A great rule of thumb is to choose fonts with high contrast. This will help the fonts balance each other out while still creating a feature in your design. Pick a font that stands out for your titles and headers, but for your subtitles and body content, you will want to pick a simple font that is visually appealing and easily readable.

Strong graphics

With the application of saturation and a bold typeface, the combination of graphic elements in this graphic makes it high-impact. The typeface you choose determines the tone of your message.

Overlay photos

Whether you are using an image as a background or a series of colored shapes, there are endless ways to experiment. Use your forms and structure within your graphic as a way to decipher where to place your text. You do not always need to include type to make a beautiful design. This graphic is supposed to evoke the feelings of aspiration and inspiration. The key element of this design is the application of letter spacing. This tip is a great way to push your compositional skills.

Use shapes to create contrast and offset your text from your background image

Many people are surprised at how much they can accomplish using shapes. Shapes and icons are great tools to use when creating interesting and informative social media posts.

Create a style by using rotated letters

Crop your image so that you have copy space to work with when applying your text. Ambigrams are one of those things that you can go your whole life without noticing and then realize that they’re everywhere once you learn to see them. In its most basic form, an ambigram can be a simple symbol that looks the same as two or more orientations. More complex forms involve words, groups of words or even entire sentences.

Apply a color from your background to your type for a cut-out effect

Use an eyedropper tool to collect tones, ensuring consistency of color within your graphic. Here the creamy color of the sky has been used in the text.

Make beautiful collages with your favorite photos using grids

Grids are a unique tool which helps you layout and edit your images to create professional effects. Images with similar themes were placed in this grid to create an eye-catching composition. The horizon line of each photo has been lined up, and a unique filter was applied to all the images for consistency.