The best SEO writing services use a mix of carefully selected keywords. But what kinds of keywords should you use, especially when the most obvious search terms are already dominated by your competitors? This list can help you create content that is optimized for search.

Use keywords that target your market segment

The market segment keyword is a general phrase that shows your industry or the general category of your brand. For example: Organic skincare, makeup

Use keywords that define your customer or audience

These keyword phrases capture how customers would describe themselves or their needs whenever they do an internet search. For example: Organic skincare for older women, makeup for oily skin

One of the advantages of getting a professional SEO article writing service is that you can naturally include these keywords in your product descriptions, home page, blogs, and meta descriptions. You are able to help peoplediscover your brand when they do a related search.

Use keywords around your product or service offerings

The best SEO writing services includes a keyword strategy for all of your specific products and services. So when people try to find you, they land on your website instead of other resellers. For example: Chorus Supernatural organic skincare, L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24 Hour Foundation

Professional SEO writing services can incorporate keyword phrases in a natural and engaging way.

Use branded keywords

People may search for your brand but not name the specific product or service name. Combine your brand name with other descriptive search phrases. For example: Chorus Supernatural anti-aging, L’Oreal makeup tutorial

Remember, it’s very rare for people to actually remember the full product name. They can recall your brand and a general category, but often do a generic search before going into specific details.

Watch your competitor’s keywords

For a truly effective SEO strategy, you should also monitor what other businesses are ranking for. You can then decide whether to compete with them directly, or look for similar search terms that they are neglecting.

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Use location-based keywords

Location-based search is one of the biggest SEO trends. Combine your brand keyword or other related phrases with your city or country. For example: organic skincare Orchard Road, cheap L’Oreal makeup in Singapore

 Combine different keyword lengths

The length of keywords can affect traffic and conversions. Experiment with short-tail key words, mid-tail keywords and long-tail keywords.  

This is one of the reasons why blog trends show that long-form content (or longer articles) can draw higher search volume. Since it has a higher word count and more photos, there’s more opportunity to include different keywords and keyword lengths. However, long-form content can be more difficult to read. You should get professional SEO  writing services to create this kind of writing for you, since they know how to engage readers even when they’representing longer chunks of information.

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