improve site loading time, site speed optimization

An average website takes less than thirty seconds to load. If it loads more than that, you can say goodbye to your potential customer. A slow website is the death of a brand. Whatever platform you have, you need to improve your site loading time to have a good impression on your viewers and convert them to customers. Here are the crucial things that slow down your site:


No viewer wants ad. But your website needs it in order to maximize revenue. Ads are not entirely mistakes. It is not about publishers should abandon the ad revenue model altogether. There are definitely other business models that can be more lucrative and have less impact on your readers, but when ads are the core piece of your revenue, it is tough to make that switch without making some big strategical changes. Just take into consideration to make it as minimal as possible to not distract your viewers. We see a myriad of ad providers out on the web, many of whom are super reputable and keep their ad servers optimized, and require advertisers to comply with a strict set of guidelines. If you will be managing your own ads, be picky. 

Embedded Media

Bandwidth refers to how much data your Internet connection can transmit; the more bandwidth you have, the more data you can load at once. It is best to design a website that performs quickly on low-bandwidth connections and cuts down on external requests. This ensures a fast page load time on all connection types and bandwidth limits. You may use lightboxes for your videos. By doing so you will, first of all, get rid of unnecessary server requests and speed up your site. These requests will be made only when the video is actually played. Rest assured that your visitor will not be distracted from your video when it opens in a fullscreen lightbox.

Large Images

Images account for a big portion of a website’s load time. A large image is going to take a long time to load up. If you have a ton of large images on your website, you are actually adding extra load time for every picture. Compress your images or download smaller versions of the image on your stock photo website.

Outdated Plugins and Apps

This is a problem for a couple of reasons. First, the more plugins you have, the more work your website has to do while it is loading. And second, not all plugins are created equally. There are poor or outdated plugins that can slow down site performance drastically. Evaluate your current plugins to figure out which ones you actually need. Get rid of multiple plugins that perform the same functions, plugins that you’re no longer using, and those that were created more than 5 years ago and have never been updated.

Slow Hosting Service

If your server’s performance is poor, it will take longer to respond. No matter how quick everything else is, a slow server will always give you a slow start. Poor server performance is almost always down to your web host. A cheap web host will usually give you a shared server, which means you are sharing space and resources with countless other websites. If your site is slow, it is because you’re in a queue with lots of other sites.

Website Theme

When choosing a theme for your website, you are not just looking for its aesthetic value. There are many aspects which a user looks for. One common and most important aspect is Speed. Nobody likes slow loading websites. A website which loads slow and performs slow leads to a poor user experience. Visitors may not be willing to visit your website again simply because it takes too much time to load.