Are you writing effective and compelling product descriptions, or are you just copying off the manufacturer’s brochure or website?  MapleTree Media, which provides web copywriting services in Singapore, gives these tips on how to turn every product description into a powerful sales pitch.

DON’T copy product descriptions from other websites

Google and other search engines will penalize your website for duplicate content. You need to write original text (and not just change a couple of words here or there) to protect your search engine ranking.

Besides, product descriptions are a great chance to connect to your audience and even boost your SEO scores! A professional website copywriter can include target keywords and link them to blogs and other content on your website. Both those keywords and links will help bring up your website ranking and searchability.

DO reach a minimum of 350 words

That’s the recommended length for both search engines and meeting the customer’s needs. The worst thing you can do is just put 1 or 2 sentences (often called a “stub’). It can turn off buyers who view the lack of information as bad customer service, and you’re not giving any content for search engines to crawl.

DON’T use vague and flowery language

A lot of product descriptions are just stuffed with adjectives and superlatives like “It’s the best!” or “breakthrough technology!” But see how effective it is when you go into product details. 

DO give numbers, if you have them

Numbers give credibility. Look at these examples of powerful product descriptions:

  • “Clinical trials prove that it improves skin elasticity by 95%.”
  • “Over 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon!”
  • “1.5 million bottles sold.”

DO translate features into benefits

Features are impersonal descriptions of what a product looks like, what it’s made of, and what it does. Benefits translate features into how it can help a reader.

This is an example of just listing features. It’s not very helpful for a buyer, is it?

web copywriting services product description

Compare this to a product description that shows how those features will benefit the reader. Wouldn’t you feel more inclined to buy the product now?



web writing services product description

DO use creative storytelling

If you don’t have numbers, then engage your customers with storytelling. That’s one of the benefits of hiring professional web copywriting services. They can add flair and fun to an otherwise “generic” product description.

DO use a conversational tone

Unless you’re a B2B site targeting a very specific audience, you should keep your product descriptions free of technical jargon. Ask yourself, “How will my customer describe this product to a friend?”

DO use short, simple formats

Most people will scan product descriptions. Use bullet points or checklist formats so they can quickly get an idea of the features. If you have a lot to say about a product, break your product description into sections.  This is a great example by Samsung:


MapleTree Media  can help you create compelling product descriptions, landing pages, and other website content. Contact us and find out more about what we can do for you.