Your website represents your brand and should have the look and features to build your business. That’s why it’s important to brief your web design agency in Singapore about who you are and what you want. This article can help you prepare for your first meeting and explain what you expect from your website. (We also have an article on the terms your web developer uses!)

What is your company background and history

Today’s consumers aren’t just looking for products and services. They like to hear about the story and personality of a brand. This can also help make you different from competitors who offer a similar product range.

To help your web  design agency in Singapore know more about your company, tell them:

  • How you started the company
  • Why you chose this industry
  • How you developed your products or services
  • What your company culture is like
  • Which special causes / customer issues you would like to advocate

In this way, your web design can reflect your brand’s values and show customers that you are someone they can trust and connect with. This is more memorable than simply presenting a catalogue of products and services that can be found in most generic web page design in Singapore.

What is your target audience?

Your target audience will guide your website design strategy. It can help you decide:

  • The look of your website: the colors, pictures, and layout
  • The key messages (and how they connect to your audience’s needs) and the tone to use
  • The keyword phrases for search engine optimization

You may have several target audiences, but it’s better to pick your primary audiences and center your website around them.  When you try to please everybody, you please nobody!

You can still reach your secondary audiences – it’s easy to add content and features for them later on, when you’ve already established your main brand look and message.

Web Content Services

What content do you already have?

Do you have pictures, logos, product descriptions or information? Are these enough for the website you had in mind?

If you need to create content, do you prefer to produce it yourselves, or do you need your web design agency in Singapore to do this for you? If so, list the services you need (writing, photography, video production, layout) and your working budget.

Are there websites that you like?

It’s easier to communicate what you want if you share links of of websites that have the features or look that you want. Your website developer will also be able to give a more concrete quote about the web design Singapore price for that type of functionality.

Do you need your website to have custom functionality?

Some website features – inventory management, membership management, CRM solutions – will need customized functions.

Even if you don’t plan to add these right away, discuss it with your web design agency in Singapore. They need to know your complete vision for your website so they can make room for these features. It’s a lot like building a house: you have to plan the foundation so it can also support future construction.

Do you plan to sell products on your website?

Be sure to let your Singapore web agency if you plan to sell products, whether right or away or in the future. The designers can then add ecommerce features, and make recommendations for payment security or easy product search.

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